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July 02, 2006
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Sangh Samachar

July 02, 2006

Page: 1/43

Vol. LVII, No. 51, New Delhi, July 02, 2006

The big mall revolution of India abetted by the Left
They will push millions of small shopkeepers out of business
By Geeta

MUKESH Ambani flew to Kolkata on June 21 and announced investment plans worth Rs 4000 crore, mainly for its much-touted retail forays. Rahejas-owned Shoppers? Stop has made press announcements to expand its chain of hyper markets by 35 more outlets reaching even to smaller cities. more >

Indian agriculture being pushed to a crisis
The wheat, cereal and sugar import plan exposes the UPA ploy
By Arabinda Ghose

THE new agriculture year is to commence from July 1 with the mandated target of producing 230 million tonnes of foodgrains during the year?mandated by the tenth five year document?there is widespread debate in the country whether India should have gone for importing 3.50 million tonnes of wheat or not. more >

Special Report
Pilgrims throng Amarnath cave, in a rebuff to separatists? tactics
From Khajuria S. Kant and Prakriiti Gupta in Jammu

NOTWITHSTANDING the controversy created by vested interests on the nature of Icelingam in the holy cave shrine of Shri Amarnath Ji, rush of devotees on the annual pilgrimage is unabated and daily more than ten thousand of devotees coming via Battal and Pahalgam to pay obeisance at the abode of Lord Shiva in north Kashmir. more >

Rumour as scoop with a view

FAITH knows no reason but it has its reason. Are we losing the true meaning of the Amarnath Yatra in the brouhaha of controversy over the Himalingam? Mahakaal is indestructible. Amarnath also means the same. Ever since jehadi politics took roots in Kashmir, Amarnath Yatra has become a pilgrimage of extreme risk. Routinely the yatris have been targeted by the agents of Islamic genocide. more >

Textbooks that disparage the Indian heritage
By Dr Maheep Singh

IT is unfortunate that the History textbook prepared by NCERT for the students of class XI written by Prof Satish Chandra is full of distortions and wrong statements. more >

Do you want your children to study this?
1. Our ancestors were beef-eaters.
2. They were foreign invaders. more >

At Random
By Rambler

  • World book capital

    UNESCO has selected Amsterdam as the ?World Book Capital-2008? on the basis of quality and diversity of its book promotion programmes, its international dimension and involvement of local, national and international stakeholders, both public and private, in the book sector. more >

  • Shrinking shelters

    EVEN though Delhi has a woman Chief Minister, thousands of women are facing acute problem of homelessness in the capital. According to an estimate, there are nearly one lakh homeless persons on any given day in Delhi, of whom ten thousand are women. more >

Sangh Samachar

Financing conversion through public exchequer!
By Sandhya Jain

THE sudden move by the National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities (NCRLM) to seek public opinion regarding extension of constitutional benefits to SC/ST converts is consistent with the UPA agenda of fragmenting the nation by privileging non-Hindu groups in society.
more >

Marxists lose sleep weeping for terrorist Madani
By S. Chandrasekhar

IN the run-up to the Assembly Polls 2006, the CPM led LDF has promised heaven and rains of milk and nectar to the people of Kerala. more >

AIMMM deplores the demolition of mandir in Lahore
New Delhi: Shri Syed Shahabuddin, President of the All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat (AIMMM), has issued the following statement:- more >

Stalling growth as Patkar?s profession
By Shyam Khosla

NARMADA Bachao Andolan (NBA) Supremo Medha Patkar has done it again. After putting impediments in the completion of the Narmada project under the garb of ensuring rehabilitation of displaced persons,... more >

A crime report
Brutality as a way of CPM rule
By S. Chandrasekhar

WHENEVER the CPM comes to power in Kerala, its greatest undoings are its two troublesome wings, the CITU and DYFI. Kerala has a unique prevalence, hitherto unseen elsewhere in the country, where household goods and furniture can be loaded or unloaded only by a class of workers called ?head-load workers?. more >

Lahore temple in rubbles: Pak says, it is safe

PAKISTAN?s Minorities Welfare Council (MWC) has insisted that the only Hindu temple in Lahore has been demolished though the Government claims the structure is safe. more >

Hunger strike in London to highlight suffering of Tamils in Sri Lanka
A Harrow man went on hunger strike near the UK Parliament Gate to draw attention to the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka. more >

Cloning History, Marxian Style
By Dr S.P. Gupta

ROMILA Thapar in her book, Ancient India, for class VI writes about cow eating. She says on page 40-41, ?In fact, for special guest beef was served as a mark of honour (although in later centuries Brahmanas were forbidden to eat beef). more >

Major victory for Shiksha Bachao Andolan
NCERT forced to replace 37 objectionable passages in history textbooks
IN its response to the petition filed by Shri Dinanath Batra and others of Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti before the Delhi High Court, the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has clarified in the court... more >

We are educating the country on the lies, bias and mistakes in textbooks ?Dinanath Batra
With the NCERT submitting in the Delhi High Court that it has decided to delete 37 objectionable passages from the textbooks, the agitation by Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti (SBAS) against distortion of history textbooks has registered a major success. more >

They baffle us with their Goebbelsian mischief
By Devendra Swaroop

?THE most prominent among these new leaders were Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bipin Chandra Pal, Lala Lajpat Rai and Aurobindo Ghosh. more >

Modern India?s Maoist pedagogy
By Dr Satish Chandra Mittal

THE book, Modren India (Class XIIth), authored by Bipan Chandra, was originally published in 1990. In its recent edition of March 2005, no change even of a single comma has been made. more >

Steeped in caste, communal and blasphemy
By R.P. Bansal

IT is better to have a look at the book, Modern India (Page 175-179), by Bipin Chandra for Class-XII. The book writes about Arya Samaj and Swami Dayananda: ?At the same time, one of the Arya Samaj?s objectives was to prevent the conversion of Hindus to other religions. more >

Grand national convention of Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti on July 9
Author Name

A grand convention of Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti will be held in Delhi on July 9 to register its strong protest against the distortion in history textbooks published by NCERT. more >

As their tactics backfire, they backtrack
By Meenakshi Jain

THOUGH the relentless pressure of several aggrieved groups has forced left historians to backtrack on some of their more contentious assertions on Indian history, this seems a tactical retreat rather than a sincere rectification of position. more >

Petition to President of India
THE on-line petition by Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti to the President of India has received overwhelming response from the people across the world. more >

NCF-2005 against the psyche of the nation
By Rajendra Dixit

NATIONAL Curriculum Framework-2005 (NCF-2005) is against the wisdom and psyche of the nation. more >

Save Doda?Save Nation Jail Bharo Andolan
Pak design is to take Kashmir encouraging Hindu genocide ?Dr Murli Manohar Joshi

DR Murli Manohar Joshi explained the Pakistani design of capturing J&K through demographic transformation. He was addressing a huge rally on the concluding day of the BJP?s Save Doda agitation. more >



Sonia-CPM regime suits the US
By M.D. Nalapat

IS it any wonder that official America is in love with Sonia Gandhi and her chosen instrument, Manmohan Singh? Both have ensured?with the full backing of the CPM and the CPI?that the Government of India is today effectively directed by junior officials in this city, the same way as Iraq and Afghanistan are. more >

Politics Plus

By S.R. Ramanujan

IT was just before the Assembly elections in Kerala and Tamil Nadu this year, both the LDF and the UDF joined hands to pass a unanimous resolution in a special sitting of the House seeking the release of Abdul Nasser Madani who is lodged in a Coimbatore jail. more >

The Moving Finger Writer

UPA?s operation destroy India
By M.V. Kamath

BOTH, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and Congress President Smt Sonia Gandhi are very busy persons and may not have much time to read old documents and hence this respectful attempt to help them out. more >

Think it over

Patriot or Nationalist: What are you?
By M.S.N. Menon

DO we Hindus know the difference between patriotism and nationalism? More often, we do not. We ask in surprise: ?What is the difference?? more >


Trivia and vulgarity as media staple

THERE is something fundamentally wrong with our liberal, secular, Hindu intellectuals running the media, that calls for an explanation. They seem to suffer from a fear complex that calls for analysis. Consider this: The Pioneer (June 9) had a full editorial on reports from Dhaka that the Khaleda Zia Government is considering relocating the Dhakeshwari Kali Temple ?the millennium-old shrine in the heart of the Bangladesh capital that gives the city its name?somewhere else at the suggestion of the Islamist parties that are partners in Khaleda?s coalition government. more >


Detoxify the youth of India
By Bulbul Roy Mishra

?THE ass carrying the load of sandalwood? so says an ancient Sanskrit proverb, ?knows only the weight and not the value of the sandalwood.? Its animalistic instinct nevertheless helps it find out the equation?heavier the weight larger the meal. more >

News with a view

When the last tree is cut and when the last glacier is destroyed

IN the Valle de San Felix, the purest water in Chile runs from two rivers, fed by two glaciers. Water is a most precious resource, and wars will be fought for it. Indigenous farmers use the water, there is no unemployment, and they provide the second largest source of income for the area. more >

Kids? Org

The cruel queen

MEN celebrate festivals every year. So do the trees. In a beautiful forest, spring festival had arrived. So each tree was in hurry. Each tree started blossoming. Already each tree had worn a new garment in the form of a foliage. Now every tree started throwing one colour or the other. The trees started playing with colours and scents. more >

Titbit - From Padmaj

Organiser Special Report

Save Education, Save India

Lies as facts, bias as comments and left ideology as academic toxin

By Dr J.S. Rajput

NEVER before, education in India was put to such political siege as during the last two years. The ruling combine of the political parties diametrically opposed to each other emerged on the basis of the eternal political principle of ?power at any cost?. more >


Mahatma and celibacy
By M.V. Kamath

Brahmacharya; Gandhi & His Women Associates: Girja Kumar; Vitasta Publishing; pp 411; Rs 695.00

NAME some of the great figures in world history and one can remember a Tolstoy, a Romain Rolland, a Ramakrishna Paramahansa and, yes, a Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. One can think of many others like Ramana Maharshi, Sri Aurobindo and Rabindranath Tagore but for many reasons Gandhi stands out in any company. more >

Philosophy of Adi Shankara
By Manju Gupta

Swami Gyanananda Saraswati: Adi Shankara: Life of Philosophy, Neeta Prakashan, 512 pp, Rs 550.00

SWAMI Gyanananda Saraswati, through a detailed and intensive research on Adya Jagadguru Shankaracharya, has primarily tried to prove through this book the period during which Shankaracharya could have been born. more >

Mutual Help - III


Fuel politics
By Rajendra Prabhu

YOUR editorial Protest, but honestly, (Organiser, dt. June 18, 2006) was bold and intellectually an honest piece. We hardly get this honesty of purpose in politics these days. During the NDA regime, the Centre was urging the states to privatise power distribution and NDA and Congress joined hands to pass the Electricity Act 2003 in which such privatisation and freedom from government... more >


Terror needs a different remedy

By Sanjog Maheshwari
HERE are certain terrorists groups in the country, who feel edgy and perturbed, when somebody tries to speak against them. The position has been compounded by the outdated laws, which expect a witness, to be present at every terrorist attack or scene of a crime and then be willing to depose about the same, without any regard to his personal safety. more >

Readers? Forum

Da Vinci: Cross with the Code? (Organiser, 28-5-2006);

After a two-decade hiatus, when Salman Rushdie?s Satanic Verses and Nikos Kamzatzaky?s Last Temptation of Christ were banned by the then Rajiv Gandhi government, it is the turn of The Da Vinci Code now, which has been banned, on latest count by seven states, all of them ruled by Congress and its allies. more >

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