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November 12, 2006
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November 12, 2006

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Readers? Forum

Irrefutable evidences about river Saraswati: May I take this opportunity to unravel the recently revealed data on Saraswati and its findings in Haryana? Kindly publish it at an appropriate place for the public to know through your newspaper that the findings on the Saraswati River are based on extensive multidisciplinary data and excavated reports. In The National Atlas of India (Hindi), Calcutta, 1957, Government of India publication, a map depicting a short trace of Sarasvati-Ghaggar in Haryana, in dotted lines is apparently to denote dried-up riverbeds. Archaeologists and historians are already excited about the findings from Rakhigarhi?a large site on the banks of, what is now believed to be, the dried bed of Saraswati River. Senior archaeologists consider this to be no ordinary Harappan site. They say the findings have already started showing new civilisation contours. Banawali is a pre-Harappan and Harappan site in Haryana. At Banawali, evidence of ploughed fields has been found. Large quantity of barley and evidence of growing of sesame and mustard have also been found. The use of wooden plough for ploughing the fields was prevalent. The mound in Banawali, 15 km from Fatehbad, reveals a fortified town (BC 2500-1700). Kunal seems to be a pre-Harappan site. Two silver crowns presumably worn by the king and the queen along with gold and silver jewellery have been found here in an earthen jar. This is the first time that a regal crown has been found in the subcontinent. This site brings to light that the Harappans went through three stages of development?from pit houses to regular rectangular and square dwellings above the surface. The Agroha mound goes back to the 3rd century BC and it is here the Harappan coins were discovered apart form stone sculptures, terracotta seals, iron and copper implements, shells and a host of other things. Clinching evidence of a township of the 5,000-year-old Indus Valley Civilisation (Harappan era) has been found during excavations near Bhirdana village in Fatehabad district of Haryana. The excavations are being carried out by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The excavators have also discovered a 2.4-metre-wide wall considered to be the fortification wall of the township on the excavation site. The ASI had earlier discovered the presence of same townships of the Indus Valley Civilisation at two other places, Kunal and Banawali, in the district. The evidences found at Bhirdana include many structures made of mud bricks, peculiar of the Harappan era?a well, a fortification wall, pottery and other antiquities. As we examine the recent archeological findings unearthed from various archaeological sites right from Adi Badri, the place from where the river originates into the plain to the meeting point of Saraswati in Gujarat, the facts related to Saraswati get clearer. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) is carrying out excavation in the area for assessing the heritage and antiquity of the region. The excavation indicates evidences of immense geological interest. Detailed observation reveals that the ridge of Adi Badri constitutes the basal part of terrace, which is the oldest terrace in other Himalayan during Holocene (wormer periods). Her sub-rounded pebbles are exposed which are almost parallel to the valley configuration, which clearly indicates compact of alluvial action. The terrace contains elements of Shivalik rocks. The high-grade metamorphic rocks like mica schist, quartzite and metabasite along with the pebbles of Shivalik rocks are also found from this terrace. This evidence is an additional irrefutable scientific evidence of the existence of an ancient drainage that was capable of bringing pebbles of high-grade metamorphic rock. In view of the position explained above in the larger interest of the nation and especially in the interest of people of Haryana we request the government that Yechuri Report on Saraswati should not be accepted.

2, Jain Nagar, Jagadhari, Haryana

The Dawn of a New Veda (Organiser, 15-10-2006); It is a good write-up against superstition in Hindu society. However, writer?s views that the Rigveda is the oldest and the Atharvaveda the youngest are based on western foreign writers? views. All our ancient literature mentions Vedas as eternal and exactly the same views were held by Swami Dayananda and Swami Vivekananda. Since Vedas are eternal, there is no question of one being older and the other being younger. Again, the Yajurveda, which should be the second oldest after the Rigveda (as per the writer) contains the names of the Samveda and Atharvaveda. How can an older Veda mention the names of younger Veda? In fact, the western writers cooked the Aryan invasion theory and according to them, as Aryans invaded or entered India, they wrote Vedas and mentioned about various cities and rivers. This is all false.

72/Sector-8, Panchkula

*   *   *

The writer has rightly concluded that the Vedas only provide templates of developed mind. Fortunately, some Hindus are waking up out of this long slumber. If Tagore comes back to life today, then he would re-title his famous poem as Let My Hindu Brethren Awake! During the dark period, intellect being less discriminating, the Hindus erroneously started believing that all past, present and future knowledge is locked up in the Vedas! Any time a great theory or principle is reported in the media, it is unabashedly linked with the Vedas using a convoluted logic.

Yamaha Vihar, Sector 49, Noida

Ban on RSS, balm for Afzal (Organiser, 15-10-2006); The Kashmiri leaders have blunderingly argued that the hanging would disrupt the peace process and precipitate a fresh unrest, losing sight of the dangerous implications the commuting of the death sentence into life imprisonment holds for the nation. If Afzal, who has played a pivotal part in the most reprehensible crime committed against the country and has shown no signs of remorse, is let off the gallows, it would send wrong signals to forces inimical to the nation of getting away lightly after committing the worst kind of crime against the nation.

Kishan Garh, Rewadi, Haryana

*   *   *

Such misplaced sympathy will embolden terrorists and their ISI handlers across the border. The reference to the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, in which Nalini?s death sentence was commuted, is unwarranted. Those who opposed the commutation of Nalini?s sentence on the ground that it would set a bad precedent now stand vindicated. To cite the ongoing peace process as reason for clemency is also ridiculous. The likes of Afzal have roundly rejected the peace process. Does it not defy logic to invoke the same process for clemency?


*   *   *

The clemency issue has polarised public opinion. While the people of Kashmir are protesting the death sentence, the people from outside the Valley are for it. This shows the extent to which the Kashmiris have been alienated from the rest of the country. Commuting a death sentence is not unusual. It was Sonia Gandhi who appealed for clemency to be shown to Nalini. Since Afzal was not directly involved in the Parliament attack, the clamour for clemency by mainstream parties and the people of Kashmir cannot be with justification.


*   *   *

A terrorist who has been convicted should only be hanged without doubt. If he is pardoned, then it will send wrong signal to the entire world and the country will face very serious consequences in terms of increase in terrorism. Already we are not able to solve Kashmir issue and at this point of time we cannot even imagine to pardon a terrorist who has masterminded the Parliament attack, which is itself a great insult to the nation. Please give respect to the sentiments of the nation and not to some few irresponsible bad elements.


*   *   *

If pardon is granted it will certainly encourage more such acts. Vote-bank politics and religion cannot be a reason for pardoning. This will amount to wrong precedent. Otherwise, we can totally delete the criminal punishment and pardon everyone.


*   *   *

How can Kashmiri leaders overlook the perilous implications of pardoning Afzal for serving their narrow political interests in the state? Kashmir has been the breeding ground for terrorists who have carried out daring attacks not only in Jammu and Kashmir, but other parts of the country as well.

96, G.T. Road, Opp. Red Cross Market, Karnal, Haryana

*   *   *

By no stretch of imagination, the ghastly crime of Afzal should be excused or go unpunished. Not only he but all involved should be hanged.

Nichli Phagali, Shimla

Claims of benefits are exaggerated (Organiser, 15-10-2006); I read Medha Patkar?s rejoinder and would like to make my humble submission that total project on Narmada river covering MP, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan was envisaged and started about two decades back. Now at this stage, having spent crores of rupees, is it worthwhile to abandon it? The wisdom lies only in making it a grand success in the interest of poor masses. Her plea to resort to primitive methods like construction of village ponds and check dams etc makes no sense. Firstly, can we go back to these methods after demolishing what has been done for so many years? Secondly, due to increase in population and sub-division of land holdings, there is a mass exodus of un-employed labour from villages. These primitive methods will not help generate employment. During the first and second five-year plans, the country saw the construction of many dams and PSUs, which generated employment and worked for the prosperity of the country. That time also there were problems with regard to land acquisition, which were successfully solved. Nobody talked of stopping the work.

89/7, East Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

General?s confessions, deceptions and lies (Organiser, 8-10-2006); The elite writer rightly says that it was honour and dignity of Indian Nation that failed the Agra talk. Nation dies, if honour dies. Who lives if nation dies? General Manekshaw?s upright professional skill and General V.P. Malik?s statesmanship won the Bangladesh and Kargil wars. In contrast, General Musharraf neither possesses upright professional skill, nor military statesmanship. Peoples? battles are never won with foreign soldiers.

574, Krishan Nagar, Gurdaspur

Fatwa and polity (Organiser, 10-9-2006); Your editorial on fatwa fad on insurance policies and banking transactions was most appropriate. Some fundamentalists from Islamic states have developed a habit to issue fatwas on any small issue with a clear intention to keep their control on the gullible people of the community and scare them about the sins they would be committing by not following these fatwas. This is nothing but a simple game of keeping their flocks united for ulterior motives. It would be ideal to have the economy and state to abide by the Shariat and the Koran. However, how many Muslim fundamentalists are ready to sacrifice the present-day materialistic pleasure they have been used to? The share market, joint stock companies with limited liability, black money generation, price control on oil supplies by controlling output of oil, etc are freely available in other Muslim countries. Gap between the rich and the poor is constantly widening in those countries. Why then are these mullahs making noise in India about implementing Shariat rules?

A-708, Shilpa Housing Society, Near MIT College, Paud Road, Pune

Curse of untouchability: Emergence of untouchability is generally attributed to the idea of Virat Purush in Vedic Purusha Sukta. Given the concept of Advait; the four varnas; Brahma, which created varnas and Virat Purush are not entities separate from one another. According to prevailing interpretation of the Purusha Sukta, Brahma used Virat Purush as raw material to create varnas as a product and castes as byproducts. This interpretation contradicts the very concept of Advait. Right interpretation, fitting to the concept of Advait, will be that Virat Purush Himself in action is called Brahma; and varnas (not castes) are for functions He performs simultaneously within Himself. That leaves no room for one varna being superior or inferior to other. Society or rashtra is a unit, not a conglomeration of divergent units.

Sankat Mochan Ashram, R.K. Puram, New Delhi

Ostracism in CPM red fort: Mararikulam assembly constituency in Alapuzha district is a CPM red fort. Shocking it may seem, but CPM has declared ooruvilaku (ostracism) on one John Ulahannan, a congress worker, forcing him to spend his lifetime on the veranda of the Medical College Hospital in Alapuzha for the past five years! His only crime, he started a pig rearing unit at his house in Mararikulam, which was opposed by his CPM neighbours. The CPM men ransacked his house, attacked John and his family and drove away the pigs. Ooruvilaku was declared on him and he has not been able to visit his house for the past five years. His family comes and meets him on the corridor of the hospital, where he is now staying. While the whole world is on the forward march, the Kerala CPM is taking this socially and educationally dominant state to the dark ages.

by e-mail

(The response to our Deepavali Special was overwhelming and we are happy that it triggered a nation wide debate on the subject. We have received a large number of letters, some of which we are carrying in this special page of our Readers? Forum.)?Ed.

Rightly proved: Deepavali Special issue has rightly proved that the Indian media is anti-Hindu. Instead of ?begging? the existing media to give balanced coverage to RSS and Hinduism in general, why can?t the Hindutva lobby create its own media? If you go through all the newspapers, weeklies, political magazines, how many of them will you find which are pro-Hindutva? Probably two or three. There is still time?forget about the existing media and create your own national media. Otherwise we are doomed.

by e-mail

*   *   *

Boycott the media: It is not just the Indian media that is against Hindus, it is the world media or for that matter English media is anti-Hindu. What is required is to boycott such media subscription and spread the message against it.

by e-mail

*   *   *

Be dominating force: I was glad to see the Organiser bring out a special issue highlighting the significance of media in the propagation of Hindutva. I too would like to share with you some thoughts from the overseas on how Hindutva can be brought to dominate the country?s media?and also politics?in a matter of only five years. Under this plan, the Sangh and most Parivar organisations continue with their usual work as before; only the BJP party will have to work more to attract and deeply involve the country?s youth with it in a big way.

New York

*   *   *

Absurd comparison: This refers to Saeed Naqvi?s article ?Preposterous: It?s lost trapped in marketism?. I wonder how Naqvi has equated the perverted painter M.F. Husain with the great Hindi poet Abdur Rahim Khankhana. The former has made obnoxious nudes of Hindu icons, the latter wrote in praise of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna. He praised Tulsidas? Ramacharitamanas with the following doha: Ramacharitamanas vimal santan jeevan pran, Hunduvan ko Ved sam Turkan pragat Quran (This pure lake of Sri Rama?s life and work is the very life-line of the saints; it is like the Veda for Hindu religionists and like the revealed Quran for the Turks). My question to Husain, and Naqvi too, is, why did not Husain portray his own mother and daughter in the same naked pose as he did with Hindu icons? Lately, the law-enforcing agencies have taken note of the hurt Hindus felt and have registered cases against Husain. Naqvi, however, seems to lose all sense of justice and fair-play when it comes to his co-religionists.

C-6/28-I, SDA, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

*   *   *

Reference record: I, with full heart, congratulate you for bringing out the Deepavali Special. I finished all the 80 pages at one sitting, carefully reading all the articles. At least a few ?secular? intellectuals would coil inwards reading the issue. To our public-speaker swayamsevaks, the issue would be a reference record to take the battle to the enemy ranks.


*   *   *

Poison Exposed: The media particularly the so-called ?secular? English media is totally anti-Hindu. Its only job is to poison the people?s mind against the Hindu organisations. It is not against the Muslim communalism as such. It is my personal experience that if you write something with a small tinge of sympathy for Hindutva, it will throw it in the waste paper basket. But you may write as much as you like against the RSS and other Hindu organisations and it will definitely publish it. Perhaps the so-called ?secular? English media is following in the footsteps of its colonial masters?the Britishers.

51, Willandra Avenue, Griffith, NSW, Australia

*   *   *

Expose pseudo-secularists: The English media in India, referred to as ?secular, is in reality pseudo-secular and is totally anti-Hindu (and pro-minority communities) as far as matters of political and public affairs are concerned. They have the advantage of pseudo-seculars in power solidly behind them. They appear to give space to the Hindu point-of-views only to make a strong adverse presentation of the national side. The helplessness of the nationalist readers of the English papers in India is distressing.

?C.B.D. RAO,
39, 15th Cross Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore

*   *   *

Great job: You have done a great service to Bharatiyas like us who are absolutely above any communal bias and brought up under the great philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam as preached by our forefathers. We the ?so-called Hindus?, Bharatiyas are always trying to pose and show off a ?holier-than-you? attitude and that is the reason for our stance of self-flagellation. Muslim invaders did the biggest mischief in the 8th century by terming the Bharatiyas as Hindus just to separate the Muslims from the outsider invaders. They took full advantage of our tolerance to invaders, who played havocs in our land, which we Bharatiyas have already forgotten and even pardoned as if nothing has happened.

731/1, Polson Building, Vima Dalal Road, Parsi Colony, Dadar (E), Mumbai

*   *   *

Spectacular issue: I express my deepest regard for and appreciation of your sustained endeavour to give Organiser a new look and verve. My thanks to you for your endeavour to bring out such a marvellous issue.

Satsang Ashram Road, Silchar, Assam

*   *   *

Create parallel media: I read with deep interest the Deepavali Special as it contains articles by Shri M.V. Kamath and others. Shri Swapan Dasgupta has dared to advise the creation of a parallel media to counter the anti-Hindus. This advise is a test for the Bharat Prakashan Ltd. The effort should be to create a band of young journalists, who may replace the old ones. This will also save money.

C-403, Purvasha Apartments, Mayur Vihar, Phase I, Delhi

*   *   *

Dignified cause: We have come across your website and really impressed by your noble motives. We appreciate your efforts.

by e-mail

*   *   *

Publish in book form: Congratulations for bringing out such an informative issue. The get-up is also attractive. Of late, the weekly?s get-up is good but the quality of paper has to be improved. Coming to the articles, I find that Shri Naqvi?s article is out of tune. The issue here is about anti-Hindu bias of English media. He writes about individuals like Shri Bismillah Khan. The other person he mentions is M.F. Husain. He says that to show to the world that he lives in a country where he can draw anything, Husain draws Hindu goddesses in nude without fear. But why can he not draw his own mother and daughter in the same naked pose as he did with Hindu goddesses? He lives in India where he has such freedom, which Muslims do not enjoy in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or other Islamic countries. The other article is by Shri Togadia who declares that English media is not anti-Hindu. Naturally, he is grateful for giving him so much publicity by the English media, when he attacked Shri Vajpayee and Shri Advani. The English press published with glee the statements of Shri Togadia when one part of the Parivar attacking another part of Parivar. I suggest to publish the Special Issue in a book form minus the above two articles for a larger readership.

by e-mail

*   *   *

Rank as per their stance: Newspapers must be ranked according to their anti-Hindutva stance. When Hindutva leaders get a chance they must act according to the ranks. While in power, they must raid anti-Hindu mediamen?s premises and punish those with black money.

by e-mail

*   *   *

Intellectual respectability: A section of the media has tried to show its anti-Hinduness far and wide over the years. Instead of trying to co-opt with these people, results of which have been quite dismal, energies would be better spent on exposing the bias and corruption of the elites of the media, so they can no longer claim moral high ground. The question is: To whom shall the bias and corruption be exposed? The masses evidently are apathetic toward the issue and the current government delights in it. Therefore, provide intellectual respectability for the vernacular press, which in most cases is better than the English-language media.

by e-mail

*   *   *

To justify BJP: Going through the articles in the Deepavali Special was an extremely depressing experience for me. I feel it was an uncalled for decision. The special issue contained articles highlighting real or imaginary allegations. This desperate move to blame the media for the failure of the Sangh Parivar to convince the majority of the 85 per cent Hindu population of India that their welfare, well-being and security lay in aligning with the Sangh Parivar will not ensure any return in terms of, say, votes for the BJP in the next general elections. It is not a worthwhile exercise trying to blame the media, particularly the English media. To make use of a prestigious publication to put the blame on others for its own shortcomings will not help the cause.

If the Parivar is really interested in countering the allegations by the ?anti-Hindu? media, the only way is to arm itself with the same weapons that its adversaries possess?one or more really good English dailies from Delhi and Mumbai, a 24-hour news channel and a news agency. The suggested media organisations should be run by professionally competent people with sympathy towards the Parivar but not necessarily swayamsevaks.

New Delhi

*   *   *

Hatred begets hatred: Deepavali Special reminded me of a philosopher?s quotation that the Hindu nationalism (now Hindutva) rested on four factors, namely, anti-minorityism, anti-Muslim, anti-secularism and majorityism. It showed that Muslim-phobia has deeply infested our brothers in the Sangh Parivar. The sense of the besieged mentality is gleaning from the theme of the special issue: ?Is the media anti-Hindu?? Please do not inculcate negative feeling among your readership as hatred begets hatred and chances of peace, prosperity and patriotism are minimised.

22-7-499, Purani Haveli, Hyderabad

*   *   *

Inspiring reading: Deepavali Special was an enriching reading. There is no doubt that the pseudo-secularists are more dangerous to the country than terrorists, MNCs or others. Bringing out correct facts by the media would help a lot in solving our problems. Therefore, a seminar should be conducted bringing all nationalist newspapers together and all possible ways and plans should be decided to enlarge their readership. There should also be a daily newspaper coming out with the help of all our supportive media. Reader surveys should be conducted and people should be asked as to what they expect from a newspaper.

Hanuman Colony, Palakothe, West Godavari, AP

*   *   *

Apt subject: There was a discussion about trends in media. It was an apt subject. Media was celebrating in Kerala about the entry of one Malayalee as the defence minister, without remembering the fact that A.K. Antony is not the first Malayalee to sit in that chair. They have no memory about the past days while V.K. Krishna Menon was the defence minister when China invaded India. A part of the media celebrated the acquisition of that post by a member of the minority community without remembering that George Fernandes was the defence minister in the NDA government. Celebrating by the media on meaningless matters is a phenomenon now-a-days.


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