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June 05, 2011

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The NAC: A super Parliament and a negation of democracy

By Dr Hilda Raja

THE news is that the National Advisory Council (NAC) has drafted a Communal Violence Bill with the purpose of presenting it in the Parliament and getting it passed. This does not auger well for democracy because the whole premise of the NAC is anti-democracy. The NAC has bypassed democratic institutions and is acting as a super Parliament. The intentions of the NAC are questionable because it cannot supersede the Parliament.

By the way what is NAC? Who constituted it and why? Where does the NAC fit into a democracy? At best if one sincerely and honestly answers these questions he can be a member of Sonia Gandhi’s club over which she presides for her own vested interest.

It is a conglomeration of NGO where members are handpicked by Sonia Gandhi.Their qualification being they are pro Congress—to be specific pro Sonia Gandhi and anti Modi. Their credentials are bashing Modi —enjoying enormous clout both political and social—unaccountable to the people and of course drawing vast foreign funds. These are mostly NGOs who are also spokespersons of the foreign funding agencies and hence they speak and act according to the wishes of the donors. Here lies the catch. Where does such a body fit into a democracy? This is indirect interference in the affairs of the country by foreign countries.

Right from day one Sonia Gandhi has been bypassing democratic institutions and violating democratic norms. The first and most significant of her actions was to handpick the Prime minister. The PM himself is not an elected Member of the Lok Sabha but has to come through the backdoor, namely the Rajya Sabha. This does not indicate a vibrant democracy. The PM must be elected by the people, he should face the electorate and he must be a Lok Sabha Member. This is a basic democratic norm.

The Parliament is the forum to introduce legislations and to work out strategies for the country’s development. It is also called upon to prioritise the needs of the people, to reflect the aspirations of the people whom it represents. All this is swept under the carpet and the Parliament has become more an ornament and a show piece to show that we have a democracy. This has been a subtle vicious subversion of democracy by the UPA. Sonia Gandhi is an MP and whatever she wants to highlight she can do it in the Parliament, then what is the need for her to gather a group of ‘yes’ men and women –consolidate a coterie and create a super Parliament called the NAC meant to advise the government.

The National Advisory Council whose members are selected and appointed by Sonia Gandhi can at best be her private friends and well wishers. It cannot be given the mandate to draft crucial Bills and prioritise the needs of the nation. It can be just a public forum to debate and create awareness on important issues. There its utility and value stops. A cursory scrutiny of the members reveals the tilt and the danger that lurks within the NAC.

Persons like Asgar Ali Engineer who simply speaks cook-up facts because he speaks Harsh Mander who is the Modi basher and is hence qualified to be in the NAC. It is this NAC which has brought the Food Security Bill because Sonia Gandhi feels that hunger has not been targeted.So then why not find ways and means to target hunger? What is the Below the Poverty Line Numbers of the Planning Commission indicate if not the numbers with hungry stomachs? It has to have the sheen of Sonia Gandhi because she and her son can go to the electorate showing how because of their intervention hunger has been targeted. It is cheap gimmicks at best

It is in this back ground that the Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence Bill can be viewed. The intent is flawed, it is biased nay it is dangerous because it is the first step towards Emergency. Banish all non-Congress governments is the main intent .For this a camouflage of communal violence must be spread. Then the ground be cleared for the NGOs, the saviours of democracy to step in and demand the State government to be made accountable for the graves with burned bodies—though such does not exist. It is the most despicable method of making women the armour and scream that women are stripped and raped—which they alone know and are aware of—children killed, bodies heaped and burned, men missing and more. But first create a mirage of riot. Towards this gathers a few rioters which is not difficult. The setting is well centre staged and the demand for the Centre’s intervention becomes hoarse and shrill. The Centre in the meantime will be equipped with Article 355 to intervene.

Everything is stage planned. The Centre need not make the State Raj Bhavans as its local Congress office.Teesta Setalvad, Harsh Mandir are there to lead the orchestra, dismiss the anti-people government. It is easy for the Governor to perform his/her pre-emptory task of filing a report to the President. The shriek voices have already reached the Rashtrapati Bhavan—and the ultimate happens—the State Government is dismissed and Art 356 is clamped. So one has to draw up the whole plan of the scheming NAC and how it works for the Congress to impose President’s rule. This will happen only in non Congress states that is for certain.

Now one must look into the riots and the rioting. The population is already entrenched in divisive politics. People are all divided under religion, and caste. So even if five persons assemble and create a ruckus it can be a riot between one community against the other because there will be three from one community and two from another. Similarly fences have been well set and ghettos structured keeping people within these. One religion against the other—a small street corner fight can be escalated as a riot in no time and like wild fire it will spread. The champions of communal harmony will see how the minority communities are intimidated, threatened, tortured and killed and burned. Such allegations though false will be sweet to the donor countries of the NGOs and Madam Sonia Gandhi becomes the fighting archangel to defend these minority communities. The one and only person to understand the needs of the minorities and the starvation lot is Sonia Gandhi, it is made to look so. Intentions do not make the goal. All these years of Congress regime what has she and her son been doing? The NAC had only to let loose a few of their foot soldiers in the name of protecting the minorities and then things will take its own course.Let Sonia Gandhi not forget that she and the family cannot get washed clean of the Sikh riots—the genocide of 30,000 Sikhs across the country.And yet it is the Gujarat riots which Sonia, her son and the NAC is obsessed with.

The Bill against Communal and Sectarian Violence sounds good and looks innocent but under its wraps is a danger—the most dangerous weapon to strike at democracy. It is like the Emergency that the NAC is working at. The sooner the people realise this the better and the sooner the Members of Parliament realise that they are being side stepped and demolished and Parliament is being threatened so sooner they need to take up this issue in all seriousness and dismantle the NAC. Parliament is supreme and it alone can introduce debate draft, what is needed for the people. They alone can represent the people’s needs and demand redressals. The PM has his ministers to advise him according to the area of need—of late it has always been the appointment of a group of empowered ministers—that have to be engaged in some dynamics of discussing, advising and exchanging dossiers.

Why should we have a selected and appointed forum to supersede Parliament to advise the PM? This is a disgrace and a blur on democracy. Maybe this NAC can also have an appendage, a group of rioters to let loose when the need arises.

Down with the NAC—a threat and a violation of democracy.

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