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December 30, 2007
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December 30, 2007

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A Plan to divide

Finally, the UPA government?s sinister devise to promote communalism in all spheres of our national life is out in the open. The BJP chief ministers have done the right thing by protesting the UPA design to reserve 15 per cent of the 11th Five-Year Plan exclusively for the minorities. The Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has the gumption to claim that this will not divide the society. It is not entirely surprising, only God knows what more disastrous plans he has in mind to divide the society further, that he thinks all that he has done so far is not enough.

The UPA set up the Sachar and Rangnath Mishra Committees to create a fictitious charter of grievances of the Muslims. This was reminiscent of the dirty and infamous communal award of the British to permanently create a feeling of alienation in that community. It was this award that ultimately led to the demand of the Muslim League for Pakistan. Now both Sachar and Rangnath Mishra have provided sufficient ammunition for the hotheads in the community to whip up frenzy in the name of deprivation. There is no economic or literacy backwardness that is exclusive to one community. Yes, social and religious attitudes can ghettoize a community. For that the state cannot do much.

The UPA followed it up with reservations in educational institutions and recruitment. It made an unsuccessful attempt to divide the Indian Army on communal lines. From its ranks there were demands to make judicial appointments and reservations in legislatures on religious basis. All this is supposedly to empower the Muslims.

It then asked the Planning Commission to identify 95 districts as Muslim majority for special development schemes. Intriguingly, these did not include known Muslim-majority districts of J&K, West Bengal, UP and Kerala. The UPA asked the banks and other financial institutions to have special provisions for interest-free loans for Muslims along with a package for 15 lakh special scholarships for Muslim students. The Prime Minister has announced another programme to offer free coaching for Muslim students preparing for the competitive examinations, for which parents cough up lakhs. In the centrally funded Aligarh and Jamia Milia Universities almost the entire seats and jobs are reserved for this community.

Through a Constitution amendment, the UPA reserved majority seats in all the non-aided educational institutions for the minority communities setting them free from giving reservation quota for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. But this benefit is not available to Hindu-run self-financing institutions. This is a blatant discrimination that will make these institutions financially unviable and covertly promote religious conversions.

Under the UPA Muslims need not follow any rule that is compulsory for other citizens. They need not sing Saraswati vandana or Vande Mataram though there is nothing religious about it. There is no need to salute the national flag or sing the national anthem. They need not register marriages. In the event of terror attacks?nearly 6000 people have been killed in the last four years?there will be no combing operations in Muslim localities. Not a single terror attack has been solved during this period.

And now comes the permanent scourge in the form of communal budgeting and plan allocation. All these are over and above the existing schemes in the Departments of Social Welfare, Education etc. for promotion of madrasas, Urdu, and reservation in various ministries for removing backwardness. The UPA has also created a separate ministry for minorities, now presided over by A.R. Antulay, a crude practitioner of minority politics. During the three-year UPA rule, the Haj subsidy has grown 200 times! The Muslims? ?right first to the national resources?, as Manmohan Singh coined his absurdly ruinous idea, has become the only existential agenda of this government. Should the majority Hindus take this nonsense in stoic silence? Should not we get up and stop this outrage on national security? This is worse than the regenerate Wahabism introduced by Mahatir in Malaysia.

Under this government all the Muslim communal outfits like Muslim League, MQM, NDF, PDP and numerous other faceless underground seedy agencies are flourishing. The National Security adviser has repeatedly cautioned that terrorists and jehadi channels are heavily investing in Indian stocks. Perhaps to provide them cover the UPA has introduced Islamic banking in Muslim concentration areas. Is it a way to build or encourage growth in the 21st century? What have the Finance and Home Ministries done to stop the flow of criminal, illicit funds to terrorists well ensconced in these hideouts?

What is it that Manmohan Singh is aiming at? This country has not protested though the majority in the country has been subjected to such crass minorityism by a gang of minority operatives. Their religious proclivities are too blatant and tasteless, even tactless one must say. Important political and administrative positions are being reserved or hijacked by these unworthy communal predators. The attempt to inject the virus of communalism into the national planning process is entirely unacceptable. No amount of protest, not even legal recourse, will be sufficient to stop this cynical institutionalisation of vote bank policy. One can only hope the combined opposition protest at the National Development Council will serve as a warning to the UPA. And it will retract.

Every action of Dr Singh ever since he became Prime Minister by default has only promoted separatism. The UPA has done nothing to encourage national integration. Its actions are so communally charged that it has refused to give protection to Taslima Nasreen, even after she deleted all the objectionable passages from her book, only to please the perverted fanatics in her community. This might be the first instance in Indian history that the country has turned its back on a asylum seeker, who was hounded out of her country, who was forced by her own hosts in West Bengal to vacate her second home and has no other place to go.

This is the recklessness to which the UPA pseudo-secularism has reached.

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