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November 14, 2010

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Reades’ Forum

Think before criticising I think it is high time to respond to the letters of Shri Anand Prakash, criticising me blindly for my articles published in Organiser. According to him, I am a confused man, that I have no knowledge of Hindu literature. Well, I must be a consummate fraud if I have been able to cheat the Editor of Organiser, for five years. I have written about 230 articles in Organiser, most of them on Hinduism. Can a few words about me help to change Shri Anand Prakash’s mind? I am an economist. I took up study of the civilisations of mankind with a view to know more about Hinduism. The effort was highly rewarding. For sixty years I have been a journalist, commentator and writer. I have lost count of the articles that I have written. I have written the editorials of Rajasthan Patrika English edition for about five years. I used to write a page in National Herald every Wednesday on Third World, for about five years. And I wrote commentaries on Economics and International Affairs for five years in Tribune. And finally, I am the author of about ten books on economics and politics. What can I say of our critic emeritus when he says that I am not aware of the controversies surrounding the word "Aryan". To me "Aryan" means the Vedic people. I have not said that Aryans came from outside.

-MSN MENON, 50B,Pkt-I, Mayur Vihar, Phase I, Delhi-91

Six ‘P’s: New face of terror (Organsier, 11-7-2010); Dr Pravin Togadia through his article has given a clear picture of danger to our very existence in the near future. The fact is that Mahatma Gandhi and all his followers, started anti-Hindu politics in various forms, about a hundred years ago, and is going on till today. A few examples would suffice:- Gandhiji created brotherly relations with the Abdul Rashid, who had assassinated Swami Shraddhanand on December 23, 1929, and used to address him as Pyare Bhai Rashid in his letters. When the British government sentenced Rashid to death, Gandhiji immediately petitioned to the Viceroy for clemency to the murderer, which was rejected, and Rashid was hanged to death. Again when the Hindu and the Sikh refugees from West Punjab met him for protection of the lives of Hindus and Sikhs left in Pakistan, Gandhiji advised them to die there in Pakistan, and told them, that no training was needed for dying. But immediately went on fast unto death, when there was mild reaction against Muslims living in truncated India. Even Sardar Patel refused to help dying Hindus in Pakistan, when Dr Khare of Hindu Mahasabha requested for declaring all the Hindus and Sikhs left in Pakistan as Indian citizen and seek their protection. Also Sardar Patel forced the Constitution Assembly to pass Article 370 the root cause of Kashmir problem. Jawaharlal Nehru sent Muslim army to Bihar to kill the Hindus in 1946, who were agitated against mass slaughter of Hindus in Bengal in August 1946 as a result of Direct Action call given by Jinnah and the Muslim League, and stopped Indian Army from freeing whole of Jammu & Kashmir. Lal Bahadur Shastri refused Hindu King of Nepal from attending Hindu Sammelan organised by RSS, although the King had already given his consent to attend as Chief Guest. Indira Gandhi honourably freed 93,000 Pakistani criminal Armymen, who had slaughtered 30 lakh Hindus in East Pakistan by giving them very nice food, and a copy of Koran to each of them. She also handed over the Chittagong Hill Tracts with 97 per cent Chakma Buddhist population, to Bangladesh. Now Chakmas are coming to India as refugees as their lives are not safe in Bangladesh. Rajiv Gandhi ordered Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka to attack Hindu Tamils LTTE who were friendly to India and were fighting for their rights, and were being treated as 3rd class people by Anti-Indian Sinhalese and Muslims. Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi are no better. They are giving all sorts of special benefits to the Muslims in every sphere of national life, to create a solid Muslim vote-bank, and dividing the Hindus in all possible manners. Manmohan Singh’s government also stopped supply of military hardware to the pro-India Hindu King of Nepal, to enable anti-India Maoist terrorist defeat the Nepalese army.

-ANAND PRAKASH, 72Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

Bogus secularist vis-à-vis tolerant Hindus Psuedo-secularists, are enemies of the nation since they exult in humiliating and hurting the feelings and interests of 85 per cent Hindu population of this great country for paltry political gains of the most dubious nature. Their paltry gain in this dirty game is to ensure rank communal vote-bank support in the elections to keep themselves in power. In the name of so-called national unity they do their worst to keep 85 per cent Hindu population divided because they know that consolidation of Hindu votes is political death for them. They are the true successors of tyrants like Babar, Aurangzeb, Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan and others because through blackmail and intimidation they seek to keep the Hindus in abject slavish submission. In this dirty game they are assisted by the media. An anguishing example of this is the Godhara riots. The fact that 59 innocent Hindus were burnt to death is suppressed by these people . But as Dr Jay Dubashi has rightly observed, their days are over because 2010 is not 1950 and no group, however cunning and powerful, can dupe one billion people for ever.

-Dr SURESH DHAYAGUDE, 4 Milap Society, Near Vakil Nagar, Erandvane, Pune -411 004.

Muslims not to side with Pakistan Let us congratulate the Deoband intellectuals for mentioning in clear terms that Kashmir belongs to Bharat. We must also appreciate the views of Shri M J Akbar when he advises his own Muslim brothers not to take side with Pakistan. Let us hope that the Muslim youth follow the advice and join the mainstream of our country.

-SH BHIDE, 879 Sadashiv, Pune-411 030

Atheism in India (Organiser, 3-10-2010); Atheists existed in every society, no matter in what country, nation or period of time they professed their philosophy. Your columnist is unnecessarily highlighting a microscopic section of our society. It is true that Buddhism and Jainism did not discuss about God, but their founders are being worshipped as the Divine! The hype of your columnist that the advent of Islam brought about the complete destruction of the incipient civilisation of Hinduism is the Goeble’s Brag. Bhakti movement was restarted only around 1500 AD and Kabir Das or Guru Nanak were not its only promoters. Earlier to them Shankar Achariya, Ramananj, and many sadhus and saints had promoted the doctrine of love and worship. Dr Tarachand, the famous historian says that the cult of Bhakti was founded on the teachings of Upanishad and Bhagwatgita. Your columnist actually is contradicting the very basis of Hinduism when he says: Atheism brought about tolerance among Hindus. What about the holy wars i.e. dharmayudh fought by Sri Ram and Sri Krishna. In fact atheism is only an escapist philosophy and not the pursuit of the truth or knowledge. Where as from Vedas to Bhagwatgita, Hinduism has evolved as theistic religion. Hence your columnist’s thesis to prove that the main emphasis in Hindusim is on atheism is wrong.

-SHAKIL AHMED, 22-7-313, Chatta Bazar, Hyderabad-500 002

An excellent education on Hindu-Muslim entente Apropos of Meenakshi Jain’s Parallel Pathways; Essays on Hindu Muslim Relations 1707-1857 (Organiser, 12-9-2010), I am surpised at the review of the book by a senior journalist of the calibre of MV Kamath. The reviewer has contributed his own thoughts to make the book an "excellent" education on Hindus-Muslim entente, the most vulnerable and sensitive topic of interest for the hardcore Hindutvites. 1707 is the year when Aurangzeb passed away and 1857 is well known to us as the year of the first war of Independence. The period of 150 years in between is generally described as the period of the later Mughals in which the empire declined. The period of tumult, anarchy and betrayal is not a period of sincere historical study. Howsoever, away from the so called parallel pathways, the Hindus and Muslims fought that war of Independence unitedly. I believe the real topic of study which Meenakshi has chosen cannot be honestly dealt with quoting stray incidences of cruelty, bias and un-Islamic behaviour and mostly prejudiced version of Hindu-Muslim relations pertaining to about one thousand years. I fear, the other notables of the earlier period of Muslim rule prior to Mughals have also been misquoted or quoted out of context. I think that such selective essays highlighting hatred and enmity among the two major communities of India is not laudable!

-ATM ANWAR, 22-7-499, Purani Haveli , Hyderabad-500 002

Burqa: A symbol of subjugation Apropos of a letter criticising the usage of Burqa by Muslim women (Organiser 5-9-2010). Actually Burqa is the symbol of modesty dignity and liberation and not of subjugation. It is a covering dress for modest women. The women who do not cover themselves attract the evil eyes and incite vulgarity. The Indian society too is not lagging behind in the matter of covering the faces and breast of women with the veil. To describe the tradition of drawing the mantle over faces (Veil or Burqa) as a sign of patriarchal order is wrong. In fact the male dominated society would desire to view women naked or half-naked as the materialist western society is behaving. However the eastern value system of modesty does not allow such bare acts of vulgarity, licentiousness and permissive behaviour.

-TANVIR FATIMA, Sandesh Bhavan, Lakkad Kote Chatta Bazaar, Hyderabad-500 002.

Choice of religious belief God , looks different to the same observer, when viewed from different angles and distances. The real but unseen dispute has been between the ruling class and the preaching class, for leadership over the masses. When Mohammad had the freedom to go against the prevailing belief of his time, why should we force our newly born helpless babies a particular religious belief down their throat, and instigate them to fight for it, in their youth?

-VN RAMASWAMY, Sweekaar-Upakaar, Daiva- Kaupa Complex, Kompally, Secunderabad-014.

UPA submerged in vote-bank politics The decision to start a separate exercise based on caste enumeration from June 2011, after the completion of the main census, is not only unnecessary but also an example of wasteful expenditure. It proves once again that the UPA government is vulnerable by pressure mounted on it by the so-called secularists for the sake of vote-bank politics. A lot of violence has been inflicted in the name of caste, but it appears that the government wants to keep the caste system alive for electoral gains. Even after 60 years of Independence no government except BJP ruled states has succeeded in dispensing social justice to the poor and the needy. As a result of this neglect, the disparities continue, highlighting the chances of conflict in society.

-MAHESH CHANDRA SHARMA, E-198, Panki, Kanpur

In no way AFSPA should be scrapped In accordance with the India Independence Act, Maharaja Hari Singh, the last ruling Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, signed the Instrument of Accession and Jammu and Kashmir became part of India. But today Article 370 of the Indian Constitution is the invisible wall between the Valley and the rest of the India. The sooner it goes, the better for India, including the Kashmir Valley. Further I would like to say that there is no way one can think of scrapping or diluting the Armed Forces Special Power Act (AFSPA). Security forces need the protection of AFSPA- a law which gives then sweeping power in disturbed areas like Kashmir. It is a legal protection for the solders who physically battle terrorists in trouble-torn areas. Rather than pondering over whether the AFSPA should be scrapped or not, it would be better if the Center and the State government put all their attention towards solving the Kashmir issue. Kashmir can’t be handed over to the separatist leaders under the threat from Pakistan. Many countries of the world have face situation like Kashmir, but none have compromised on such issues.

-ISHAN, 813, Hutchins Road, Bengaluru-560 084

Bias shown by Karnataka Governor It’s a shame that Governor of Karnataka, formerly of the Congress has been so biased against the BJP government that he asked Chief Minister of Karnataka, Shri BS Yeddyurappa to seek another vote of confidence. Refusing to accept the results of the confidence vote taken earlier on the floor of the House, he first recommended President’s rule. After the Congress High Command and the Union government refrained from following through, he changed his tune and asked for a second trust vote. By this he has brought disgrace to a high constitutional office. The Karnataka Governor has acted beyond his mandate. He has interfered with the Speaker’s exclusive prerogative to conduct business inside the Assembly. Worse he directed the Chief Minister, who was declared as enjoying the confidence of the House to prove it, inexplicably, again. He should be answerable to the President and by extension to the Union Cabinet for his action.

-VN SHARMA, Civil Lines, Allahabad

Congress has not learnt any lesson from past The congress is back in its favourite hobby of making life difficult for the non Congress governments, especially the BJP. The Congress has not learnt any lesson form the past. The more they attack on the BJP, the stronger it becomes. Soon after Sonia Gandhi, called Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi as maut ka saudagar in the run-up of the 2007 Gujarat Assembly elections, he returned to power with a thumping majority leaving the Congress licking its wounds. The astounding victory of the BJP in the recently concluded civic polls in six cities must have made the Congress leaders running for reasons. The total number of seats won by the Congress is 110 out of 550 seats whose results were declared. It is quite possible that the Congress may allege booth capturing , money, muscle power or some extraneous causes to explain Shri Narendra Modi’s romp of victory. The Congress should admit with grace that their policy of minority appeasement alienated the majority community and thus should take a relook at their policies.

-MAYA MISHRA, C-403, Pur Vasha, Mayur Vihar-1.

Say ‘No’ to reservation Reservation on the basis of caste is a dangerous trend. It was justified at the time of Independence. But now after six decades of Independence it has no relevance. The policy of reservation has dampened the spirit of the aspiring youth. Today a situation has come when every section of the society is demanding reservation. Jobs should be given only on the basis of merit. If the reservation policy cannot be done away with, then it should be done on the basis of economic criterion only.


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