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March 04' 2007

Page: 1/39

Vol. LVIII, No. 34, New Delhi, March 04, 2007

Unity and harmony
Over two lakh join the centenary samapan rally

By Pramod Kumar

IT was Mahakumbh of social harmony. Over two lakh people irrespective of their caste, creed, region and language. participated in the biggest-ever rally organised by RSS in Delhi on February 18. The presence of more than 80 senior saints from different parts of the country turned the concluding ceremony of Shri Guruji birth centenary celebrations into a holy event.    more >

Murderers deserve no mercy
By Joginder Singh

THE Supreme Court has ordered the imposition of death penalty on four people recently in two separate cases. In one case, the convicts, husband-wife duo had eliminated eight members of a family including four children, the youngest only one-and-a-half month old, reportedly for property. The accused had escaped gallows for nearly seven years.    more >

Heavy tax, sky-high price rise
By Shivaji Sarkar

THE inflation is galloping. It has touched almost 7 per cent and the government is aiming at 9 per cent growth, a target that was set in 1999-2000. Every year the finance ministry and Reserve Bank of India have been promising to the nation that it is within the reach.    more >

The tale of conversion by allure
Himachal dalits rebuke fake healers

IT is tale of crafty deception. A hapless Dalit widow was lured by those who are seen as living symbol of mercy and faith in the society.    more >

Inevitable Hindu assertion

THE most significant aspect of the massive World Hindu Conference at Prayag last week was its resolve to guide the future political agenda of the nation for a restatement of its Hindu character.    more >

Civil rights groups should not defend Naxalites ?Dr Raman Singh
By Deepak Kumar Rath

THE Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini organised a national seminar in New Delhi on February 14, 2007 on ?Innovative Strategies to Counter Naxalism: Experiment of Salva Judum.?    more >

Corruption in recruitment in Tripura
ABVP activists protest

TRIPURA unit of ABVP rallied through the different roads of Agartala town with effigies of the state Chief Minister Manik Sarkar and Education Minister Keshab Mazumdar on February 9.    more >

Sudarshan TV becomes 24x7 Hindi news channel

SUDARSHAN TV was granted recognition for news and current affairs channel last year. But due to some provisional recognitions, the management launched the channel on small scale through the foreign Thaicom 3 Satellite.    more >

President urged to save Shri Ram Setu

GOVARDHAN Peetha-dhishwar Shankaracharya Swami Nishchalananda and Dr Shiva Subramanya, a well-known US scientist and space systems engineer, met President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam on February 17 at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi with a request to save Shri Rama Setu.    more >

Continuing CPM savagery
BMS man butchered
CONTINUING its murderous orgy against the Sangh Parivar, CPM goons attacked and butchered V.K. Shaju, Zonal Joint Secretary of BMS and a worker at the Kerala Feeds Factory at Kallettinkara, near Irinjalakuda in Thrissur district on February 12 in broad daylight at 7.30 am.    more >

Honour by Hindu Maha Mandalam
Vidyadhiraja Puraskar for P. Parameswaran

IT is eternal truth that, but for Sri Narayana Guru and Vidyadhiraja Chattambi Swamiji, entire Hindu of Kerala would have got converted to Christianity.    more >

Sham Lal: A great doyen of Indian journalism
?Tarun Vijay, Editor, Panchjanya

SHAM LAL, the great doyen of Indian journalism expired this morning. He was 94, lived a full life and had a peaceful heavenly departure. Sham Lal had Dehra Dun connection; his wife Vimla is a sister of an old time veteran Congress leader Kunwar Brij Bhushan Sharan.    more >

Controversies dog CPM
Pinarayi?s bullets,
Kodiyeri?s poomoodal,
Paloli?s contempt


THE nine-month-old, CPM-led regime which is becoming an ?anaconda? tightening its grip around the neck of Kerala?s populace, presents a sorry and disgusting picture of a government, whose credibility is at its lowest.    more >

Swadeshi Jagaran Manch


SJM expresses its deep anguish against acquisition of fertile agricultural land on massive scale for the benefit of corporates in the garb of industrialisation and Special Economic Zones (SEZs).    more >

?Nominated? seeks the ?recommended?
By Sandhya Jain

UNDER Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao, the army got its first Bengali Chief of Army Staff. While Gen. Shankar Roy Choudhary doubtlessly deserved the honour, the political joke then doing the rounds of the capital was...    more >

Rajasthan?s excellent fiscal record
By Lokpal Sethi in Jaipur

GENERALLY, whenever any state government presents its annual plan before the Planning Commission for approval, first query comes from the Commission that whether the concerned state had the sufficient financial resources to fund the plan.    more >

Mandirs in India to promote education, vocational training and health
By Dr Sharda Jain

VATSALYA Mandir in Jwala Nagar (Delhi) shows the way to all mandirs that they can play a big role in women and girl child empowerment, as temples usually have space; and public feels that girls are safe in temples atleast.    more >

A letter from Europe
The great swastika victory

THIS is a great victory for the Hindu communities of Europe. It was the direct activism of the European Hindus that led to the German government?s new understanding regarding the swastika.    more >

When Shri Guruji refused to see Jagjiwan Ram
By Krishnanand Sagar

IT was December 1971. The war with Pakistan was going on. A meeting of the All Party Consultative Committee, called by the Prime Minister Shrimati Indira Gandhi was held at New Delhi.    more >

Bhaskar Rao remembered
By T. Satisan in Kochi

THE fifth death anniversary of the late K. Bhaskar Rao, first Prant Pracharak of RSS, Kerala, and former All India Organising Secretary of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, was observed in Kochi on January 12, 2007.    more >

The biggest-ever ghosh display
THE part of the concluding ceremony that impressed people the most was the display of Sangh ghosh by 1,900 swayamsevaks. Divided into 28 units, the swayamsevaks formed the shape of a star and while moving they formed 28 shapes of swastik. The ghoshvadan was completely based on Indian ragas and taal.    more >

Dattesh Parulekar bags first prize for essay competition
Author Name Comes here

SHRI Dattesh Damodar Parulekar, a Ph.D student in Goa University, has bagged the first prize for all India Shri Guruji Essay Competition. He was presented a cheque of Rs one lakh, a citation, a memento, a CD each of Karmayogi and Sewa Disha by Vice President Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat and Swami Satyamitrananda Giri. Shri Parulekar wrote the essay on ?Shri Guruji?s perspective on Indian culture and nationhood?.    more >

Re-telecast on Sadhna TV on March 8 at 8.30 pm
HERE is a good news for those who could not participate in the function or even could not watch it on TV. The Sadhna TV has decided to re-telecast the recording of the function on March 8 at 8.30 pm.    more >


News Analysis

Kumbh Mela and fundamentals of Hindu unity
By Subramanian Swamy

I was privileged to attend the Third International Conference of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad held in Prayag from February 11 to February 13, 2007. It was a magnificent occasion not so much because all the sessions were held in a grand manner.    more >

Kerala Newsletter

CPM hobnobbing with terrorists
By S. Chandrasekhar

THE CPM which rode into power by getting the support of fringe terrorist outfits like PDP, NDF, SIMI, Kanthapuram Musliar, Jamaat-E-Islami etc is toeing the same line, despite strong opposition from its predominantly Hindu support base.    more >

Media Watch

A daily called MINT
HAS anybody heard of a daily called MINT? It calls itself as the ?exclusive partner? of The Wall Street Journal and the Journal itself describes itself as ?the world?s largest business publication?.    more >

The Moving Finger Writes

Wanted: A national leader
AS India seeks to celebrate its sixtieth year of Independence?in human context we call it shashti-abdhapoorthi?it is time to ask ourselves where we stand for. What are we? Assamese first and Indians next? Tamils first and Indian next? Mao-ists first and Indians next?    more >

Kids' Org

P.T. Usha?The golden girl
By Manju Gupta

WHO can forget the ?Payyoli Express?, ?the queen of Indian track on field?, who ruled supreme in Indian athletics because of her speed on the racetrack! She carved a niche for herself in the field of world athletics to become an icon for Indian women athletes and a living legend in Kerala, where streets and newborn babies are named after her.    more >

Cracked Pot
By U. Mahesh Prabhu

THERE was a water bearer in China. He had two large pots, each hung on the either sides of a pole which he carried across his shoulder. One of the pots had a crack in it, while the other pot was perfect and always delivered a full portion of water.    more >


This is a frightening book
Book Reviews by M.V. Kamath
The Twilight of the Nation State: Globalisation, Chaos and War; Prem Shankar Jha; Vistaar Publications, New Delhi; pp 373; Rs 480.00

TO say the least, this is a frightening book. If we are to believe Prem Shankar Jha, doomsday is at hand and we do not know it. His argument, briefly, is this:    more >

Nature of things to come
Book Reviews by M.V. Kamath
The World is Flat: The globalised world in the twenty first century: Thomas L. Friedman; Penguin Books; pp 600. ? 5.99

THE world, as no one needs to be told, is a globe. It is not flat. But how come Thomas Friedman believes otherwise? Friedman is totally convinced that he is right. And with sound reasons. Interestingly he made his discovery while in Bangalore.    more >

World Watch

Houston oil lobby in West Asia conflict
By M.D. Nalapat

IN the boardrooms of the big oil companies of Europe and the US, there is joy about boosting oil prices from less than $22 a barrel before the 2003 Iraq conquest to $60 now, an increase that has given them additional profits of more than a trillion US dollars.    more >

India That is Bharat

Happy note for vote days
Author Name Comes here

HAPPY days are here again. Happy election days. Happy note-for-vote days. For during the recent election to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation a slum-dweller said, representatives of some of the candidates fighting the polls came to his slum with Rs. 500 notes.    more >

Think it Over

Islam in India and China: A comparison
By M.S.N. Menon

ISLAM entered China with the message of peace. Its objective was peaceful trade. It entered India with the message of war. Its objective was loot and rape. Over the years, Indian Muslims learnt to despise the Hindus and the Hindu civilisation.    more >

Economy Watch

Chinese imports killed this Indian town

FIROZABAD?S glass house lies shattered. Just a few years ago, the glass products industry in this tinsel town, 40 km from Agra in Uttar Pradesh, was bustling.    more >


Evangelical opposition to science
By Dr Balram Misra

THE Kenyan evangelists? recently renewed opposition to scientific researches. Some academic institutions of America are reluctant to teach their students the theory of human evolution.    more >


Debate on new constitution
By Prafull Goradia

CHIEF Minister Karunanidhi of Tamilnadu is, by no means, the first political leader to demand a rewriting of the Constitution. A desire to rewrite the national testament is at least as old as the advent of the Emergency in 1975.    more >

Readers? Forum

FDI will kill indigenous retail (Organiser, 31-12-2006);

I read your article in the Organiser, and fully concur with your fears and concerns. I would like to add my views, which could be of interest.    more >

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