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January 23, 2011

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BJP National Executive Meeting in Guwahati
BJP to focus on fighting corruption
2G scam, CWG scam, Adarsh Scam and Sonia's Bofors connection

"THE 20-month rule of UPA-II has proved to be a disaster. Everyday, the nation wakes up to new scams. From sports to civil supplies and telecommunication to civil aviation, the UPA-II has allowed every arena of governance to be exploited by scamsters. When the looters were emptying the government coffers, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was standing guard with his eyes closed and perhaps the hands tied,” said BJP president Shri Nitin Gadkari while inaugurating the party National Executive Meeting in Guwahati on January 8 in the presence of senior party leaders including Shri LK Advani, Smt Sushma Swaraj, Shri Arun Jaitley, and others. Over 350 delegates from different parts of the country attended the meeting which concluded on January 9 with a massive public rally.

Describing the UPA-II as the Kingdom of Corruption, Shri Gadkari said it is ironical that when the Congress was celebrating 125 years of its existence, the UPA was observing year 2010 as the Year of Scams and Corruption. “Scams after scams made organisation of Commonwealth Games a subject of public ridicule. Soon came the Adarsh Society scam. A Chief Minister who was brought in after the terrorists’ attack on Mumbai in November 2009 had to vacate his seat for a scam that showed how even security considerations were disregarded by ruling party bigwigs and bureaucrats. And the 2G scam was literally the height of it. The huge loss to the exchequer due to this Mother of all Scams is almost equal to the budget outlay of some states. Even after the unearthing of so many scams, UPA leaders are unabashedly talking of ‘zero tolerance to corruption’. If the Prime Minister is very confident that he is not guilty, why is he so stubborn in opposing the legitimate demand of JPC,” he asked.

Shri Gadkari said the UPA’s track record on the front of fighting against terrorism too is extremely poor. “On the Kashmir front, the interlocutors continue to be confused and unclear about their own task. There are no specific terms of reference laid down for them and hence their exercise has become rudderless. A similar rudderlessness prevails in tackling the Naxal issue. While we all in BJP and many of our Chief Ministers are consistently asking for a common strategy and concerted efforts to fight with the Naxalite menace, the UPA is speaking in many voices on every terror related issue. Within the ruling party, there are elements which hobnob with the Naxals, pamper those who see India as an encroacher in Jammu & Kashmir and try to play with the sensibilities of majority community by blowing up the threat of peripheral groups to rake up the so-called Hindu terrorism. Should we not expect some basic level of maturity from the UPA leaders? Are they not doing disservice to the cause of our war on terror by undermining the threat from one group and demonising the other? Can some of the UPA leaders be so callous and irresponsible so as to deal with terrorism in a crass partisan manner their facts based on inconclusive investigations, even while sharing assessments with the foreign diplomats? All our countrymen are extremely concerned that the irresponsible utterances of some of the UPA leaders are bound to weaken India’s case and give a fillip to those from across the border. Unfortunately, UPA misses no opportunity of sending a wrong signal. When the entire nation is expecting the government to expedite the hanging of Afzal, who has been convicted in the Parliament attack case, the UPA has set Shaukat, Afzal’s associate, in this case, free almost one year before he completes his jail term, for what they certify as ‘Good Conduct. This is a case of utter disregard for public opinion. Is this not a manifestation of the government’s soft and unserious approach towards terrorism,” he asked.

Grilling the UPA government for price rise Shri Gadkari called upon the party workers to work for national reconstruction. “People are looking up to the BJP and the NDA with great expectations. We have the responsibility of rekindling hope in the minds of people who are becoming increasingly cynical. At this moment, we look upto all our great leaders to guide us,” he said.

On the issue of Telangana, the party expressed its disappointment at the attitude of the UPA Government in delaying the creation of the separate state. “The BJP believes that the expectations of the people of the region for the creation of Telangana state are legitimate,” the party said in a resolution adding that the government should announce a bill for the creation of a separate state and introduce it in the Parliament for the passage at the earliest.

In another resolution on the situation in Assam and north-east, the party said prompt steps be taken up to detect and deport all illegal immigrants from Assam and other parts of North-East under the provisions of the Foreigners Act in a time bound manner as directed repeatedly by the Supreme Court. The party also asked the Election Commission to ensure the deletion of the names of illegal infiltrators from the voter list. The party made it clear that any peace talk with ULFA must be held within the framework of the Constitution on a long term sustained basis and in a transparent manner where violence and armed struggle has no place at all. Any election-driven initiative of talks by the Congress is deeply reprehensible, the resolution said. (FOC)

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