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December 19, 2010

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Readerís forum

Spectrum scam is too big to swallow: You have rightly mentioned in your editorial "Spectrum Scam is too big to swallow" (The Organiser, Nov 28, 2010) that the "the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi cannot escape blame if not culpability." However, instead of owning the blame, both of them have not only adopted an adamant stonewalling attitude against the Opposition demanding of constituting a JPC inquiry into the whole spectrum of the 2G robbery allegedly involving Rs 1.76 lakh crore, but are also eulogising each other as well as their rudderless UPA government on all available opportunities. For instance, Sonia Gandhi while speaking to media persons at her residence on Nov 23, 2010 had stated that "it is shameful that a person of integrity like the prime minister should be targeted in this manner," referring to the allegation the Opposition parties led by BJP have levelled in respect of the 2G spectrum scam. She also went on to say that "you all know how he was attacked in 2004. They lost, the prime minister won. That should be a lesson for everyone." Is it not just laughable utterances? Did the PM win any election? Does the largest democracy, India, has got an elected PM under her UPA dispensation? Can Sonia Gandhi elucidate as to which area of our countryís governance has the PM succeeded to earn such a blithe accolade? The UPA government of which Manmohan Singh is the PM has only registered its utter failure in all spheres of its action: Internal security, foreign policy and diplomacy, finance and economics, industry and agriculture, to mention some vital areas. However, she and the PM can complacently be smug that the UPA government has come out with flying colours in the case of breeding scams, scandals and corruption. It is the bad lot of the people who voted this government to suffer!


Did British arrest Islamisation? This refers to ĎDid British arrest Islamisation? by MSN Menon in Organiser dated 28-11-2010. He has correctly observed, that Dr Ambedkar "tried to block Gandhijiís policy of appeasement of the Muslims and stopped the Christian missionariesí attempt to convert the Dalit Hindus to Christianity". Certainly the Hindus should be grateful to Dr Ambedkar that he never took the help of Muslims or Christians for fighting his cause, althought they were ready to do so. Hindus should also be grateful to Dr Ambedkar, because he advised that it was in the interest of Hindus to accept Pakistan as homeland for the Muslims, with complete exchange of Hindu-Muslim population. He was the only leader, who understood the real nature of Muslims, but he was ignored, rather blamed by the Congress leaders as supporter of Pakistan. What Congess leaders-Gandhiji, Nehru, Patel, etc. ultimately did? After getting one million Hindus and Sikhs slaughtered in West Pakistan alone, and more than one lakh Hindu and Sikh women and girls abducted, dishonoured, raped, they accepted Pakistan, that too without sending the Muslims to their home land i.e. Pakistan, created by them. That 30 lakh Hindus were slaughtered in East Pakistan in 1971, and 5 lakh Hindu women raped and dishonored by Pakistani army is also an additional Congress created disaster. Now Muslims are creating so many problems in this truncated India, because exchange of population was not done. However, Shri Menonís contention, that Gandhiji went on to indefinite fast to prevent conversion of Dalits to Christianity is not correct. In fact Gandhiji had suggested, that Dalits can embrace Islam and Christianity if they want reservation in social representation. (See page-10 Dr. Ambedkarís Vyakti aur Vichar, and Pages 139-41 of Ambedkar Politics and Scheduled Castes-by Prem Prakash, Ashish Publishing House, New Delhi). Gandhiji even went to the extent of accepting 14 undue demands of Muslims to get their support for keeping Dalits deprived.

-ANAND PRAKASH, 72Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

WikiLeaks throw light on the dark side of US foreign policy The Whistleblower website WikiLeaks has done a wonderful job of exposing the USís double standards. The recent Cablegate expose has reconfirmed that the US is concerned only about fulfilling its own interest and does not hesitate in denying people their basic rights if required.

-SP SHARMA, Mumbai

Congress bent on committing suicide BJP is right in attacking the UPA government over the increasing number of scandals in the country. This year itself UPA is involved in a number of scams such as 2G scam; rotting of tones of foodgrains, the IPL fiasco, CWG and Adarsh housing society, etc. In the next elections the Congress might have a tough time in convincing the voters and explaining to them why the level of corruption had reached such an all time high under their charge. I hope that after seeing so many scams of the Congress party, voters must have got the true picture of the Congress. I feel that the Congress is digging its own grave.

-ISHAN, 83 Hutchins Road, Bengaluru-560 084

Rahul Gandhi fooling the public We aften read in the newspapers that Rahul Gandhi travelling by a second-class train compartment or staying with a dalit family while on political tours. These incidents are nothing but a drama to fool the public. These activities of Rahul Gandhi do not prove in any way that he is capable of leading the country.

-MAHESH CHANDRA SHARMA, E-198, Panki, Kanpur

Congress accuses non Congress governments During the election campaigns, the Congress leaders as a rule target all non Congress governments accusing them of misusing the funds released by the Union government. It is said with so much of confidence as if all Congress governments are making optimum utilisation of such funds. In states like Maharashtra, Jammu and Kashmir and Tamil Nadu where the Congress runs the government in coalition with its allies and in the Congress ruled Rajasthan and certain north-eastern states, the rate of development is much slower than the BJP ruled states like Gujarat and Karnataka.

-RANJANA UPADHYAY, Gumti No 5, Kanpur

One goal of Congress:Muslim appeasement The Congress government right from its inception is showing commitments for doing anything for the Muslims which would increase its vote-bank. It can go blatant by passing any remark, about Hindu organisations. I donít think that any patriot would have expected such below the belt remarks from the so-called yuvraj of the India, i.e. Rahul Gandhi. He went to the extent of equating the RSS with the SIMI. However I dont consider Rahul Gandhi as a leader at all . If we actually want to talk about the reality, he is a "personality" created by the paid media. Yet having the experience of being with the "made in Italy" he has now started thinking of himself as a serious leader while in actuality he is not. Now being familiar with his Muslim friendly attitude, no one would be surprised if tomorrow he declares SIMI a truly nationalist organisation. I think that RSS and all nationalist organisations should be integrated and give the Congress a perfect response through the statements made by a number of star rated leaders of Hindu nationalistic organisations thus sending a strong message to the Congress party that Hindus are not going to hear and tolerate whatever is being spoken or done by it.


Too much of freedom In India we have freedom to do anything and everything and get away with it. Terror elements are pampered and nationalists are portrayed as terrorists. Some high level officers are allegedly involved in scams both from civilian side and defence sides. How can we live under this kind of a situation where instead of all-round development all-round corruption prevails. Today no one dares to talk of corruption because the crusader is crucified. A revolution for a disciplined life is the need of the hour.

-M L NARAYANAN, FF-103, Ashwini apartment, Nehru colony, Anantnagar, Nagpur-440 013

Consult unbiased historians before writing Krishnaji Bhaskar and Gopinath, envoy of Afzal Khan and Shivaji respectively hinted Shivaji that Afzal Kahan had mischief in his mind. Alert Shivaji saved his own life using his concealed Baghnakh and punished dubious Afzal Khan. Shivaji met craft with craft. Smt Tanvir should appreciate this policy and not feel otherwise. Contrary to Smt. Fatimaís claim almost all the Muslim invaders were Islamic in true sense. This has been amply established by early Muslim historians and chroniclers. The sack of Somnath by Mahmud Ghazani was celebrated by Calip al-qudir Billah himself, who sent Mahmud a very complimentary letter giving him the title Khaf-Ud-Daula-Wa-Al Islam and formally recognising him as the ruler of Hindustan. Mahmudís chroniclers. Farishta established this fact. Babur was happy to become Gazi (Kafir killer) here and Amir Timurís principal objective in coming to Hindustan was to claim reward, by performing religious warfareís with Hindus. To him plunder in war was as lawful as their faith. Smt Fatima wrongly claims that Claiph Umar bin Khatib had prohibited his armies to invade India. Fact is that his two expeditions failed due to stiff resistance by Hindus kings. Smt Fatima should consult unbiased historians work and avoid confusing readers.

-KSHATRIYA DEOLAL, Ujjain Kutir, Addi Bunglow, Kodrma, Jharkhand

Burqa: A symbol of subjugation (Organiser, 14-11-2010) I fully support Tanvir Fatima on the issue of the burka for the Muslim women. It is a sign of modesty and dignity. An educated Muslim woman wrote a letter to the the Australian daily The Age, she wrote " I am a highly educated Australian born Muslim woman I wear the burka and will continue to do so. Nobody forces me to wear a burka. Even if my husband asks me not to wear the burka but yet I will not do so." Recently The Age wrote an article about the burka saying, "The western people say that they are trying to liberate the women of the Third World countries. They are mistaken. When they speak against the burka they are in fact exploiting and not liberating the Muslim women. Behind the burka a Muslim woman devoted entirely to her husband is waiting for him ( her husband)".

-AMAR JIT SINGH Goraya, 30 Gillmartin ,Dr Griffith NSW, Australia-2680

Defamation suit: Why? I read a website of a newspaper which carried a news that a defamation suit has been filed against the former RSS Chief for calling the UPA chairperson a "CIA Agent". People belonging to my generation may be aware and the proceedings of the Parliament may also reveal that the Congress, during Indira Gandhiís regime called the former Swatantra MP Piloo Mody a "CIA Agent" and also Opposition leaders as "reactionaries" from time to time. The next day Piloo Mody entered the House with a board hanging around his neck displaying the words "I am a CIA Agent".The Congressmen protested the action of Mody too. But no one burnt the effigies of the Congressmen who called Mody a CIA Agent.Will the Congress apologise for the remark now?This may be kept in mind in the protest meets as well as panel debates on the issue on TV channels as well as while defending the case in Court.

-R SUBRAMANIAN, by email

Environment goes to dogs Our environment minister Jairam Ramesh regularly makes statements on environmental clearance of different projects but only after they are highlighted by others. On the other hand, environmental clearance process in NCT Delhi is itself a most corrupt process and despite several letters/e mails to Jairam corruption is still unchecked. Media does not highlight it because of coloured advertisements provided by Delhi government to them and other people are silent because environment is under Chief Minister and it is a Congress run State.


Manmohan-A puppet in the hands of Sonia The 2G spectrum scam is a slap on the face of all the voters who chose to bring UPA for the second time also. Moreover by remaining mum despite of all the foul play, the PM has proved that either heís ignorant or heís nothing more than a puppet of Sonia Gandhi. In either case he should resign followed by a JPC.

-SHIVAM SWAMI , by email :

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