<b>Rashtrotthana Blood Bank tops in blood collection in Karnataka</b>

Rashtrotthana Blood Bank tops in blood collection in Karnataka

$img_titleKarnataka’s one of the most reputed service organisations, the Rashtrot-thana Parishat, set another milestone, this time in healthcare. The Parishat’s Rashtrotthana Rakta Nidhi is now the number one Blood Bank of the State as far as total units of blood collected and transfused is concerned.

The Parishat is a RSS initiative in Karnataka. Established 18 years ago, the Rashtrotthana Rakta Nidhi has collected blood from 1,75,073 donors. The collected blood has been given to 1,31,593 patients. Rest of the blood was processed for PCV collections, serum separations, etc. The total units of blood collected till March 2012 is 2,89,321. This Blood Bank is an ISO certified Blood Bank and provides blood to the needy on a 24×7 service. 

(VSK, Karnataka)

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