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October 28, 2007
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October 28, 2007

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Readers? Forum

Act of treason: Some white men from UK came to India?Meerut and Delhi?with a plaque commemorating British victory in 1857. They visited a church in Meerut and another church in Delhi. A celebration of British victory was held. When some Indians protested in Meerut, they were arrested. The Indian church in Meerut and Delhi collaborated with the white team from UK. This is an open crime against the nation. The church officials involved are guilty of treason. They need to be arrested and tried. Instead the patriotic public of Meerut who protested have been arrested. Media has blacked out this most shameful event in free India.

by e-mail

Defeat Karunanidhi politically (Organiser, 7-10-2007); Karunanidhi driven by his anti-Hindu instinct has posed a very imaginative question that in which engineering college Ram learnt the skill of bridge building. May I, in the same strain, question in which civil engineering college or school of architecture did the great builders of the Great Wall of China, Egyptian pyramids, marvellous temples of the South and Taj Mahal do their degree course? In which marine engineering college did the discoverers Columbus and Vasco de Gama receive their daredevil sea-faring education? Human creativity, enterprise and imaginative mind need no bookish education for desired action.

B-79, Swasthya Vihar, Delhi

*   *   *

Now it is the turn of Karunanidhi to play with the sentiments of the Hindus. He like the British imperialists is following the policy of divide-and-rule. The Britishers, wherever they went, mocked the religion and culture of the local people. They manufactured the theories that the local people too came from outside and they would call the local people ?invaders?. In New Zealand, they suddenly found that the local people, known as Maoris, came from the Pacific islands in the 13th century and landed at a hilltop near Auckland known as ?One Tree Hill?. Therefore, one should ignore such propagandists with the scorn they deserve.

51, Willandra Avenue, Griffith, NSW, Australia

*   *   *

In olden days, academic qualification was not required for anyone to engage himself in any super human task. Karunanidhi should know that 90 per cent of the machines, equipments, gadgets he uses today in his daily life have not been invented by qualified engineers but invented by ordinary men. Gigantic pyramids spread in 800 km radius are so accurately similar to each other in angle and direction towards the sun that even with our present-day electronic measuring-equipments such an accurate angle and direction cannot be maintained. So, in which engineering college did the builders of these pyramids learn the art of building pyramids?


*   *   *

Perhaps India is the only country, where so-called intellectuals disown their past. While introducing English in 1862, Macaulay had rightly said that it would lead to anglicization of India. So far as Sri Ram and the Ramayan are concerned, not only in India, there are innumerable places associated with them in Sri Lanka too. There are about 25 places in Sri Lanka associated with Sri Ram, Sita (like Sita Eliya), Hanuman and the Ramayan. Had Sri Ram and the Ramayan been only myths, then how could these exist for thousands of years.

C 492, Yojana Vihar, Delhi

*   *   *

The Ramayana and the original Puranas were aware of the island of Lanka south of India. It was at that time much larger and was later submerged in the sea during the Sangam period. In historical geography, it is also referred to as ?Lemuria?. It is a pity that on some slender evidence attempts to denigrate our history are being made by Karunanidhi and so-called secularists.

120, Grhalakshmi Colony, Kamlanagar, Bangalore

*   *   *

There is absolutely no mention of Arya-Dravida conflict in our literature, including the Tamil literature. This fiction of Arya-Dravida conflict was cooked by Britishers and Nehru and Karunanidhi and his ilk see everything through European glasses on their eyes. They are mental slaves of foreigners. The basic problem is that even today history textbooks, being taught in schools and colleges carry this false fiction as true history.

72/Sector-8, Panchkula

*   *   *

Both the Congress-led UPA government and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi have exhibited their inferior wisdom by making mockery of Sri Ram. Karunanidhi appears to be ignorant about Hindu tradition and faith. He might have certainly lost his mental equilibrium otherwise he would not have made misguiding comments on Sri Ram.

Vrindavan Prasad, CHS 4.116, Tilak Chowk, Kalyan, Thane

Ganesh has a universal appeal (Organiser, 30-9-2007); Ganesha or Ganapati is perhaps the most popular deity in Hindu tradition. One of the youngest deities in terms of chronology, Ganapati has enjoyed and has been enjoying vast popularity from time immemorial. Though considered a Shaiva deity, his votaries include Vaishnavites too. Thus he has a universal appeal. But what is more interesting is that this God was worshipped in many Asian countries outside India. This is testified by a large number of Ganesha images of stone and metal, inscriptions and literary works in many languages.

Maitri Nagar Cooperative Society, Rohini, Delhi

Is America truly God?s own country (Organiser, 23-9-2007); It is correctly written that the young generation of American has no role model. Changes that have taken place in the American family over the last 40 years could not have been foreseen. While the entry of women into the workplace gave women a taste of financial independence, it has also caused social upheavals. In the early American model family, divorce was close to unthinkable. When women entered the workforce, they had to battle on two fronts?the home and the office. It resulted in a rise in the divorce rate.

Majumdar Wada, Vadodara

*   *   *

America is certainly not God?s own country as it has the dubious distinction of being the most violent country in the world. FBI statistics show that assault and rape rose 2.5 per cent nationally between 2005 and 2006, and murders and robbery are up about 5 per cent. Medium-sized cities like Washington, Seattle, Indianapolis and Minneapolis have been hardest-hit. Experts point to factors like degrading family values, gang rivalries, population growth, budget cuts, competing priorities for local law-enforcement (like homeland-security assignments), and the cyclical nature of crime to explain the trend.


*   *   *

Because of fast pace of life, Americans are suffering from physical fatigue and emotional disquiet. Life was hectic enough even when Franklin D. Roosevelt was President. If only he could see today?s fast pace, he would notice people racing around with high-tech gadgets, while juggling their many daily tasks. Life has only continued to speed up. In fact, Americans often feel they are caught in a tornado. At times, their lives seem to be whirling out of control. When this happens, the competing demands of work, home, and family seem more than one can handle.

Houston, USA

United States and Iran: Danger signals (Organiser, 23-9-2007); The write-up was thought provoking. The public mindset in America has been thoroughly prepared for war by a barrage of untrue propaganda against Iran, extending over many years and gradually escalating in volume and tone. Iran has been demonized as the pure incarnation of evil: the foremost sponsor of terrorism, pursuing nuclear weapons, intent on harming America, hiding arsenals of chemical and biological weapons and their means of delivery, oppressing its own people, intent on destroying Israel and the West. However, the reality is that it is physically impossible for Iran to produce a nuclear weapon in coming years.

Chanakya Puri, Sheela By-Pass, Rohtak

*   *   *

The US attack on Iran will be wrong as it does not have ready-to-use chemical nor biological weapons, just like Iraq didn?t in 2003, despite identical US accusations. Iran is party to international treaties proscribing chemical and biological weapons and terrorism. Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons; it is pursuing a civilian nuclear programme. Even if it wanted to, it is many years away from the ability to make nuclear weapons.

?A.S. ROY,
Salt Lake, Kolkata

The 123 Agreement: An analysis (Organiser, 16-9-2007); Some headless chicken signed an agreement with East India Company centuries ago with a very simple identical reasons, and the entire nation had to struggle for centuries to earn this very costly independence with heavy losses of lakhs of lives, properties with enormous amount of miseries etc. Do we need an agreement so soon to invite another invasion? If this agreement is not signed, India can be a free, self-sufficient independent nation forever. Let healthy brains deliberate without any type of bias with a calm balance and decide as the decision is very crucial for the future generations, who will never forgive us for any notorious blunder.

by e-mail

*   *   *

The cost of power from nuclear plants, as compared to that from coal-fired plants, is quite a bit higher. Coal-fired plants today produce electricity at the plant end (not as delivered to the consumer) cost about Rs 2.50 per unit depending on the coal cost at the location. For nuclear plants with domestic reactors, the cost is about Rs 3.60 per unit. For imported reactors, it is about Rs 5.10 per unit. If we take a figure for time of construction of eight years instead of six, as is quite likely for imported reactors, then the corresponding cost figures would be around Rs 5.50 for imported units.


*   *   *

The dubious Indo-US nuke deal has grave dangers. American inspectors when they land in India in the name of the nuclear deal treaty to be satisfied about our programme, freedom of action and foreign policy decisions as a sovereign nation will be immensely hurt.

Gavipuram Circle, K.G. Nagar, Bangalore

*   *   *

Un-interrupted uranium?s supply for imported reactors, in exchange for safeguards in perpatuity, will even emasculate India?s indigenous thorium credible nuclear deterrent. The 123 Agreement, in the guise of give and take, is in reality ?head you lose, tail we win?. Capping nuclear defence research programmes of responsible nuclear power like India, while sparing US, Russia, UK, France and China, is highly dicriminatory.

574, Krishan Nagar, Gurdaspur

UPA is wrecking the system from within (Organiser, 16-9-2007); The UPA government?s effort to introduce sub-quota for Muslims and Christians in the OBC and Dalit share is against the basic features of the Constitution. The politicians generally see for next election, whereas a statesman thinks of next generation. The quota has created division instead of unity of the nation. The merit should not be ignored at any cost in the best interest of the citizens and the nation. However, efforts should be made to provide education and training of technical/professional courses to all irrespective of caste, creed, sex religion, etc, on uniformity basis.

Bandh, Bhangari, Kasauli, Solan

New light on Gandhi (Organiser, 26-8-2007); The review of Gandhi, My Father by Aditya Pradhan was apt. Bollywood movies are below standard, as there is not an iota of truth, social reality, national ideals and cultural moorings. The result of the movie either on Gandhi or freedom movement or partition days, in which producers and directors sent misguiding messages to youth of this country, would be disastrous.

85, Arihand Cooperative Society, Bora Bazar Street, Fort, Mumbai

*   *   *

Mahatma Gandhi could transform the soul of a nation but could not save the soul of his own son for whom nationalism and Gandhism were dispensable ?isms?.

Anand Abhay, Irrigation Department Colony, Rishikesh

Defamatory declaration: The chairman of Delhi State Minority Commission, speaking at a gathering of minorities in Hyderabad recently, said that Muslims in this country are living under great insecurity. This is an amazing assertion designed to calumniate Hindus. The fact is all Hindus are feeling totally insecure because of rampant jihadism resorted to not only by Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims in India but by a section of their co-religionists within the country. If Muslims are feeling insecure in India, why are tens of millions of Bangladeshi Muslims infiltrating into India?

2-2-1101/B/2, Amberapet, Hyderabad

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