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RSS website on Moplah riot


S Chandrasekhar

As homage to the Hindu Victims of infamous ‘Moplah Riot’ in Malabar part of Kerala in 1921-22, an illicit offspring of the Mahatma Gandhi-Muslim League tie-up supporting Khilafat Movement, the RSS Kerala launched a website: www.1921lahala.com. A human tragedy as a predecessor to the Partition catastraphone, the Riot by Moplahs (Muslims) of Malabar claimed 10,000 Hindu lives, hundreds of women raped, thousands converted and over a lakh left homeless and doomed in misery.

The site, a brain child of Akhil Bharatiya Sah Prachar Pramukh of RSS, J Nandakumar, offers netizens links to pay homage to the unsung Hindu martyrs.

In individual posts, the site describes the brutal atrocities committed on the Hindus in 1921-22 periods. The Mannur Holocaust on November 21st, where houses were set on fire, men butchered, women and children raped and killed. It also mentions the discovery of seven month dead foetus protuding from the slit abdomen of a butchered woman.

The infamous Muthumana House well and Tuvvur well where Hindus were beheaded and thrown and forcible conversions of men and women find mention in the incidents listed. The site also described how fleeing and bathing women were raped, carried along by the marauding Moplahs, to be used continuously for several weeks before finally being converted or butchered and thrown into wells. It also describes how Moplahs entered the Tuvvur well and butchered half dead bleeding Hindus.

The damaging of temple idols, burning of temples like Thrikallur Temple, Rama Chokkad Temple also finds mention. The site also mentions the bravery on the part of Hindus in repulsing the attacks by Moplahs. The inmates of the Nilambur Kovilagam who fought the Moplahs with burning oil and weapons, Karunakaran Nair of Luther near Kottakkal who killed four Moplahs before getting killed and Kani tribal woman of Arikkod who killed four Moplahs before being overpowered, raped and killed.

The site also mentions Mahatma Gandhi’s divergent views on the Moplah riot, BR Ambedkar condemning the attacking by Moplahs as brutal and unrestrained barbarism and Dr Annie Besant’s letters to Gandhi on the agony of Malabar Hindus.

Shri Nandakumar says the site presents history in the right perspective, without distortion to the younger generation. “The irony is that the perpetuators of the riots are drawing pension as freedom fighters.”

The site has had thousands of hits in a few days of its launch.

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