Demolish the illegal structure immediately

Demolish the illegal structure immediately

undefinedIllegal construction of a mosque by fanatics on MCD land

Ashok Singhal
VHP patron Shri Ashok Singhal demanded demolition of the illegal structure built over the land of Netaji Subhash Park by some fanatics. Talking to mediapersons in New Delhi on July 21 he said the land should be handed over to the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).         
He also warned that it would have dangerous consequences if Delhi Government did not control the extremist Muslims that are flouting and disregarding all law and order in the national capital by forcibly constructing a mosque on the Municipal Corporation land. He asked, “Is it theteaching of Islam to forcibly offer namaz flouting all law and setting aside the orders of the High Court on the Corporation and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) land?”      
“Forcible construction of mosque in front of the Red Fort and offering namaz there are acts of provocation, aggression and invitation to rancour and disgust between the Hindus and Muslims in the region of Delhi that needs to be prohibited. From the standpoint of the Hindu society,Delhi was built as Indraprastha by emperor Yudhisthir over 5,000 years ago as the capital city of the Pandavas, and the ruins found in every nook and corner of this city and region are the remnants of temples, huge buildings, forts and architectural pieces,” Shri Singhal added.  
         The illegal and conspiratorial activities that are underway to grab the land citing it as the remnants of Akbarabadi mosque and unilaterally declaring it a mosque without examinations by ASI, stopping of which has been strictly ordered by the High Court as well as the MunicipalCorporation of Delhi to the Delhi Police, but the Delhi Police instead of stopping the extremists is engaged in suppressing the saints and the Hindu society that are opposing such illegal activities. It appears that this encroachment by extremist Muslims enjoys the protection of the police.“The most astonishing fact on the part of the Chief Minister Smt. Sheila Dikshit is that by not ordering the Delhi Police to take stern action she is herself flouting the law. The manner in which the late Sanjay Gandhi in the ‘70s not caring for Muslim votes had removed encroachments inDelhi, today similar hard decisions need to be taken. If  Smt Dikshit, feels that   Delhi Police is inadequate in controlling the situation,  she should call in the military to handle the job. Law would prevail in Delhi – the message and hints should go by her actions. 
            If Smt. Dikshit does not sternly control the situation, then an extremely explosive situation cannot be prevented from developing and the people have to stand against it. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad will be compelled to take out demonstrations in all areas and Mohallas throughoutDelhi. It is the paramount duty of the government to ensure control over these extremist forces under all circumstances,” Shri Singhal warned.

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