<b>Germany bans Muslim organisations</b>

Germany bans Muslim organisations

According to Inquilab (June 16, 2012), the German police have raided residential buildings of Salafi Muslims. The government alleged that these Muslims are hatching conspiracy against the government. According to spokesperson of the German Home Ministry, the police have raided three houses of the workers of Wahabi organisations and more than one thousand police personal were deployed for the purpose. The government did not reveal that how many Muslims were arrested. The Home Ministry informed that Millate Ibrahim — the movement run by Salafi Muslims – has been banned. This is to remind that there was a clash between Salafi Muslims and the police in Solizen city in Germany. The police said that Salafis are inciting violence in Germany. But spokesperson of Salafis said, “We are propagating Islam and huge number of Christians are converting to Islam that caused the police action. German Home Minister Ralf Jaeger said that this organisation is demanding implementation of Sharia Law in Germany. These groups are getting support from Saudi Arabia. The government has the information that these Wahbies and Salafis incite violence therefore the government is keeping an eye on them. A government spokesperson said that during a rally in Bonn, there were armed clash between the police and extremist Salafis in which 29 German police personal were injured. The police arrested 109 Salafi extremist Muslims in connections to this violence. The government spokesperson said, “Those three extremist Muslim organisation that have been banned had connection with Al Qaeda. We would not allow Muslims to cause turbulence in Germany.”
Namaz banned in a British University
According to Inquilab (June 6, 2012), it has been ordered to close down Islamic Centre of the University of East Anglia where Muslim students used to offer Namaz. The Vice Chancellor of the University Tom Warder said that facility to offer Namaz was offered temporarily, it was to be closed. Spokesperson of the Muslim society Mohammad Patel said that the decision of the university is to deprive Muslims from their religious matters. He said that the university is situated in Norwich city and Christians are free to offer prayer therefore this is a discrimination against Muslims.
Seven people killed in Pakistan for dancing
Salar (June 5, 2012), the Pakistan Supreme Court has ordered the state’s chief secretary and other officials to appear before it in the matter of an elders court {Jarge} in Pakistan’s Kehirastan region ordering killing of five women and two men. According to the newspaper, during a marriage ceremony in Khaibar state two men were dancing and five women were clapping. When this news reached to the local jarge, all of them have been ordered to be killed. This incidence is from Hazara division. After the news was broadcast on Pakistan radio, Pakistan Supreme Court called Hazara division commissioner and other officials to appear before it.
This is to remind that no one is allowed to sing and dance in the Kabaili region of Pakistan. These men were dancing on the occasion of a marriage and women were clapping. Jarga (Council of elders) of Kabaili has got the court rights and they have the right to give death sentence for anti-Islamic activities.
Government to build Akbarabadi Mosque
Sahafat (June 14, 2012), Akbarabadi Mosque situated in Daryaganj would be rebuilt by the Delhi government, which has put the construction of Metro station in Daryaganj in doldrums. Matia Mahal MLA Shoaib Iqbal claimed that this mosque was demolished by British in 1857 and a park was built in its place. He claimed that Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit promised that the mosque would be built again after the excavation. Delhi Metro chief Manglu Singh, who was also present in the meeting, informed that Metro station would be built somewhere else. Shoaib Iqbal claimed that he was trying to rebuild this mosque from the past five years. This mosque was built by the wife of Mughal emperor Shahjahan but it was demolished in 1857. The mosque is situated where there is Subhas Park at present. The name of the park during British period was Edward Park. This is to inform that the government has announced to build 14 mosques on its own expenses. The government has promised to give Rs 80 lakh to Muslims to built this mosque. This news was also published prominently in Hamara Samaj, Inquilab etc on the same day.
(Courtesy: India Policy Foundation, Fortnightly Review of Urdu Press, June 16-30)

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