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(Organiser, 6.5, 2012); I am very happy to learn that the BJP has made it clear that it would not support Pranab Mukherjee and  Hamid  Ansari  but would support Dr APJ Abdul Kalam  if  his name is proposed by others for the post of  President. The President should not be elected on narrow considerations of caste, community, religion, gender or affiliation with any party, family or person. The presidential  nominee should have extra ordinary personal achievements, vision for the future of the nation and the ability to maintain the impartiality and dignity of the august office. Besides being a top  scientist Dr Kalam is a good humanitarian  and an educationist, capable of inspiring, igniting  and illuminating minds. He is the  kind of person any country would be proud of getting as head of the state. He was immensely popular during his previous term and was popularly known as the  ‘Peoples’ President’. He is the most suitable and  qualified presidential candidate among  all the names in circulation. There was a massive demand in 2007 for a second term to him but the Congress had denied him the post. Actually Congress wants a ‘rubber stamp’ instead of a President. Having twice been thwarted from  becoming the Prime Minister once by KR Narayanan and once by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Sonia Gandhi has made sure to have pliant people at the highest level beholden to her. Thus she had wanted  someone who wouldn’t stand in her  way and  Smt Pratibha Devi Singh Patel has performed the task of being just that.

Mahesh  Chandra Sharma,  E-198, Panki, Kanpur

Bofors: Highly insidious cover-up; Collective conspiracy of silence (Organiser, 6.5.2012); This is with reference  to the front page article  in Organiser, ‘Bofors: Highly insidious  cover-up; Collective  conspiracy of silence.  The article is timely, relevant, educative and a warning  for slumbering electorates to take note of  the worst form of corruption pampered by Congress long back in 1987 through Bofors  deal. Chitra Subramaniam has written a number of  investigative reports based on about 350 documents leaked out by Lindstorm but Congress managed to cover-up  the entire story. This can be described as violation of democratic norms and worst form of treason. The nation should be thankful to Lindstorm  for exposing corrupt and traitor Congress. He has confirmed that political payment was made in this deal with  clear cut understanding that the name of Quattrochi should not  be revealed  because it will immediately bring into light Rajiv Gandhi. Least now judiciary must and should take initiative and confiscate all the assets and secret Swiss Bank money of Sonia Miano and all her relatives starting with Quattrochi. The article is so  transparent that this itself can be taken as prima facie evidence. The documents leaked by Lindstrom exposing payment instructions to banks, open and secret contracts, handwritten notes, minutes of meetings and Ardbo’s (Bofors MD) diary that forms basis for the first ever transfer to secret bank documents from  Switzerland to India should be circulated once  again through all the medias to make  Congress feel some shame at least after 25 years.

Suhasini Pramod Valsangkar, Dwarakapuram, Dilsukhnagar,  Hyderabad

What do we mean by Minority Educational Institutions? (Organiser, 6.5.2012); I fail to understand that how the quality education to millions of poor children, majority of whom study in government schools, can be achieved by admission for a fraction of them in public schools through the Right to Education Act. Had the authorities taken timely steps to implement the  ‘Common School System’ recommended by  the Kothari Commission in the 1960’s the education scenario would have been very different. Improving the performance of schools and teachers is the best way to render quality  education to one and all.

BiBhu Patel, Odisha

Once again  Modi passes agni pariksha  It is very heartening to learn  that Gujarat Chief Minister Shri  Narendra Modi, accused by slain former Congress MP Ehsaan Jafri’s wife Zakia Zafri of not getting against the  rioters has been given a clean chit  by the Supreme Court’s  appointed Special Investigation Team in the Gulberg Society  massacre incident which took place during  the 2002 violence. No  Chief Minister has suffered  this kind of personal  and baseless attacks that Shri Modi has over the last decade. It is to Shri Modi’s  credit that  he has faced this slanderous campaign by his  detractors with  fortitude and dignity. And it is to Gujarat’s  credit that instead  of remaining frozen in time, the State has moved on setting awe-inspiring standards in industrial and agricultural  growth, infrastructure development  and social progress.


Vivekananda was prophetic Congratulations to Shri P Chandrashekhar for his article 'Prophetic insight of Swami Vivekanand in (Organiser, 8.4.2012)  and to this nationalist weekly of international repute for publishing it. Swami Vivekananda saw  a miraculous dream  while he was travelling on a ship and was near the Island of Crete in the Mediteranian Sea. What the rishi like bearded old person told Swamiji proved true when excavations took place in Crete and scrolls were discovered, called 'Dead Sea Scrolls’. Thus the dream proved prophetic and it revealed that there was no such personality by the name of Jesus ever born. As per the version of the rishi seen in the dream, he was a ‘sthavirputra’ i.e. the son of a sthavir. A Buddhist sanyasin is called ‘Sthavir’ and he is no less venerable than a Sanatani Sanyasin'. Here it will not be out of place to tell the readers  that Bible is comprised of two separate parts, one is called Old Testament which is called ‘Tauret’, the holy book of Jews and the second is New Testament the holy book of Christians. This is also called Bible.  As a matter of fact this New Testament is a fraudulent book prepared by four very cunning persons named, John, Mathew, Luke and Mark. They very shrewdly intermingled the stories of the birth of Karna, childhood of Sri Krishna, preachings of Gautam Buddha, and body transformation of Adi Shankaracharya  and produced the New Testament. The material excavated in Crete and ‘Dead Sea Scrolls’ is an unquestionable proof of the non-existence of any such person as Jesus in the New Testament as propagated by the Church. It is a great fraud played by those four very shrewd persons and  this fraud in the name of religion was forcibly imposed on the public through imperial power and committing horrific atrocities like inquisition i.e. burning a person alive and the same is still continuing throughout the world. Bharat is the worst sufferer of it at present.

Anand Mishra ‘Abhay’, Sanskriti Bhawan, Rajendra Nagar, Lucknow : 226 004

Indians are themselves responsible Leaders of Bharat are not an intellectual or a visionary people of the nation. Making their own house dirty started the day India got its Independence. Instead of choosing a visionary leader like Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Indians or Hindus themselves imposed a hierarchical leadership on themselves which is still continuing. Since Hindus being 80 per cent have made a mess of their country by making it a corrupt place, a dirty place, a little developed place, a cultural copycat, educationally slave, borrower of ideas and technology—what is wrong if a foreigner  throws dirt on our country’s valuable documents or even on the Constitution. If your house is not clean and somebody else throws little dirt what difference does it make?  Those who keep their house clean  have the right to rebuke people who are throwing dirt on their house from outside. Dirty houses will attract dirty behaviours from all visitors and even passer-by. Hindus should themselves be blamed for their criminal behaviour towards this country. Better understanding and awareness of one's own self and of others around will alleviate this condition and put the advantage in the hands of the Hindus whose higher self-awareness will undo and destroy the past brain wash or subdued or slavish mental conditioning.

Thirumala  Raya  Halemane email :

Pakistan is addicted to terrorism There was a news in The Tribune,  30.3.2012 under the heading ‘US: Pak addicted to using  militants against India’. It has been mentioned, that Michael Sheehan, Assistant Secretary of  Defence, USA has stated that; “Pakistan has addiction to playing around with militia groups—particularly vis-à-vis India”, and “US has virtually given up its efforts to change the mind set of Pakistan with regard to India.” It is clear, that USA has understood the mind set of Pakistan within a decade or so. But the India’s fake secular Congress and its allies are ‘Addicted to appeasement’ of Pakistan, inspite of a century old experience with Jinnah, Muslim League and Pakistan. Pakistan invaded our Jammu & Kashmir in 1947 itself, i.e. immediately after creation of Pakistan, and our   so-called secular leader, Nehru allowed Pakistan to continue to retain the occupied areas. The  same thing happened in 1965 war with Pakistan. Lal Bahadur Shastri  admired as ideal prime Minister, surrendered all the gains made by our brave jawans with their  blood,  and even returned the areas of J&K which were freed  by our jawans from the clutches of Pakistan. He also gave the district of Tharparkar in Sindh with more than 90 per cent Hindus to Pakistan, in spite of the promise made by the then Defence Minister to the deputation  of Hindus from Tharparkar, that it would not be returned to Pakistan. Indira Gandhi was no different, and freed 93,000 criminal army men of Pakistan, captured as prisoners of war in 1971 war with Pakistan, who had slaughtered 30 lakh innocent Hindu civilians and abducted and raped 5 lakh Hindu girls and women, with  great honour by  feeding them nice food, far better than our armymen, and  offering  them a copy of Koran, as if they had done a meritorious job by slaughtering  the Hindus. Our present Congress secular rulers are busy in creating friendship with Pakistan, by all means, completely ignoring the facts and national  interest, that Pakistan is bent upon exporting  terrorism to India as part of their State policy, as admitted by the USA also. Only God can save India,  as the people of India in general are least concerned about this serious  issue of national security, and are busy in petty issues of caste, region, hatred against each other and   are allowing the Muslims to rule the country.

Anand Prakash,  72/Sector-8, Panchkula : 134 109

UPA and our Armed Forces Indian Army has been and still is envy of the world. The Sonia Gandhi led UPA has indeed disgraced itself for developing strained relations with it.  It is rather unprecedented and can cause irreparable loss.  The UPA has the notoriety of being a Governmernt suffering from  political, professional paralysis and is absolutely devoid of statesmanship.

BK Chaudhari, Royal W Cresc, The Oakalls, B60 2TJ, Worcestershire, UK

Why State governments are rejecting NCTC? It is disheartening to learn that the State governments,especially the non Congress-I, have expressed their disagreement to establish NCTC in our country.Terrorism in  our couuntry has a countrywide network,hence it has become utmost necessary to  establish an Government organisation such as NCTC, to fight terrorism,or else  it would become impossible to handle the rapid growth of terrorism.This is a true fact that any State  government cannot fight terrorism alone.This fact has to be undesrtood and  realised by all State governments and they should not reject NCTC outrightly for political reasons. Support it in the interest of the  nation. But definitely negotiations can be had between Central and State  governments to restructure and modify the provisions and functions of the NCTC, to  suit the convenience of the both.The the state governments can handle the basic  law and order as usaully at grass roots level, and NCTC can work in co-ordination with any State government in fighting terrorism in particular.


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