Chhattisgarh shocker: Local leader says, “Stab the BJP leaders if they dare to come to tribal regions for votes” In what can be termed as an open call for political violence against the workers of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Chhattisgarh, a local leader of Manpur-Mohla of Chhattisgarh gave an open call for stabbing any BJP leader who would dare to approached the tribals for vote in the upcoming state assembly elections on Monday July 31. A video of the speech has also gone viral on the internet in which the local leader can be heard giving a call for political violence against the BJP leaders. “If the BJP people came into the tribal regions during elections, you should stab them, and send them naked, I take the guarantee”, said Sarju Tekam while addressing a political gathering near Vasishta Chowk at Manpur. तो अब नक्सलियों की अधिकारिक पार्टी है कांग्रेस… मंच से खुलेआम कांग्रेसी नेता द्वारा भाजपा नेताओं की हत्या करने की धमकी दी जा रही है और कांग्रेस के विधायक इसका समर्थन कर रहे हैं। मोहला-मानपुर में अब तक पाँच भाजपा कार्यकर्ताओं की हत्या हो चुकी है, क्या इसके पीछे कांग्रेसी… — BJP Chhattisgarh (@BJP4CGState) July 31, 2023 The controversial local leader also made disrespectful remarks against the parliamentarians and claimed that he was holding political rallies and agitations but the government did not respond to my letters. The only solution left is that those who betray you ‘kill’ them. BJP hits back at Congress party for supporting such leader Meanwhile, slamming the Congress party for supporting a leader of such a mentality, BJP Member of Parliament (MP) from Rajnandgaon Santosh Pandey said that what is the relation of the Manipur incident to Manpur? The remarks made by a convicted anti-national person like Tekam was only made possible due to protection of the local Congress (member of legislative assembly) MLA Indrashah Mandavi and Bhupesh Baghel. “Those who were smiling on the remarks have taken the oath of the constitution to show allegiance towards the region and country without any discrimination among the citizens, however they were smiling while disrespectful remarks were made on the prime minister and the respected Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Political ideologies and differences are different but making such remarks in front of police is a mockery of law and order in the state”,added the BJP lawmaker. The BJP MP from Rajnandgaon further claimed that disrespectful remarks were also made against Bajrangbali, RSS head and the prime minister. “Mohan Bhagwat and Modi ji, if your Bajrangbali have the guts then ask him to protect the honor of your daughters and sisters. If any stone idol got broken then their religious sentiments got hurt and people from VHP, Bajrangdal and RSS people marched into Sankheda, said the BJP MP while quoting from the alleged statement of Tekam. मणिपुर की घटना का मानपुर से कैसा संबंध? राष्ट्र विरोधी गतिविधियों में लिप्त वामपंथी सरजू टेकाम ने मानपुर में सिधे-साधे आदिवासियों के समक्ष जो भाषण दिया है वह सिर्फ स्थानीय विधायक इंद्रशाह मंडावी और भूपेश बघेल के संरक्षण में दिया है। राष्ट्र के विरुद्ध भाषण देना दर्शाता है कि… — BJP Chhattisgarh (@BJP4CGState) July 31, 2023 “Not only that it is evident now that the recent vandalization of the Maa Durga idol must had been encouraged by such people, they also threatened  our Mandal president by abusing him publicly, I want to summarize that Tekam has provoked the people to kill those who does not believe in their ideology. I also want to ask the Chief minister that your MLA was sitting their and smiling when religious sentiments were provoked, immediate action should be taken and the accused should be booked under relevant sections of the IPC, Chief minister sir we want to ask you what is going on in Manpur in the name of Manipur”, concluded the BJP MP. BJP leaders killed by Maoists  It is pertinent to mention here that a number of BJP workers and leaders were killed by the Maoist in the tribal dominated state in separate incidents that occurred earlier in the year. Earlier in February Neelkanth Kerrekam, the then  BJP president of Usur Mandal of Bijapur was brutally stabbed to death when he had arrived at his ancestral home to attend a marriage ceremony. The incident occured when three armed cadres of the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) dragged and brutally hacked him to death in front of the family members while hundreds of the Maoist surrounded the village on February 05 this year. In another incident, Sagar Sahu the then BJP vice-president of Narayanpur district was also shot dead at his home by two armed cadres of the outlawed outfit who barged into his house and shot him at close range before fleeing the spot on the evening of February 10. Another BJP functionary and a former village head associated with the saffron party was hacked to death near Handawada waterfall of Dantewada district on February 11. The deceased BJP functionary Ramadhir Aalmi was traveling from Murumwada to Hitameta village when around 5-6 cadres of the banned Maoist group hacked him to death.