Non-violence can foster social unity and brotherhood   
A noble idea to make India slum-free   
J&K Constitution: A question on shrewd Congress   
VHP lashes out on fabricated sting   
Religious fanaticism destructs cultural heritage   
Himalayan Misadventure: II   
Omar’s hanging out   
Jatta aai Baisakhi   
Does passive communalism make Congress more secular?   
Gujarat + Governance = e-Governance   
The ‘Dog-whistle’ agenda   
Kerala once again in the map of ‘terror tourism’   
Winds of change in Afghanistan   
A noble idea to make India slum-free   
Mahindra Aerospace Acquires global wings   
Crime costs Congress women’s votes?   
The tragedy that is Ukraine   
AAP’s original aam aadmi feels abandoned   
Crime costs Congress women’s votes?   
Wounded economy eyes new Government   
Many Festoons, same Agenda   
Non-violence can foster social unity and brotherhood   
DRI workers training camp in Chitrakoot   
Mahindra Aerospace Acquires global wings   
The whisperers   
J&K Diary   
Ready-reckoner for political parties   
Reinvigorating the Indian Social Conscience   
Kids Org   
Rani who sowed the seeds of nationalism among Nagas   
Riots: Intermittent Rehearsals of an open Agenda   
Nizam’s Secularism   
Senior Sangh leaders join New Year celebration across the country   
Pursue the resolution as a one point goal   
Dada, an inspirational karmayogi, is no more   
Who is Rajiv Shah?   
US rejects visa to Narendra Modi   
Powell succumbs to Modi Power   
The Inevitable Exit   
Resigned to Reality   
‘Secular’ Sledging   
Are you a workaholic?   
Misinterpreted, Misplaced   
Need to deal with delinquent MP’s   
'Secular' Congress subservient to Muslim fundamentalism   
Re-engaging Sri Lanka   
Scientific success of Indian Minds   
"Give us 15 minutes without police we will show who is more powerful in India"   
Continued... Hate Campaign   
The Divine Mother calls on her devotees   
Prime Economist’s reform bubble bursts   
Faith, Trust and Continuity   
MNCs’ Presence in India: At What Cost?   
Unreeling the reality of Lord Ram—a historical character   
Muslim women for Modi as PM   
Reminding women of their shakti is their real empowerment—Pramilatai Medhe   
Answers to the allegations by leftist-liberal writers   
Holi hai   
Election’s Preparating in Jammu & Kashmir   
SC cleans, Congress litters   
Wendy’s unhistory making history   
Sino-Pak Nuclear collusion: A Threat to India   
Achieve excellence in everything that you do   
Six arrested with illegal weapons at Attari Border   
VC Manzoor Ahmad deserves kudos   
BJP set to win all 5 seats in Uttarakhand —BJP chief Tirath Singh Rawat   
Indian Navy pays for UPA -II’s callousness   
The problem of ageing in India   
‘Rashtraniti’ not ‘Rajniti’ is primary work of RSS —Mohan Bhagwat   
Mahatma's Assassination and the RSS   
Mahatma Gandhi and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh   
Another Maoist attempt to Derail elections   
Comedy of errors   
Who Killed Gandhi?   
Who Killed Gandhi?   
“Recounting Minister” cheats the Armed Forces   
First give Hindus Ayodhya, Mathura, Kashi then think of giving anything to Waqf Board—-Ashok Singhal   
Wendy’s another venomousact   
Ever shining stars of Bharat   
Terrorists have lost the winter battle in Jammu & Kashmir   
Catch-22 for Congress   
Tax incentives for employment   
“My secularism not vote bank politics”—Modi   
Exploitation of Muslims   
Break out of Entry Level Jobs   
India doesn’t need revolution, but positive direction—Mohan Bhagwat   
Aam Aadmi doesn't want hooliganism, Mr Kejriwal   
Today’s act of commission & omission can become tomorrow’s precedent   
Aam Aadmi’s failure: A lesson to India   
A city at war with itself   
Growing Talibalisation Hampers Communal Harmony   
CNN-IBN predicts upsurge of Mahayuti   
Modi will prove to be a better PM—Dr Udit Raj   
Notice to Rahul Gandhi on Bardoli utterance   
Notice to Rahul Gandhi on Bardoli utterance   
Festival of Democracy   
Third Front in Disarray, Panic in UPA, Regrouping in NDA   
Hiccups, Hangama, Hara-kiri   
A Tale of Two Festivals: Holi and Elections   
A Hindu can never be fundamentalist—Mohan Bhagwat   
Women must maintain a balance between personal and professional life—Sushma Swaraj   
Pen can be a sword at times   
Now Anna favours Mamata to Counter Kejriwal   
Provide social security to all workers   
BJP-Muslims and Frustrated Congress   
Mr Shinde: Do not muzzle down social media   
A blatantly communal card   
Chennai shows the way against eve teasing   
Soothing minds in distress   
The Torch-bearers of Change   
Please mind your language   
History must for Cong stalwarts   
Party bullying in Assam   
Gwadar: Chinese Gibraltar on the Gulf   
We cannot just sit without citizenship for Rest of the life—Senge Hasnan Sering   
Hatred vs Holiness   
Modi shares his Economic Vision with Financial Experts   
Sinking Ships, Shrinking Accountability   
News from west is not always authentic   
India and Japan: Made for each other   
Unprecedented spiritual wave in Kerala   
Repeated attacks on Hindus in coastal Karnataka   
Significance of Maha Shivaratri   
Yoga can lower fatigue, inflammation in breast cancer survivors   
Azad hee rahein hain, Azad hee rahenge—Chandra Shekhar Azad   
Bali - Profoundly Intimate   
Whose Conspiracy? And For What?   
A day of unanimity in Parliament   
Afzal : The emerging patron saint of Pakistani Jehadists   
The Art Of Giving: A Social Entrepreneur Way   
For us Bharat is ‘Mata’, but for Congress she is honey bee—Narendra Modi   
Kejriwal & Co: Double speaks exposed   
Government forced strike on bank employees   
Mr Kejriwal, please don't create Frankenstein in the name of aam aadmi   
Chidambaram juggles with figures   
Nation set to witness a revolution in thinking and action under Modi—Dr Satyapal Singh   
Censor if necessary, but be honest   
Hiccups, Hangama, Hara-kiri   
Look Who is Talking   
Drowned in the Foam of Last Minute So(a)ps   
Exams are not the end of world   
Riots, Riots and Riots   
To achieve a positive change work with selfless mind—Mohan Bhagwat   
Forced State Government to enhance the salary   
Modi magic in all corners   
Modi Magic in Mamata Bastion   
So, who is a true Muslim in Pakistan?   
Decisive nationalist forces of Jammu & Kashmir   
Restore pre-1420 position in Kashmir, says Abdullah’s party   
No religion teaches terrorism—Hashmi Miyan   
Seasonal Fever   
Making body donation a movement   
Boost your brain power   
“Need of decisive leadership and decisive Government”—Manohar Parikar   
NaMo inaugurates Kayal Sammelanam Centenary in Kochi   
Another milestone by Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti   
Son-set in Congress   
Sangeeta Richards vs Devyani Khobragade: Clash of Values   
Pakistan heading for new Jehadism?   
Dragging RSS in terror acts is patently wrong—Bitta   
Can copy, paste job be dubbed as investigative reportage?   
A Freak Crusader Against Corruption   
Homage to Deendayalji on martyrdom day   
Democracy in tears over Telangana   
Blots On Democracy   
Is Pakistan splurging for a war with India?   
Dance of Divisive Democracy   
Parents must enlighten their wards with rich Hindu traditions—Sri Sri Brahmananda Saraswati Swamiji   
Vanvasis demand 26 per cent share in mining profit   
5,000 years of Kashmir history in nutshell   
Temples in the heart of Bharat Temples of Delhi   
Sewa is the manifestation of God—Ajit Mahapatra   
Kedarnath Tragedy fuels Congress Juggernaut   
Battle within party baffles Nitish   
Satya Nadella to head software giant Microsoft   
Suchitra Sen’s renunciation: Declining beauty or quest for spiritualism?   
Police to file chargesheet against Tejpal by mid-Feb   
Stop making excuses   
Saving handicraft industry from disarray   
An initiative to protect and preserve the faith and culture   
Another Concocted Conspiracy to Demonise Hindutva   
Need to connect young generation with literature   
Despite diversity Hindutva binds all—Mohan Bhagwat   
Leader vs Politician   
Matter is not over   
Congress: Sans Vision, Sans Leadership   
Has terrorism rattled China?   
When all heads hang in shame   
Digital power for Modi   
Organiser, 22.12.2013   
Concocted Confusions   
Senior BJP leader Dr Prithvi Singh ‘Viksit’ is no more   
Sindh buffeted by the resurgence of separatism   
Thinking beyond   
Sukrutham Bhagavatha Puraskaram to P Parameshwaran   
Social security be available to all workers: BMS   
Commercialisation of education is causing havoc—Mohan Bhagwat   
Why Article 377 be preserved   
Omar’s Resignation: A needed rumour   
The Lord’s Abode   
Tipu Sultan: Making a Hero out of a Barbarian   
Family feud within DMK   
In memory of a Dalit Sadhu   
Creating world-class artisans from villages   
Why is it difficult to find the job you love?   
Senior BJP leader Dr Prithvi Singh ‘Viksit’ is no more   
Packaging Sans Substance   
Threat to internal security in North-East Bharat   
Neglected Hampi needs a savior   
Iqbal Rai Datta passes away   
‘Ek Note, Kamal Par Vote’ for strong India   
Global economy not out of the woods   
Anti-women stance of AAP & Arvind Kejriwal   
AAP leader Yogender Yadav joins pseudo-secularists   
They too are Indians   
Managing Social Media   
Nagaland’s uneasy peace   
India needs to see through the Chinese Sun Tzu ploy   
Is Arunachal Pradesh a part of China?   
Government, the poorest of the law maker and enforcer   
Economic Offences: A Perspective   
Economic crimes and their impact on Indian economy   
Rise of sleeper cells pose serious threat to nation’s internal security   
Increasing Naxal Menace   
Maoists threat in India and likely States' response   
Maoist Insurgeny: The Tribal Dimension   
An Open Letter to ‘Anarchist’ Kejriwal   
Deal Crashed, Debris, Remain   
Prof SC Mittal felicitated with Dr Vakankar Puraskar   
A tale of two parties   
Remembering a great Assamese soldier of INA   
RSS warns against growing jehadi radicalisation and negligence of land borders   
Whose Republic is it?   
(Mis)Governance and (in)security   
Islamic Fundamentalism in South   
Emergence Of An Arms And Drugs Nexus Led Economy   
Crime Soaring in Cyber India   
Combatting Left Wing Extremism   
Defence and security of Jammu & Kashmir   
Jammu & Kashmir: Perils of Wahabisation and Way Ahead   
Crazy Mobocracy !!   
Battle Ready for Blurring Borders   
Dialogue On Defence   
Kalasadhak Baba Yogendraji turns 91   
Dalai Lama visits RSS headquarters, pays tribute to Dr Hedgewar, Guruji   
Vision of Oneness   
Land of Gods   
Is it Secularism?   
Culture is Nation   
Government Schemes: A new armature in J & K?   
Indian Army: A national asset   
Baba Jan: ‘Che Guevara’ of Gilgit-Baltistan   
RSS swayamsevaks clean temple pond   
A village of forest conservators   
Get your ideas noticed by the right people   
Nation pays tribute to the great saint   
Be modern but don’t imitate western values—Mohan Bhagwat   
Treat the people of Andamans as descendent of freedom fighters and not criminals   
Can US fall so low?   
India’s stake in Sri Lanka must be preserved   
Victims are two: Democracy and Minority Hindus   
Spot the difference in AAP and others if you can!   
CPI to organise study class on Vedas, Puranas and Upanishads   
Probe All Acquittals   
Netaji Museum needs better showcasing   
Another link with Netaji’s era snapped   
Clean Ganga, Clean Bharat   
Abrogated, Abandoned, Annihilated   
Look Who is Talking…   
Badle badle meri (AAP) sarkar nazar aate hain   
Badle badle meri (AAP) sarkar nazar aate hain...   
VHP, heads of maths warn Karnataka Govt against Anti-Superstition Bill   
Ensure women security or be ready to be kicked out   
Agenda for Electoral Reforms   
Church not against Modi — Jacobite Bishop   
Governance is the challenge of 2014   
‘Selective Rationalism’, dangerous than ‘Superstition’   
BJP gets Opposition Party status in Karnataka   
India joins elite space club   
Sensitising youth towards the society   
Housewife grooming women entrepreneurs Pramod Kumar   
Meeting of the divine minds   
150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations outside Bharat   
Vivekananda emerged as the most acceptable figure of India—Prof Aniruddha Deshpande   
Raipur, the spiritual birthplace of Swami Vivekananda   
Gandhi of South Africa is no more   
Are Indians taking over America?   
Pakistan—Divided by election   
Common man can only bring the nation back to the pristine glory—Mohan Bhagwat   
Omar showcases achievements amidst growing nationalist voices   
Reality check on plebiscite in Jammu & Kashmir   
Unlocking the Snoopgate   
Is it going to help?   
Conspiracy to transfer 123 prime location properties to Wakf Board in Delhi   
Act wisely, don’t wait for the volcano to explode   
Rectifying the Historical Fallacies   
AAP’s bubble   
Rectifying the Historical Fallacies   
Bringing ‘Governance’ at the Centre   
AAP, Congress and the BJP   
Labourers interest need constitutional protection   
Dual personality of some big people causing huge damage to society—Father Mathew Narippara   
A must for every entrepreneur   
Land of Temples   
J&K: State of discontent and despair   
Modi is to lead the nation into the pinnacle of glory—Dr Swamy   
Stark Reality   
Bahuguna in transfix over BJP’s rising star   
Happy New Year, 10 Janpath!   
Making transition from smaller to larger company   
The forgotten freedom fighters of North-East   
Too indequate to meet the challenge   
Heart touching stories   
Sourcing Australia for nuclear energy   
Is Maldives moving into the Sino-Pak orbit?   
Send back illegal migrants before ratifying lba   
North-East people are not alien in Delhi —Ravi Shankar Prasad   
BJP discusses Mission 272+ with the CMs   
Perils of pseudo-secularism   
Modi prescription for ailing Jharkhand   
Will hand over the baton to a new PM —Dr Manmohan Singh   
Congress again protecting the corrupt CM   
Organiser 22.12.2013   
Deal Crashed, Debris Remain   
A fascinating book on India   
Karnataka: The State of temples   
Osama land   
The disaster to be created by ‘Currency War’   
Clandestine construction of a Mazar inside Delhi High Court premises   
MRM plans massive awareness drive in 2014   
Organiser - Panchjanya initiative on ‘Internal Security Concerns’   
A bureaucrat who thinks beyond the box   
Tejas makes India proud   
Lesson from ‘Grass roots connect’   
Indo-Japanese relations: A fresh beginning in the offing   
Alternate scenario   
Maharashtra ‘Modified’   
A new underbelly of Indian Mujahideen’s terror plots   
SJM National Conference in Thiruvanthapuram   
Balasaheb Deshpande birth centenary celebration begins in Delhi   
Pioneer in reconstructing the bonds: Baleshwar Agarwal   
Madrasas on Government funds run on papers only   
AAP leaders and signs of alien influences   
Beyond Diplomacy   
Ambassadors of Credible India   
Big fight in Bihar, who to be Congress poster boy against Modi dislikes   
The psychological barrier between people of J&K and rest of the country must go   
Nirbhya case: One year on, still long way to go   
MLAs across party line express concern urge CM to act   
T-Bill introduced amidst divided Assembly   
The legend called Balasaheb Deshpande   
Australian High Court’s verdict on invalidity of law providing gay marriages a fitting reply to the critics of SC judgement   
Advaniji is an inspiration for all the leaders—Mohan Bhagwat   
CPM prisoners turn hi-tech in kerala Jail   
India Runs for Statue of Unity   
Paying back after growing wings   
Sardar Patel and Jawaharlal Nehru: Two contrasting figures   
Shifting sands of the American policy towards Islamic countries   
Last Forte Intact but who cares…..   
Madhya Pradesh CM seeks more autonomy, launches new schemes   
Till Muslims remain a vote bank, they would be ditched by the parties—Kalyan Singh   
Muzaffarnagar riots: The Jat perspective   
Chinese army flexes its muscle again in Ladakh   
Don’t ignore repeated Chinese intrusion   
No country can treat a diplomat the way the US has treated Devyani   
Parliament shows ‘Unusual Unity’ on Lokpal and Devyani issue   
A Statesman with a Poetic Soul   
Governments formed with Muslim support always ignore them   
The Atal Legacy   
65 years, still disowned!   
Imbuing the spirit of patriotism   
Nepal’s tryst with Democracy   
Spiritual consciousness of Maharashtra   
Tribute to Dinanath Mishra   
Kannur turning capital of CPM Murder Politics   
High Court restrains UP Government from withdrawing cases against Muslim terrorists   
Nepali Sanskriti Parishad demands ban on conversion   
Common Man: Point Blank   
Vivekananda birth anniversary celebration at University of Nairobi   
Ninth WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali, Indonesia   
Is Bitcoin real money?   
Grand farewell to Mysore Maharaja   
Come together with a common commitment for harmony, peace and national reconciliation   
Preserve Indian value system for inclusive growth and sustainable development—S Gurumurthy   
Grahak Panchayat questions bureaucrats’ treatment in abroad   
Nehru-Gandhis’ fortunes are on the ebb   
Schoolies neglected by ‘Print Media’   
Victory in the semi-finals   
Let the Electoral System go Prime Ministerial   
Responsibility and necessary attitude of political parties in case of hung Legislature   
BJP flag flutters in Madhya Pradesh   
Congress faces no confidence amidst paralysed Parliament   
Irrational demand   
Breaking of Political Myths   
Right to reject: Need for two more supplementary provisions   
Need for imaginative intellectuals to counter social, economic challenges   
How Indian spirituality changed the West   
FIR against Penguin for tampering with Kashmir map   
Article 370: Not so better for the better-halves   
We see J&K a Super State, not a separate state—Narendra Modi   
Karnataka government sets new record in minority appeasement   
Indresh Kumar lauds the role of Muslim women in peace, communal harmony   
Governments formed with Muslim support, always ignore them—Mahmood Madani   
Illegal structure poses a security threat   
Congress decimated to a ‘Sign Board Party’ in WB   
Women seek stern punishment to Tarun Tejpal   
Survival of our Nation   
The benefits of population growth   
Right Issues Hit the Right Cord of Voters   
Manmohan commits serious diplomatic error   
Is Pakistan splurging for a war with India?   
Be a nationalist to protect ‘ Human Rights ’   
Jammu and Ladakh: Victims of the biased system   
Timing, Intent and Content under suspicion   
Need to study and analyse Dr Ambedkar’s multidimensional thoughts   
Murali Manohar and Shreehari Borikar new ABVP president and general secretary   
Kerala suffers from golden-iron shakes   
Islamic University in Tirupati set to be demolished   
Incredible temples   
Oil: Desperate times call for desperate measures   
Self-defeating policy of agricultural subsidies   
Why Sanskrit being replaced by foreign languages?   
Five pluses of national reconstruction   
Sardar Patel and the RSS   
Restoring dignity to human life   
Meet the real Rancho   
Avoid these career regrets   
Landmark event in the patriotic history of modern India   
Hurricane in The Hindu   
Presidential and Prime Ministerial travels   
Nepal: Maoists suffer prachanda defeat; withdraw from contest   
Buying Peace at the Cost of Import Surge   
Dr Harsh Vardhan emerges most preferred CM candidate   
No tolerance on sexual harassment of female media workers   
Tarun Tejpal: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde of Indian journalism?   
Strong family values can prevent Arushi-type social tragedies   
Dharma has prevailed, that is what matters—Kanchi Shankaracharya Sri Jayendra Saraswati   
Sign of frustration   
Hindu Denigration Conspiracy Validated in the Shankaracharya Case   
Exercise your franchise to change the system for better —Mohan Bhagwat   
Martyr Jaswant’s mother to lead ‘Sarhad ko Swaranjali’   
Maintain restraint and decency in speeches   
Making a difference in the lives of convicts’ kids   
Sandalwood of Indian Cinema   
A curtain-raiser for alternative leadership   
Welcome announcement   
A fragil PM   
Do or Die   
Hunkar Succeeds amidst Secular Negligence   
Dogmas, superstition and inhuman treatment of humans cannot be tolerated in the name of religion —Dr Krishna Gopal   
VHP demands ban on farcical Changai Sabhas   
Historic milestone by Tapasvi Ratna Jain Sadhvi Hanskirtishree in Jain history   
VHP demands reconstruction of Bhadrakali Amman Temple in Sri Lanka   
Vilas Fadnavis is no more   
Jihadis turning Kerala into a hotbed of anti-national activities— J Nandakumar   
Sanskrit sweeps South   
Rastradeep Golden Jubilee begins Commercialisation is a big challenge—Dattatreya Hosabale   
BMS workers felicitated on birth anniversary of Thengadiji   
Bharat Jago Doud in DelhiRun for awakening the nation   
The imperishable patriotic anthem   
Brave but unsung hero of Sikh history   
The Udasis of Guru Nanak   
Sri Guru Nanak Dev JiThe Message of Integration   
Missionaries fish in Attappadi’s troubled waters   
Power politics behind Muzaffarnagar violence   
Appeasement of Muslims continues, NSA not lifted from Vikram Saini of KavalVictims of police conspiracy   
Atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh: Not a word of sympathy from Rightist, Leftist or Centrists!   
Where is Labour Class in UPA’s Policies?   
Still a barren land for Indian economy   
Sigmund Freud : Judges Proclivity   
CBI: Cagged parrot to Unconstitutional   
Dinanath Mishra is no more   
Physics of Hindutva   
Larger GoalDr Pravin Togadia   
Organiser’s special on Hundred years of Cinema   
Advani reconnects to Organiser through his blog   
Is the ‘Cow belt’ indicative of state of things to come?MV Kamath   
Indianising Policy Studies   
Mizoram: Corruption, refugees and identity define elections   
Victory of Democracy against Naxals   
Raman Singh riding high on welfare schemes   
BJP has gained trust amongst minorities—Narendra Singh Tomar   
Cong's weakness is BJP's strength for a hat-trick   
Educationists to realise the goal of Swami Vivekananda   
Azamgarh module of Indian Mujahideen   
Biased Reporting   
The untold story of Madhya Pradesh   
State robberies of Hindu Temples   
The huge support to our yatra indicates the mood of Rajasthan—Gulab Chand Kataria   
Issues of environment, vote-bank, etc in Kerala : Who stands where ?   
Communal Violence Bill is directly opposed to Supreme Court judgement   
Bharat Ratna: Political or National?   
Rajasthan set to turn Saffron   
The damage imposed by Muslims on themselves   
BJP vision for Delhi’s Development   

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