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The eight north eastern states of India not only make up one of the largest tribes of the country, the region is also blessed with immense reserve of rare minerals. 20/03/2013Dr R. Balashankar
The duplicity of the American policy on terrorism and its bias in favour of Pakistan have been definitively proved by a few recent events. America’s reaction on the beheading of Indian soldiers, the series of incidents of unprovoked firings and ceasefire violations in the LoC and to cap it all, the betrayal regarding David Headley point to only one thing. 05/02/2013Dr R. Balashankar
CBM–A One Way Street? On a daily basis, there are reports of some mischief being done by Pakistan against the interests of India. Since its inception over six decades ago, our western neighbour has hardly made any gesture that can be even modestly described as friendly. 11/09/2012Dr R. Balashankar
A gateway to the world of music
Dr R. Balashankar
The Oxford Dictionary of Music is a one-stop source to get familiar with terms, styles, composers etc on music, especially Western. Sample a few: ‘Madrigal’ is an Italian pastoral-origin vocal composition.
05/09/2012Dr R. Balashankar
Frightened UPA strikes back wimpish
Dr R. Balashankar
The UPA government is terribly nervous after the release of the three CAG reports. It is using underhand means to stifle public opinion, sensible discussions and to snatch away the fundamental right to free expression.
03/09/2012Dr R. Balashankar
Revisiting World War II history with compelling narratives
Dr R. Balashankar
Two voluminous books on World War II are out, near simultaneously. By all definitions WW II was the most devastating, inhuman and terrible wars. Human beings died worse than bees, families were torn apart and centuries old cities turned power in minutes, It was as though human kindness had ended and everyone wanted to kill everyone else.
31/08/2012Dr R. Balashankar
If there was no CAG there would not have been a 2G scam, a Coalgate, the DIAL loot, the power pilferage and the CWG plunder. The beauty of our Constitution is that when most institutions fail, at least one stands up. 27/08/2012Dr R. Balashankar
His culpability exposed Manmohan hides behind Sonia's belligerence
Dr R. Balashankar
Resignation of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh is the first among a series of steps the government should take in response to the CAG report on Coal. The ministry was headed by the Prime Minister during the period of the report. And hence, he is directly responsible for the decisions taken which led to the loss of Rs 1.86 lakh crore to the nation
27/08/2012Dr R. Balashankar
India needs neither Marx nor Market
Dr R. Balashankar
There is some truth in the expression, “hoist with one’s own petard.” I am quoting from Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s book A View From The Outside. Politicians write and speak one language when they are in the opposition and another when in power.
20/08/2012Dr R. Balashankar
Pak Hindu RepressionIndia belongs to Hindus and Hindus world over belong to it What began as a trickle has become a mass exodus now. Thousands of Hindu families from Pakistan, who have entered India on a pilgrimage visa, do not want to go back to their homes. 20/08/2012Dr R. Balashankar
When the West falls, who will rise?
Dr R. Balashankar
After dominating the world for nearly two centuries, the West is losing its grip, and at a pace it is not able to either control or even reconcile with. The natural question arising out of this scenario, who will dominate the world now?
13/08/2012Dr R. Balashankar
The turmoil in Egypt, assertion of Islamists
Dr R Balashankar
Egypt has always held a strategic position in history because of its geography. For the West, it is the gateway to Asia and for Asia it is the buffer to the West.
13/08/2012Dr R. Balashankar
Don't apply the same brush for all. That will help UPA get away
Dr R Balashankar
Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has made corruption a way of life with government in the last eight years. UndPer him India has witnessed loot of public weal
13/08/2012Dr R. Balashankar
Test of times How humanity battled terror through ages 30/07/2012Dr R. Balashankar
PM, Please Act Against Graft This perhaps is your last chance 30/07/2012Dr R. Balashankar
Floodlight on fashion world exposes dirt beneath
Dr R Balashankar
The past decade witnessed one of the fastest growths for fashion industry in India. In a ripple effect, beauty contests became a must do at local fairs and schools and colleges. Beauty parlours cropped at every nook and corner.
23/07/2012Dr R. Balashankar
Promise of happiness as a political weapon
Dr R Balashankar
Happiness is a state of mind. Surveys show that Indians by nature are a happy lot compared to their counterparts in more developed regions of the world. New economic thinking is a pursuit in search of greater happiness, or growth that ensures happiness rather than fathomless statistical numbers that make no sense to ordinary citizens.
22/07/2012Dr R. Balashankar
How to bring the state to knees. Hindus have a lesson to learn from Muslims: Over the past few weeks a drama has been unfolding in the old Delhi area, where an underground metro station is being constructed. 22/07/2012Dr R. Balashankar
Ambitious, haughty, early historians were overawed by Alexander
Dr R Balashankar
There have been hundreds of books on Alexander, the great conqueror. But hardly a few of them were dispassionate, objective and went beyond the king, to see the other side. Pierre Briant’s Alexander the Great and his Empire seeks to remedy that.
15/07/2012Dr R. Balashankar
Zombie Economics and “underachiever” PM
Dr R Balashankar
Dr Manmohan Singh need not be unduly perturbed about what the Time magazine writes about him. He should rather be worried about what Indians feel about him. Quick at repartee and eager to gain brownie points, Home Minister P Chidambaram reminded the BJP
15/07/2012Dr R. Balashankar
Protect Nature to Protect Humans: In the on-going man versus wild sequence, the wild is definitely losing out. But is the man winning? 15/07/2012Dr R. Balashankar
Vladimir Putin: Why the West loves to hate him?
Dr R Balashankar
Vladimir Putin is widely seen as the man who pulled Russia from the verge of an abyss. Who brought stability to the nation that was reeling under series of political uncertai
08/07/2012Dr R. Balashankar
Maoists are nation’s enemies, crush them: There is hullabaloo yet again over the killing of naxals. In Chhattisgarh, the CRPF killed 20 naxalites in a mid-night operation overnight on 28-29 June. 08/07/2012Dr R. Balashankar
UPA targets Netizens: The government of India is seeking to gag the voice of the public, expressed most freely on the net. It has sent 96 requests to the Google site alone from June to December 2011 for removal of content. 01/07/2012Dr R. Balashankar
Ashoka: The story of rediscovering the great king: The story of King Ashoka has been told and retold several times, fascinated by his repentance at the moment of victory. 24/06/2012Dr R. Balashankar
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