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October 07, 2007
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October 07, 2007

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Open Forum

Selective atheism of Karunanidhi

By B.R. Haran

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi?s so-called Aryan-Dravidian theory was used by the British to create a north-south divide and the same has been utilised to the hilt by E.V. Ramaswamy, who founded the Dravidar Kazhagam to come into the limelight based on anti-Brahminism. Annadurai, Karunanidhi, Nedunchezhian, EVK Sampath and a few others joined EVR and together they worked tirelessly with a sole aim of separating Tamils from the Hindu fold on the plank that only Aryans are Hindus and Dravidians (Tamils) are a separate race being oppressed by the Aryans for more than three thousand years. Initially, they also had the support of Justice Party, which was a stooge of the British and EVR even went to the extent of observing our independence day, August 15, as a ?Black Day?. Later on, due to personal feud, Annadurai came out of DK along with Karunanidhi, Nedunchezhian & others to float the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) as an offshoot of DK. In the inaugural function they had kept one empty chair on the head of the dais for EVR, saying that he was their permanent leader. Both DK and DMK ably aided & supported by Marxist & Dravidian historians have spoilt three to four generations of Tamils since the fifties.

Now, DMK president Karunanidhi and DK president Veeramani are continuing the legacy of EVR for the detriment of Tamil Nadu and Tamils. Throughout his political career, Karunanidhi has survived by adopting the ?divide & rule? policy conceived by the British through the distortion of our great history and civilization purely for his selfish interests. In the process, he has never missed out even a single opportunity to make disparaging remarks on Hindus, Hindu gods, Hindu philosophy and Hindu culture apart from denigrating Sanskrit and Hindi, and simultaneously, he had appeased and appreciated the interests of minorities (read Muslims and Christians), so that, he can be at the helm of affairs permanently. While making such remarks, he never felt shy or shame on exhibiting his lack of knowledge in history, religion and culture.

When the Hindus protested against the installation of EVR?s statue in front of the famous Srirangam temple, He asked, ?When temple towers have nude sculptures and when nude gods and goddesses are kept inside the temples, what is wrong in having a well-dressed EVR in front of the temple?? This one statement is enough to prove his prejudice, perversion and Hindu-hatred. As a Chief Minister, he always conveys his official greetings to Muslims and Christians on Ramzaan, Christmas, Milad-un-Nabi, Bakrid, Good Friday, etc, but he had never greeted the Hindus on any of their festivals. He greets the people only on the day of Pongal (celebrated as Shankranti in other parts of the country), saying that Pongal is a Tamil festival, that too with a bad intention of separating the Tamils from the Hindu fold.

A few days back, just before Ganesh Chaturthi festival he had said that Lord Ganesha was born in Vathapi (Karnataka) and was brought to Tamil Nadu from there during Pallava period and hence he is not a Tamil God. He knows pretty well that Lord Shiva (Father of Ganesha) and Lord Muruga (Tamil God and brother of Ganesha) and Mother Parvati are all worshipped by Tamils from ancient times, but then, he always has a sadistic pleasure of demeaning only the Hindu gods for the sake of electoral gains. Being well informed on Tamil literature, he must be aware of the fact that Lord Ganesha was extensively mentioned in Sangam Literature and that even the Shaivaite trio of ?Sambandar?, ?Appar? and ?Sundarar? have worshipped Lord Ganesha through their hymns. He must also be aware of the masterpiece ?Vinayagar Agaval? sung by the ancient poet ?Avvaiyar?, but he deliberately makes such humiliating remarks to satisfy his ego and gets sadistic pleasure out of it.

Again, he refused to send his greetings to the foundation ceremony for the ?Bharata Muni Temple?, being built by Bharata Natyam exponent Padma Subramaniam. His contention was that, only ?Ilango Adigal?, who wrote ?Silappathikaram? expounded the nuances of Bharata Natyam and not ?Bharata Muni?. He went on to say that, building a memorial for Bharata Muni is a revival of Aryan oppression of Dravidians. No doubt, it is true that Ilango Adigal has extensively written in his Silappathikaram about the nuances of art and even the measurements of the arangam (auditorium) meticulously. But, it is also true that the art of Bharata Natyam is divine, founded by Bharata Muni, much before the times of Ilango Adigal and Ilango Adigal has not invented or discovered the art, but only explained the facts, which were already there in practice. But, the actual reason for Karunanidhi?s refusal to send greetings is that, Padma Subramaniam has laid the foundation on a piece of land (5 acres) donated by the government of Tamil Nadu, when Jayalalitha was the CM and that Padma is a good friend of Jayalalitha and that both of them are Brahmins.

Sometimes, he overacts and entertains us with his wisecracks. A few days back, he amused us with his finding of a new meaning to the word ?Kalaignar?. He said that, ?Kalaignar? means ?Shastri? and cited the name of the famous poet and writer Surya Narayana Shastri, who changed his name as Parithi Mar Kalaignar in his later part of life. ?Parithi? in Sanskrit means ?Surya? (Sun) in Tamil and ?Maal? means ?Narayanan? (Lord Vishnu) and ?Shastri? means ?Kalaignar?. ?Kalaignar? can also be interpreted as ?entertainer?!

In the wake of central government?s bungling in the affidavit submitted by the ASI to the Supreme Court and consequently withdrawing it after a nationwide protest from Hindu majority, a disappointed Karunanidhi felt let down by the centre and hence fired his anti-Hindu diatribe at the annual anti-Hindu congregation called the ?Mupperum Vizha? (a celebration of birth anniversaries of EVR, Annadurai and DMK party). He had said that there was nothing wrong in the affidavit, which mentioned that Lord Rama, Ramayana and Ram Sethu were mere myth and there is no historical proof for their existence. He had also cited the observation of Jawaharlal Nehru in his Discovery of India as evidence, as if Nehru was the voice of India. It is a well-known fact that Nehru himself was an anti-Hindu, as evidenced by his famous statement, ?I am a Hindu by the accident of birth?. Karunanidhi also went on to say, ?Some say there was a person over 17 lakh years ago. His name was Ramar. Do not touch the bridge constructed by him, they are saying. But then, from which engineering college had he graduated? Is there any proof for this?? Touching his pet Aryan-Dravidian theory, he said, ?Rama is an Aryan god and Ravana is a Dravidian and the communal (read Hindu) organisations working against Sethusamudram project are Aryans trying to stall the development of Dravidian Tamil Nadu.?

A look at the true history would teach us that Lord Ganesha, Lord Muruga, Lord Rama, Sage Agasthya and Bharata Muni are among the many gods and sages, who were responsible for the evolving and flourishing of the Vedic civilisation and culture including the so-called Tamil culture. The history also says that Pulasthiya Maharishi was the grand-father of Ravana and Vishwavasu was the father of Ravana and they hail from the clan of Kasyapa Maharishi. Hence, Ravana was a Brahmin and a great Shiva bhakta. He was also an exponent of Saama Veda and a great musician, an expert with veena. On the other hand, Lord Rama was a Kshatriya belonging to ?Ikshvagu Vansha? or ?Raghu Vansha?.

The Hindu history is the history of India, or rather, the history of Bharata Varsha, which has been clearly documented with unquestionable evidences.

Karunanidhi was a born anti-Hindu and he had developed his political career on anti-Hinduism and it is too late on his part to change his mentality and mend his ways and it is also too na?ve on our part to expect him to change. It is only the people of Tamil Nadu, who have to change, by rejecting the Dravidian parties and their leaders, for their own benefits and for the betterment of Tamil Nadu.

(The writer can be contacted at H6/ B5, Twin Roses Apartments, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai.)

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