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November 7, 2010

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Secular hypocrisy after verdict (Organiser, 24-10-2010);The portion of Justice Khan’s verdict reproduced in Shri Jaganniwas Iyers’s article is an astounding piece of judicial mis-adjudication, implausible inference and vacuous imagery. How could have the learned judge ventured into the prohibited area of conjecture which is not a judge’s wont that: " If a temple standing on the premises in dispute had been demolished and a mosque had been constructed thereupon less than 50 years before Tulsidas wrote Ramcharitmanas at Ayodhya, there was no reason for not mentioning the said fact by him in the famous book." I am amazed that the learned judge could make such a jejune surmise, which is amusing, to say the least. It is just like the compiler of the life and times of Prophet Mohammed being castigated for failing to mention the forceful occupation of Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem by the Jews about 13 centuries later. Goswami Tulsidas was writing, more than 5,000 year old, immortal saga of the most revered icon of India, the inimitable Sri Ram, and not about the events that took place centuries later. Certainly, he did not do it since it would have been a poetic and intellectual genocide, an osmosis of the past and the present and not an authentic account of the life and times of Sri Ram. To have used this kind of specious argument to arrive at a fractured judgment indicates that the learned judge did not let the weight of his wisdom bear on the subject matter of such a momentous importance, rather than allow mere speculation override substance and facts. Hope this apparent vacuity in the judgment will be noticed by the Supreme Court.

by email:

It is a historic verdict. It has vindicated our faith (Organiser, 17-10-2010); Shri Bhaiyaji Joshi has rightly said that, reconciliation process in Ayodhya case should take place within a legal framework. While removing centries old Hindu, Muslim, trust deficit, the Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court has placed reconciliation on India's radar screen. It is victory of the multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-religious, nationals; who are Indian first, Hindu, Muslim, Bengali or Punjabis later. "While in Rome, live as Romans live"; A pope's sermon; good for any universal faith too.

-PRAN SALHOTRA, 574 Krishna Nagar, Gurdaspur

Babri structure day - Counter it by Somnath day Some Muslim organisations, communists and fellow-travelling intellectuals, journalists and so-called secularists observe December 6 as Babri structure destruction day, aiming to calumniate Hindus as though they have done a sacrilege. They have no words of denunciation for the gangs of Islamic invaders and rulers that have desecrated and destroyed thousands of Hindu temples and constructed mosques on the very sites of destroyed temples (e.g. Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya, Keshava Dev’s temple in Mathura and Visweswara’s temple in Kasi) and not to talk of the past; even the recent destruction of the world famous Buddha’s statues in Bamian in Afghanistan and scores in Kashmir Valley since 1990. In order to make Indians aware about the barbarian iconoclasm of Islamists in India and elsewhere (especially Spain) patriotic organisations should observe December 6 as Somnath Day. The mendacity of negationist selfstyled "eminent" historians bred in the JNU and infiltrated into many universities should also be exposed while observing the Somnath Day on December 6 for at least as long as Babri Masjid day is observed by RNIs-Resident Non-Indians.

-Dr TH CHOWDARY, 8, P&T Colony Karkhana, Secunderabad-500 009

Quick decision required It appears that the Ayodhya dispute will go to the Supreme Court for a final verdict, which is welcome. Only when the judicial process comes to an end can we arrive at a compromise that can satisfy the litigants. The Supreme Court should setup a fast track bench and come to a final decision at the earliest, thus bringing the curtains down on a judicial matter pending for over 60 years.

-ISHAN, 8/3 Hutchins Road, Bengaluru-560 084

Ayodhya verdict and media Its, undoubtedly, unjustified and agonising that media created much hype over the Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court’s verdict on Ayodhya, one of the longest litigation in the judicial history, that, probably, payes the way for an amicable solution as per the observations after verdict, so far. The reason is obvious that the minority-infested media and the vote-bank politics playing their own game for sheer populism. Understandably, the verdict on Ayodhya may be a catalyst in diluting the bitterness of past and put the nation on march with amity and brotherhood. Ironically, the pro-minority dimension reflected by media is an irresponsible and dangerous trend as it may further widen the communal-cleavage, despite the peace prevailed after 30-9-2010. Moreover, not aware of the facts of the past, knowing nothing about 12,000 pages judgment, with little knowledge how media has come to the analytical conclusion of verdict, candidly, a denouncement of the bench comprising the learned judges. This should be taken on a serious note. We must be vigilant, restraint and stand enlightened and united against such shallow journalism.

-D VERMA, Lucknow

To appeal in Supreme Court (Organiser, 10-10-2010); It has been stated in the article "To appeal in Supreme Court" that, "The Muslim argument is that Islamic law does not permit surrendering a mosque". India is neither an Islamic country, nor such a one-sided law could be accepted in a civilised society. Infact as per Islamic law, a Muslim cannot be punished, even if he slaughters an innocent kafir i.e. a Hindu or a non-Muslim for the spread of Islam. This has been practised since the advent of Islam, and also recently in Pakistan and Bangladesh. In 1947, ten lakh Hindus and Sikhs were slaughtered in West Pakistan and about one lakh women abducted and molested. No one was punished and Gandhiji bluntly told the delegations of refugees that they should die there and not to come to India, as no training was needed for dying. Certainly Gandhiji was following Islamic law, that there was nothing wrong, if Muslims killed Hindus and Sikhs. He did not even condemn the killings. Again in 1971, 30 lakh Hindus were slaughtered in East Pakistan, by the Pakistani soldiers and 5 lakh Hindu women and girls molested and raped. Indira Gandhi also followed Islamic law. What to talk of death penalty, which they deserved, those criminal soldiers were very nicely entertained with good food and living conditions, better then our own soldiers, and gracefully sent to Pakistan after offering a copy of Koran, to each one of them, as if they had done very meritorious work. Finally, faith of Hindus has been proved to be correct. After excavation of the site it has been proved that the mosque was constructed after demolishing a Hindu temple. For this very reason the Court should have given the entire site to the Hindus. Court has no business to question Hindus, if the Hindus consider the temple as a birth place of Sri Ram. As a matter of fact, as a punishment Muslims should not have been given a part of the land that too which belongs to the Hindus. It is bad precedent for judges to appease Muslims, by offering them 1/3rd of the land.

-ANAND PRAKASH, 72/Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

Is RSS a terrorist outfit? It is most abominable to call RSS a terrorist organisation like SIMI. Rahul Gandhi, a blue boy and at the same time a spoit child, did not grow to his age and made himself a laughing stock. Both him and her mother seem to be quite ignorant of anything about Indian culture, way of life, values, civilisation and historys. RSS is deeply attached to all these virtues. Nehru-Gandhi clan is getting lot of encouragement from media and corrupt constitutional appointed pets as CVO, CEO, Governors, etc, but soon it has to end. China, Pakistan and Nehru-Gandhi clan are the only threats to India’s internal security.

-TUSAR KANTI KAR, 14/3/1, Sribash Dutta Lane, Howrah

Double standards By rubbishing the unscientific report on Bt brinjal submitted by the Inter-Academy of sciences and penalising Vedanta for violations, Environment and Forest Minister Jairam Ramesh has shown that he can take tough decisions. Now he needs to take one more.The regional office of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) in Bhubaneshwar has repeatedly confirmed that the Dhamra Port in Orissa violates the Forest Conservation Act, 1980. Shockingly, the MoEF at Delhi has contradicted the stand of its own regional office and has given a clean chit to the Dhamra Port. This very ministry punished Vedanta for violating the law. Why doesn’t the law also apply to the Dhamra Port Company? The Port also poses a threat to the fragile ecology of the area, the mangrove forests and crocodiles of the Bhitarkanika National Park and the Olive Ridley sea turtles of the Gahirmatha Marine Sanctuary.

-Ram Kumar Singh, email:ramkumarsingh3@

Great Game Robbery The Commonwealth Games was indeed an exhibition of nepotism, cronyism, hypocrisy and corruption. It has not only tarnished India’s brand image but also legacy of Athithi Devo Bhava. Although a probe by the VK Shunglu Committee has been setup to look into the financial irregularities that have taken place in conducting the games, but will the people would bring the culprits to book? Will they be punished for their crime? Will the CAG report would be made public or will it find another cupboard to gather dust? These are the most pertinent questions. What is worrisome is that the results of such inquiries are rarely made public. Usually long time is taken in investigating the charges. People ultimately forget and the matter is brushed under the carpet. I would say that this hue and cry over corruption in the Commonwealth Games took place due to the international attention it received. Otherwise who would have cared?

-MAYA MISHRA, C-403, Purvasha, Mayur Vihar-1

Is India ready for another bid? It is true that India somehow managed to pull off the Commonwealth Games and that our athletes surprised everyone with their brilliant performances. But it is equally true that the event has cost a bomb to the nation. It goes without saying that the common man will be made to pay for the mammoth expenses. A successful completion of the Games should not encourage the government to bid for the Olympics. I have read that some sections of the media are already saying that we should host the 2019 Asian Games and the Olympics in 2024 so that we can relive the pride of CWG 2010. The Games took a toll on Delhi’s residents. The money spent on them could have been spent in a better way. Infact I would say that the money was not even spent on sports persons. It was basically looted by Kalmadi and Company. Never has a government’s priorities been so wrong as today.

-MAHESH CHANDRA SHARMA, E-198, Panki, Kanpur

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