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January 15, 2006
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India That is Bharat
Sangh Samachar

January 15, 2006

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Brinda on Baba?s toes

Baba Ramdev is the latest victim of the Congress-Communist campaign to defame and denigrate the symbols of Hindu pride.

What is Brinda Karat?s expertise on medicines? Even before the tests were conducted she accused that the medicines contained animal parts and human skull. The Health Minister Dr. A. Ramadoss was intimidated to make a statement, which was full of factual anomaly. First Dr Ramadoss was not sure whether the medicines in question, on which he was commenting, were produced at Baba Ramdev?s ashram. He was equally vague on the findings. And the two labs, which allegedly tested them, gave contradictory reports. Yet, Brinda and her inebriated media fans pretended as if the initial allegation was vindicated by the laboratory test.

Baba Ramdev and his Yoga technique have attracted adherents from across the globe. His approach is in line with Indian scientific tradition. Hundreds of people vouch for the benefits they experienced by following his teachings. He has become a cult figure with millions, who practice his healthy way to life as a religion. Along with popularising the ancient Indian wisdom of Yoga, he has been tirelessly preaching Indian values, swadeshi and the art to live a life of contentment. In the process, he has contributed to create a commune of patriots in every nook and corner of the country.

It is not his medicine but his mission that is the target of the tirade. The Uttaranchal government under Shri N.D. Tiwari has not found anything wrong with the Baba. The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav has seen through the game. He said he was with Baba Ramdev. He added, ?Guru Ramdev promoted indigenous medicines.?

If there was something wrong with the medicines it was for the Central Drug Controller to examine. ?We don?t know where Brinda got samples from?, Ramadoss said. He had no idea about the manufacturers. The Health Ministry?s inconclusive report was distorted to malign the Baba.

As we have been highlighting in these columns often, an insistent, invective and invidious Mao-model ?cultural revolution? was initiated ever since the UPA assumed office at the Centre. Their design is solely to put the forces of Indian nationalism on the defensive. Take a look at the pattern. It began with His Holiness the Shankaracharyas of Kanchi. The new masters are in neck-break haste to impose their twisted perception of polity and history on the national psyche, be it through indoctrination in curricula, sting operations of the media, arm-twisting by the state machinery or systematic propagation of falsehood. When the judiciary intervenes to offer legal redressal to the victims, the UPA behaves as if India is a commissar republic where tyranny against the majority is the law of the land.

In getting into a controversy with Baba Ramdev, perhaps Brinda has a more selfish motive. Overnight her name has been familiarized in the homes of millions of people, outside her pet circuit. The universal condemnation of Brinda, the desertion of even the trusted cohorts like Lalu, Mulayam and the Congress, should make the CPM realise the limits of pseudo-secular adventurism in Hindustan.

The communists are past masters in peddling slander as truth. Consider the kind of allegations they made in Kerala against Mata Amritanandamayi. They have been habitually spreading similar canards against the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the Bharatiya Janata Party. They were silent when the Hindu Acharyas were humiliated by the Indian Airlines authorities in Lucknow and Mumbai.

Baba Ramdev was prompt in countering the slander. He has in hand a clear case to file a defamation suit against Brinda Karat. For there are glaring distortions in her allegations. The samples collected by her and referred to the Health Ministry were labelled as products of Divya Pharmacy, Rishikesh and not Baba's Divya Yog Pharmacy, Khankal. And this is the first instance where the samples collected by a private individual were taken up for lab test by the Ministry. The practice is such drug samples are collected officially by the department concerned. The CPM attempt is yet another ploy to frustrate the Baba's resolve to revive indigenous and traditional systems of medicines which have already begun to dent the profit margins of multinational drug companies. It is not surprising that the comrade has taken up the task to denounce Yoga and Ayurveda, as alleged by Baba Ramdev at the behest of MNCs. For, the Communists have always been willing tools of capitalists, whenever it suited their political opportunism. Theirs? is a devious strategy?preached with a forked tongue.

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