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September 24, 2006
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September 24, 2006

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Readers? Forum

Pyrrhic victory for US Hindus (Organiser, 17-9-2006); Smt Sandhya Jain in her well intentioned but somewhat uninformed article on the California court ruling over the coverage of India and Hinduism in schools has missed the significance of the court ruling. I was in the United States when battle was raging and made several presentations. My impression of the mood and developments is at variance with Smt Jain?s. In particular, her statement??Injustice has thus been perpetuated against the Hindu community and it is a measure of the moral weakness of the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) that its leaders are claiming legal triumph over the California School Board of Education (SBE)??is totally inaccurate and shows ignorance of the US government departments and the legal system. The court ruled that the California Department of Education and the State Board of Education were guilty, but were immune from lawsuits for civil rights violations. At the same time it pointedly noted that officials who were guilty could face prosecution. The reason it did not put a stay on the textbooks was that it could open the gates for a flood of lawsuits with regard to other textbooks also and make the schools unworkable. So it was a pragmatic compromise. The impact of the court ruling goes far beyond technicalities. The wide publicity given to the case means that both the textbooks and its perpetrators like Witzel are severely compromised and even discredited. School districts will have to use additional material to counter discredited portions of the textbooks. Other states and publishers will now shun these people and organisations. Smt Jain fails to note that the Judge Marlette threw out objections by anti-Hindu groups like FOSA and some self-styled Dalit outfits. As far as the court statement on the Aryan invasion is concerned, it is a footnote that in no way changes the academic defeat suffered by the group led by Michael Witzel. It was the impending collapse of his Aryan theories that was behind Witzel?s California campaign. I was present at the Dartmouth conference where Witzel was forced to admit that linguists (like himself) no longer uphold the Aryan invasion theory. This whole brand of history is on the way out. The California school battle is just one episode in it.

by e-mail

The need to strip converts of quota regime (Organiser, 10-9-2006); The report that Rs 80,000 will be sanctioned to each church for repair and renovation purposes, and Rs 1.50 lakh for construction of a new church in the shape of grant-in-aid in Andhra Pradesh is unfortunate. If this is the attitude, why should the state government keep Hindu temples under its control in the garb of endowment department as if a Hindu is bound to subsidise the charity of the state government in renovating churches and mosques. The only option open to all Hindu devotees is to stop dropping money in the hundi, which directly goes to the state treasury.

12-11-1394, Raghavendranagar, Secunderabad

False statement: My attention has been drawn to a letter by one Shri D.P. Tyagi of Meerut (Organiser, 10-9-2006), in which he has made a reference to the write-up by Shri Shyam Khosla (Organiser, 13-8-2006). I got from the website the article referred to by Shri Tyagi of Shri Shyam Khosla. The article bears the heading Sachar panel: Product of a perverse mindset. I am not saying anything about the views expressed by Shri Khosla about the committee. He is welcome to do so. But in this article he has also written: ?He (meaning me) seems to have conveniently forgotten that his father?the late Bhim Sein Sachar, Chief Minister of Punjab in 50s?had the grace to express his grateful thanks to the RSS leaders for saving his life from Muslim League goons in the wake of country?s partition.? This statement by Shri Khosla is false and mischievous. I totally repudiate the same. There was never any threat to my father?s life during the partition day and the story of RSS leaders having saved my father?s life is the imagination of Shri Khosla. I was with my father throughout in Lahore going about in the various localities. No such incident took place causing any danger to his or our life.

A-19, New Friends Colony, New Delhi

Pakistan?s Baluch bane (Organiser, 10-9-2006); We have been dumb founded to know about the death of the Baluch leader Bugti in a military operation by the Pak army. Bugti was a dauntless patriot like Badshah Khan, who strove for the justice for the Baluchis. During my visit to Pakistan recently, I met a Pathan at the Lahore railway station. We embraced each other and I said: ?The Pathans are really a brave people.? He replied: ?Sardarji, you say so, but not these (Pakistani) people.?

51 Willandra Avenue, Griffith, NSW, Australia

Every Indian should sing Vande Mataram (Organiser, 10-9-2006); Article 51 A of the Constitution of India, mentioning fundamental duties of the citizens, grants tacit recognition to Vande Mataram. It mentions that it is the duty of every citizen of India to follow the noble ideals that inspired the freedom movement. One may have to ransack the whole history of India?s freedom movement to get convinced that Vande Mataram was the lead slogan for freedom and the song carries the ideal of patriotism and played a pivotal role in our national movement.


*   *   *

The objections raised by Muslim fanatics smack of irrational religious bias as these fanatics cannot distinguish between religious beliefs and patriotism. The Muslim fanatics, who have any reservations about this national song, should shed their antipathy and join the national mainstream.

by e-mail

*   *   *

The fatwas issued by the Muslim clergy against the singing of Vande Mataram by Muslim students have not only reiterated their overriding pan-Islamist considerations over the idea of nationalism but also brought into question the concept of Indian nationalism, as espoused by their apologists led by the Congress party.

23, West Arjun Nagar, Agra

Terror, Victims and Response (Organiser, 10-9-2006); India has to fight the battle against terrorism on its own. The country cannot afford to remain a soft State. Nation?s existence is at stake. It is high time that national consensus should be evolved across the political spectrum on the nature and dangers of terrorism and then to have a firm resolve to put a determined and united fight to destroy the terrorists.

Manik Arcade, Chetna Nagar, Aurangabed

A journal discussing journalism (Organiser, 3-9-2006); The article under the section ?Media Watch? is very informative, which has inspired me to write this letter. I am a regular reader of Organiser since 1991 and have gained in knowledge and values. It gives all the readers the meaning and significance of culture and nationalism.

98/4, Main Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore

UPA policies are helping fanatics (Organiser, 3-9-2006); Any kind of softness towards Islamic terrorists is disastrous. It is the people who will have to force national attention on terrorism by making this continued neglect politically unsustainable. The resilience of the Indian people, the manner in which they return to normal lives within days, indeed, often within hours, of a major terrorist incident, is worth commendable. This is, at one level, the best response to the terrorists, a clear message that their senseless violence can achieve nothing. On the flip side, however, this ?resilience? creates the very space for the country?s political leadership to ignore the problem and return to the petty and partisan squabbles that dominate Parliament, and the numbing routines that dominate governance, from day-to-day.

Yamaha Vihar, Sector 49, Noida

*   *   *

Our political leadership continues to be in a denial mode. It fails to admit the presence in our midst of elements working against our nation and society. It hesitates to act against them. Partisan political considerations have assumed ascendancy over national interests.

Vashi, Navi Mumbai

Dream but dream real (Organiser, 27-8-2006); Pakistan is obsessed with snatching Kashmir from India and wants all of India to become Dar-ul-Islam. So, the Pakistani?s Islamic idea is only that of domination and aggression of India, and not co-existence. Therefore, to keep the current map of Bharat with its boundaries intact, in itself is a mammoth challenge facing the Indian government and every patriotic citizen. We have miserably failed on this count itself and allowed separatism and secessionism to take root in the north-east and Kashmir and even in some parts of the hinterland.

82-967, GIDC, Chanod Colony, Vapi, Gujarat

The Hindu nation and its enemies (Organiser, 27-8-2006); The writer has correctly said the anti-Hindu features of the polity take the shape of looting Hindu temples and distributing their finances to non-Hindu religions (thereby facilitating conversions to anti-Hindu faiths). Although they do not check or even audit the huge foreign funds received by churches and mosques for conversion activities and discriminate against Hindus by permitting only non-Hindus to run educational institutions. It is a pity that some NGO-activists often double up as intellectuals with the sole objective of delinking certain groups like Dalits from the Hindu community, in order to fragment the Hindu fraternity.

Siddharth Enclave, Sonipat

Terrorism: The siege within (Organiser, 20-8-2006); The Independence Day Special was a timely reminder for all those Indians, who have the pious feeling of nationalism at the core of their hearts. The issue rightly flashed not only the picture but also the most deserving words ?Salutations to Veer Savarkar. However, printing only one paragraph?though it may be due to the paucity of space?on one of the greatest freedom fighters was akin to a drop in the ocean. Veer Savarkar, one of the greatest heroes of India?s struggle for independence form the British rule, had not only suffered the longest jail term of five decades but was also brutally tortured in the Andaman jail. Hence, he deserves infinite respect and admiration of all our countrymen, irrespective of case, creed or political ideology.

C-7/67, Sector 15, Rohini, Delhi

*   *   *

The failure of the political class to forge a viable strategy against terrorism can be attributed to a crisis of leadership. History has shown that inspirational leadership is the basic precondition for a nation to extricate itself from a national crisis. The Opposition has responded to the government?s inadequacies in a mechanical way?demanding the restoration of draconian anti-terror legislation. It has not addressed the anxieties of the people. Nor for that matter has it addressed the complex interaction between robust nationalism and a modern identity.

Karela Bagh Colony, Allahabad

Chameleon commies: Israel has set a new trend in fighting terrorism. It bombed Lebanon heavily to flush out Hezbollah terrorists, embedded with civilian population. It is also a warning to civilian population not to entertain terrorists in their midst. Our communists, who care more about Palestinians and Lebanese than us, had their usual quota of protests. Of course, this time their protests were ?measured? and ?balanced. It appears that top leaders had the fate of their relations in the US in mind. Also the communists in West Bengal want the US investment and expertise badly. These freeloaders know well that if they shout more than the permitted levels, then everything including their relations, foreign accounts and FDI inflows will be in a mess.

Akshaya, K.S. Road, Mangalore

Unsolicited advices: With the resignation of the TRS ministers from the central cabinet, and the demand for Telangana growing momentum, we find the sound bites on idiot box of various political leaders going shriller day-by-day. Unsolicited advices are offered with allegations and counter-allegations and headlines begin with what a worthy leader said about another and end up with uncharitable remarks. For many, a mute on the TV remote is indeed a blessing. Many cabinet hopefuls, party discards long forgotten in Congress, end up in the television studios matching the lung power of the opponent, which is now the yardstick for proving your loyalty to the leader at the helm.

613, Boudhnagar, Secunderabad

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