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January 09, 2011

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Readers’ Forum

Sponsors of terrorism in India This refers to the news in the Press (see The Tribune dt 6-12-2010) and on TV, that Islamic terrorist organisation Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) has planned to kill Shri Narendra Modi, the most popular Chief Minister of Gujarat, and to carry out terror strikes in the South. Who is responsible for it? Who is fueling the Islamic terror? The statement of Soina Gandhi, calling Modi as (Trader of death) Maut ka saudagar, and other similar statements of Congress leaders have encouraged Islamic terrorist, to plan for killing of Shri Narendra Modi. The conspiracy of the Congress led UPA government to implicate Hindu saints and social workers in terror attacks , and Home Minister Chidambaram’s calling it ‘Saffron Terror’ are also adding fuel to the Islamic terrorism. The role of media is also anti-Hindu and anti-national . They all are playing the role of Jaichand, who sided with Mohammad Ghori to kill Prithviraj Chauhan, but was himself, ultimately finished by Ghori. All these followers of Jaichand must be exposed-The Congress and its allies are playing a very dangerous game to finish the existence of Hindus.

-ANAND PRAKASH, 72/Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

An excellent education on Hindu-Muslim entente This refers to a letter ‘An excellent education on Hindu-Muslim entente’ by ATM Anwar appeared in Organiser dated 14-11-10. Whenever Muslim atrocities against Hindus in the medieval history are written, these become prejudiced , stray incidents and not laudable in the interest of Hindu-Muslim entente. The problem in Indian Muslims in general, is that they do not want to face the truth. Why go to those times. What is the fate and status of the Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir? Any comment Mr Anwar?

-SC PANDA, 1/2 HIG BDA Colony, Bhubaneswar-751 016

Sachin Tendulkar: A man of principles Let us congratulate Shri Sachin Tendulkar for his exemplary gesture in refusing to accept the offer of a few crores of rupees from a winery just to use his name and fame for their marketing strategy. Seeing that a lot of bollywood hero-heroines and sport idols are lured by the advertisers, Shri Sachin Tendulkar has impressed us and proved that he is a man of principles.

-SH Bhide, 879, Sadashiv Peth, Pune-411 030

RSS believes in simple living high thinking Since the day of inception, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has been preaching and practicing the principle of "SIMPLE LIVING AND HIGH THINKING" which is synonymous with Hindu way of living. Austere celebrations are to be the order of the day considering the economic status of the entire society and philosophy of the Sangh as well.

-GOWRI PRASAD, by email:

Controversial passages I fully agree with the views expressed in the letter "Controversial passages" (Organiser issue dated 31.10.10). The writer should also bring to the readers’ notice what the Islamic holy book has to say about the treatment meted out to the faithfuls of the idol worshipers, and who are these people referred to as such. This religious command has been clearly directed against the Hindus, as they happen to be the only people who practice idol worship. Jainism and Buddhism even deny the existence of God. This directive contained in the Quran has been the root cause of all the atrocities faced by the Bharatvarsh since 712 AD.


Myth shattered It is a myth that the Muslim votes decide the outcome of the election results . Election results of Gujarat and Bihar have revealed this fact beyond any shadow of doubt that the Muslim votes are not at all the deciding factor. It is perhaps for the first time that the Muslims have voted for the BJP candidates who have almost won all the seats in the Muslim dominated constituencies. Muslim masses have at last realised that by following a policy of appeasement the so-called secular parties have exploited them.

-U P JAIN, 837, Sector D, Mandir Marg, New Delhi-110 001

Vajpayee: A man of virtues Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, the first Prime Minister of non-Congress Government completed his term in office of five years, showing that there are able administrators outside the Congress too. As great philosophy goes on to say that the head of the Government must be human as well as possessor of strong will power to deal with untoward problems. Shri Vajpeeye has all these virtues. I want to share one incident of his being liberal that I faced when he was returning from a public speech in Kolkata. A crowd of students rounded him up for autograph in the Howrah Express bound New Delhi train at the Howrah station. Vajpayeeji gave his autograph to all and sundry. I was also sitting beside him. He asked me whether I too wanted his autograph but I was without the book of autograph. Vajpayeeji in a hurry put his autograph on the copy of the Statesman daily I held. At that time I failed to recognise Vajpayee within him sitting the future premier of Independent India. With the best complements. I wish him a very happy birthday.

-KUNWAR RAM SEWAK SINGH, Orai Pindari-285 201

Fundamental! Why not? The RSS, BJP and other Hindu organisations are highly incensed by Rahul Gandhi’s remarks of RSS being a fundamentalist organisation. Although there is every reason to oppose tooth and nail allegations of terrorism and being likened to SIMI, being fundamental is neither an abuse nor an invective. In my thirty plus years of association with the RSS I am as convinced as many others that Bharat has been, is and shall remain a Hindu rashtra, that Hindu culture is inclusive and is the nations’ culture that the culture faced (s) serious threat due to alien invasions and divided Hindu’s. Only organised Hindus can usher in Param Vaibhav (golden era or Ram Rajya) to the nation and that Hindu rashtra is possible only through constant efforts of dedicated people. Thus the RSS is constantly engaged in Hindu unity and character building without being intolerant of other faiths for the past eighty five years. Its sister organisations too derive inspiration form Bharats’ unique cultural nationalism and are engaged in the service of the nation through their ideal contribution in every socio-religio political fields in their own way. Then where is the reason to disown these fundamentals? If Rahul Gandhi or any others term the above as fundamentalism there should be no harm for the RSS to accept the same and carry on in its chosen path of nation building.

-Dr (MAJ) UMACHARAN PANIGRAHI, Station Road, Rayagada,Orissa-765 001

One-trick pony The recent Bihar election results are causing Congress party a stomach ache. During elections, when Congress party was busy appeasing Muslims for their vote crumbs, Hindus were getting together behind the BJP and consolidating their Hindu votes to teach appeasement morons a good lesson. Bihar elections have shown that Congress party’s Muslim appeasement nonsense is a one-trick pony, which was destined to be crushed by Hindu votes. BJP victory is the victory of the consolidated Hindu votes --this time in Bihar, next time it will be on all India scale. By continuously supporting Islamic terrorist causes, Congress party is fast becoming a anti-national and anti-Hindu party. Muslim appeasement has completely blinded the Congress party . Bihar result is the repudiation of Congress style of useless secularism and endless appeasement of anti-nationals. Congress party and their cronies have lost the trust and confidence of Indian people. As we know confidence begets more confidence. And lack of confidence becomes a vicious cycle. Congress party has not won in Bihar for a long time , because Congress party flaunts its complete Islamisation as a "secular " feather in its hat . Congress party has transformed itself into deeply Islamically introvert and overly anti-Hindu party . For Congress it is completely counter-intuitive to think that India is a Hindu country and Hindus live in India.

-ROSHAN SRIDHAR, Connecticut , USA

Baseless criticism of BJP and RSS We codemn the remarks of Rahul Gandhi and Digvijay Singh against the RSS and the other sister Hindu organisations. Comparing the RSS and the BJP with the Lashkar-e-Toiba and the Nazis is nothing but the political opportunism at its worst and should be condemned by all. These people are doing this only to get a few Muslim votes. RSS is a patriotic organisation with high moral and ethical standards. In the present chaotic conditions prevailing in India, RSS and BJP are trying their best to solve all the problems and put Bharat on the path of progress.

-AMAR JIT SINGH GORAYA, 30, Gillmartin Dr Griffith NSW, Australia-26 80

Congress diversionary tactics Recent verbal expletives of Digvijay Singh against the RSS and the BJP appears to be an item ordered by Sonia Gandhi to divert people’s attention from the recent unprecedented scams done by the Gandhi (read Nehru) dynasty. Another root of these absurd allegations is deemed to be nervous breakdown of Congress leadership due to unrelenting and solid opposition of the NDA under BJP’s leadership against Sonia Gandhi’s heinous design against the polity and nationalism of India. Overall, expression of Congress leadership is nothing but similar to that of a smart criminal when he is suddenly caught by a police officer.

-PRABASI SUR, by email

Publish all the Radia tapes in national interest (Organiser, 26-12-10); In India it is so easy to earn millions if the person concerned has the right connections in the corridors of power. Take the case of Niira Radia. It is simply inconceivable that the government was unaware of what was going on. Also it is naïve to think that CBI would be able to unearth the million stashed away in far corners of our country.


Sharad Pawar has no time for his ministry The hike in Onion prices has brought tears to the eyes to the common man. One wonders why the government is becoming helpless in checking the prices. This also shows a lack of responsibility on the part of agriculture minister Sharad Pawar, who is focusing all his attention to the International Cricket Council and has no time for agriculture portfolio.

-MAHESH CHANDRA SHARMA, E-198, Panki, Kanpur

Was it just an eye wash? The CBI carried out searches at 14 places, including the residence of former telecom minister A Raja in connection with 2 G spectrum scam. It is being said that CBI has seized a large number of incriminating documents during the raids. It has been a year since misappropriation of funds was found in the allocation of 2G spectrum. Why did the CBI took so much time in carrying out the searches? Or it was just an eyewash? Also the reasons behind the said raids could be the Oppositions relentless pressure on the UPA government to take action and to form a joint parliamentary committee.

-ROHAN NANDA, by email

Why Congress is not in favour of JPC probe If the Congress party Chief Sonia Gandhi, believes that there is nothing to hide and fear, then why is the Congress dismissing the demand for a JPC probe? In the interest of the public, the Congress should have conceded to the Opposition’s demand instead of wasting the entire Winter Session of the Parliament. If the Congress has not agreed to a JPC probe in order to not let the BJP gain a high ground, then it should remember that the country comes before a party’s political gains. We all know how the 2 G spectrum scam unfolded and brought not only politicians but also some corporate top honchos under the scanner. Hence it becomes all the more important to have the scam probed at the earliest. From the whole episode it becomes clear that if corruption flourishes at the top level, it is bound to flourish at the lower level, as well. Corruption can be uprooted if the public itself tackles with it head on.

-MAYA MISHRA, C-403, Anandlok society, Mayur Vihar-1

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