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July 25, 2010

Page: 1/43

Vol. LXII, No. 3, New Delhi, JULY 25, 2010

2G Spectrum row haunts UPA
Biggest scandal in post-Independent India

By Naresh Minocha

THE policy regime for making spectrum available should be fair, transparent, equitable and forward looking. It should not create entry barriers to newcomers or barriers to the continued growth of the important sector. At the same time, the revenue potential to the government must not be lost sight of. After all, governments across the globe have harnessed substantial revenues while allocating spectrum.    more >

Thinking Aloud
The economic decline of the West !

By Dr Jay Dubashi

The West is on its death-bed. You can hear the sounds of its dying from all over the place. Whether it is England or Europe or the United States, the sounds are loud and clear. After three hundred years of global domination, the West is bidding good-bye.    more >

Cunning Cartels
By Pravin Togadia

Very recently a film on Kashmir kids Lamhaa was banned in Middle East even before its release. Part of Kashmir too objected Lamhaa. Even the Censor Board made the film cut a lot of dialogues and scenes and despite that the film got ‘A’ certificate so that many would not be able to watch it.    more >

Congress: Don’t play dirty in Karnataka

THE Congress Party in Karnataka is playing dirty, if not crass. Addicted to power, they are unable to stay out of it for too long. So they are trying all the tricks in the trade and beyond to disturb and unseat the democratically elected BJP government.    more >

A movie for growth
Red Alert is green signal to development

By Aditya Pradhan

MAOIST and Naxal killings are now coming closer to our cities, according to latest intelligence reports. And Bollywood is going into the hinterland to find out what went wrong in the villages for people to be carried away by the violence.    more >

Sangh Samachar

Probing wildlife poaching in Northeast
By Nava Thakuria in Guwahati

THE news was amazing and little exciting as the Union Environment and Forest Minister Jairam Ramesh on June 23 directed a Central Bureau of Investigation to probe into the seizure of huge amount of wildlife parts (mostly tigers) in Guwahati airport.    more >

Ramjanmabhoomi—A search for solution
Panchnad to organise two-day Seminar in Delhi


NEW DELHI: A large number of media persons, opinion leaders and intellectuals from all over the country are meeting here for two days to evolve a national consensus on an amicable resolution of the centuries-old Ayodhya dispute.    more >

Hindu Samrajya Dinotsav celebrated at 95 centres across Bengaluru to mark coronation day of Shivaji Maharaj
By R Guru Prasad, Bengaluru

CHATRAPATI Shivaji Maharaja inspired Vietnamese to win a battle against America. On Jyestha Shuddha Trayodashi , 1674, Shivaji was crowned as Chatrapati Maharaj. On June 24, 2010 Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh organised ‘Hindu Samrajya Dinotsav’at 95 centres across Bengaluru to celebrate and remember the great fighter who saved Hindu culture with valour and vigour.    more >

Ishrat Jahan was an LeT fidayeen: Headley
By Vishwa Mohan & Dhananjay Mahapatra

NEW DELHI: Pakistani American terrorist David Headley has said that Ishrat Jahan, the Mumbai girl who was killed along with three alleged terrorists in 2004 in a police encounter, was indeed a Lashkar-e-Taiba fidayeen.    more >

Sanskrit dying? These techies speak it 30 minutes a day
By Sushant Kulkarni from Pune

EVERY working day, Hemant Gadgil (42)—an associate software consultant with the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)—eagerly awaits that half an hour before lunch time, when he and 18 of his colleagues come together to learn to converse in Sanskrit.    more >

Graphic sex education class under fire
By Todd Starnes

PARENTS are outraged after young teenagers were instructed on graphic sexual acts during a Planned Parenthood sex education class at the local high school in Shenandoah, Iowa.    more >

BJP´s Janakrosh Rally in Dehradun
Withdrawal of industrial package opposed

By Ravindra Saini

BJP national president Shri Nitin Gadkari described, the decision of the UPA government to withdraw special industrial package granted to Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh as unjust and undemocratic.    more >

By-poll blues: CPM's sense of defeat in victory
By Asim Kumar Mitra

THE CPI (M) has experienced a sense of defeat while winning the Assembly seat in Durgapur-1 in a recent by-poll. This particular area of the Bardhaman district is considered to be the red fort of the party.    more >

July 13 observed as Black Day in Jammu
From Khajuria S Kant in Jammu

DEMONSTRATIONS, dharnas, seminars and public meetings marked the observance of July 13 as Black Day in Jammu. While various organisations termed the day of July 13, 1931 as the first day of implementation of jehad in J&K State and marks the beginning of the first organised genocide of KPs in Valley.    more >

Karthigai festival in Tamil Nadu
By Manju Gupta

KACCHIAPPA Sivachariyar, a Tamil and Sanskrit scholar and a votary of Shaiva siddhanta philosophy, wrote the Tamil version of the Skanda Purana in AD 1350-1420. He called it the Kandha Puranam.    more >

Ranganath Misra Commission report will further divide the society —Nitin Gadkari

The Bharatiya Janata Party hinted at organising a massive protest if UPA government implemented the Ranganath Misra Commission report which recommends 15 per cent reservation for Muslims in education and jobs, reserves 8.4 per cent out of existing OBC quota of 27 per cent for minorities and inclusion of Muslim and Christian Dalits in SC list.    more >

Faith stimulates economic growth
By Arya S Das

PURI is undoubtedly the spiritual capital of the entire eastern region. Millions of pilgrims come to Puri to have a darshan of Lord Jagganath who is believed to have been worshipped from the Dwapara Yug.    more >

Be a veg, reduce fuel price

CHENNAI: Even as the country is struggling to counter the hike in petrol and diesel prices, experts point out that turning vegetarian could drastically bring down the fuel prices.    more >

Divisive, populist and insidious exercise
Enumerate economic not caste-based data

By Shyam Khosla

UNDER pressure from its regional allies and supporting parties, the Prime Minister indicated in Parliament at the fag end of the budget session that the Government would take a favourable decision on the demand for caste-based Census.    more >


The Moving Finger Writes

Mining is a menace to India's future
By MV Kamath

FOR years our governments turn a blind eye to illegal mining in our country and when Maoists take vicious advantage of the sufferings of displaced tribals to indulge in large-scale killings, our ministers finally wake up.    more >

A page from History

The closing of the Western Mind
By MD Kini

“IN a famous passage in Dostoyevsky’s Brothers Karamazov, Jesus returns to earth, is recognised by the Grand Inquisitor and is thrown into prison for threatening to subvert the Church. His message of universal freedom had proved impossible to follow.    more >

Kids’ Org

When King Puru met Alexander
By KS Iyer

ALEXANDER was camping on the bank of Jhelum. On the other side of the bank lay the country of Purus. The name of the king who ruled this country was Purushottaman. However, the Greeks identified him as Purus.    more >


Attitude of intolerance rooted in religion
By Ashish Joshi
Decoding Intolerance: Riots and the emergence of terrorism in India, Prateep K Lahiri, Lotus/Roli, Pp 276 (HB), Rs 395.00

The spell of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa
By Ashish Joshi
Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, The Sadhaka of Dakshineshwar, Amiya Sen, Viking Penguin, Pp 177 (HB), Rs 325.00

An autobiography of distinguished judge
By Tej N Dhar
Wandering in Many Worlds, VR Krishna Iyer; Pearson, Pp 308 (HB), Rs 595.00

A gripping saga of a Chef
By Manju Gupta
Chef, Jaspreet Singh, Penguin/Viking, Pp 242, Rs 450.00

A sensitive portrayal of life in a traditional family
By Manju Gupta
Faces in the Water, Ranjit Lal, Puffin Books, Pp 202 (PB), Rs 199.00

A survey of some of the best in Indian journalism
By MV Kamath
Best in the Indian News Business 2006-2007 (The Prize Stories); Roli Books; Pp 215 (HB), Price not mentioned

A fascinating journalistic odyssey
By MV Kamat
A Life in Journalism; VS Maniam; Yes De Publishing Ltd Chennai; Pp 335 (PB), price not mentioned

A stunning adventure with life
By Manju Gupta
Johnny Gone Down, Karan Bajaj, HarperCollins, Pp 317 (PB), Rs 99.00

Book Received
Vegetarianism in Day-to-day life;

RN Lakhotia, Diamond Books, X-30, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-II, New Delhi-110 020, Pp 104 (PB), Price not mentioned


The caste census will create more divide
By M Rajagopal

THE idea of collecting castes in the ensuing census 2011 is triggered by Y chromosomes for their survival in their own states by levering the keys of UPA government to their advantage. Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has no option but to agree in principle and constituted a group of ministers under the chairmanship of Finance Minister to study all aspects of the proposal including steps for collection of data in the census in 2011.    more >

Media Watch

Media bashing armchair editors

IT is rare for a retired editor of national paper to lash out at the media for its shortcomings. One recent example is that of Vir Sanghvi who has been writing a regular column for The New Sunday Express.    more >


First-ever BJP Council Chairman in Karnataka
By R Guru Prasad in Bengaluru

IN yet another big achievement, Shri Yeddyurappa-led BJP government in Karnataka created a record by occupying the post of State Legislative Council Chairman for the first time in any southern state.    more >

Open Forum

Sanskrit and Indian ethos Patanjali in Pakistan
By KS Iyer

FEW years ago, Pakistan celebrated the 2,500th anniversary of Panini, the great Sanskrit grammarian. At that time, the Islamic state of Pakistan boasted that they were the ones to gift the world, the science of grammar as well as Rig Veda, the earliest literature produced by man!    more >


Rashtra Dharma and Rule of Law in Indian culture
By VK Singh

SINCE the beginning of Indian civil society, its affairs were regulated not by laws of state but by customary rules known as dharma. Dharma is what holds together or a code of duties for harmonious functioning of various divisions of society.    more >

Readers’ Forum

Bharat Bandh and the new dynamics in national politics ( Organiser, 18-07-2010);

The Bharat Bandh which was called by the United Opposition to register the UPA Government’s failure to check the accelerating prices of essential commodities was the creation of UPA government itself.    more >

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