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March 05, 2006
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Interview of the Week

March 05, 2006

Page: 1/34

Vol. LVII, No. 34, New Delhi, March 05, 2006

Aaam aadmi or khas log
Whose budget it will be?

Budget for aam aadmi or khas log
By Geeta

The FM will give himself a pat for driving the economic growth by about eight per cent while keeping the WPI based inflation low at about four per cent. he is sure to get a few editorials in his praise. Read those edits to the Aam Aadmi and he would fee double cheated because he is constantly fed on this four to five per cent inflation figure but finds a different situation when he goes to market to buy vegetables, aata or pulses. more >

Farmer feels cheated
Can budget help him?

From Anil Nair in Mumbai

In the Common Minimum Programme (CMP) of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government the importance given to the agriculture sector is undoubtedly major. But for the farmer who is beset with unending problems, the trials of farming has not been any mitigating. It is reflected in the massive number of suicides in various states, mostly due to bad remuneration for farm produe, cumulative debt not just from the money-lender but even banks which have become untenable, and most importantly, a lack of faith in the system--a system that only fails to deliver even after so many years. Farmers who take to suicide see no chance of improvement in this set up, which, the farmers' relations aver, has been the main cause for the suides. more >

A thought on budget 2006
By Subramanian Swamy

The UPA policies of the last 22 months have completely undermined the budgetary process and taken the nation close to bankruptcy. If the present trends continue for another two years, then India will land straight into a financial crisis of the type East Asia and Latin America experienced in the 1990s, and from which these countries are yet to recover. more >

Kerala Newsletter

A Sonia-CPM deal behind dumping the DIC(K)
By S. Chandrasekhar

K. Karunakaran often described as the kingmaker of Congress politics in Kerala has now been reduced to a political untouchable with no one willing to touch him even with a barge pole. more >

Say no to Sachar plan

Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee informed Rajya Sabha on February 21, ?The armed forces are professional, apolitical, secular and the most disciplined force the country has today... we would not like to include (armed forces) in such a type of survey, (but) in case of other departments and ministries such a study will continue.? more >

Don't bend on atom deal -Dr Joshi
( Given below is the full text of a letter written by the BJP leader, Dr Murli Manohar Joshi to Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh on Indo-US nuclear deal.)

The events unfolding have made it abundantly clear that the Indo-US agreement on civilian nuclear co-operation signed by you during your visit to USA in July 2005 is prejudicial to national interests. This puts onerous restrictions on India without any countervailing restrictions or restraints on the other high contracting party. more >

Bookmark - Bookreviews

At Random - By Rambler

Sangh Samachar

West Bengal warned of globalisation of jehad
By Basudeb Pal
Two-day-long second international conference of Campaign Against Atrocities on Minorities of Bangladesh (CAAMB) ended with three important declarations on February 12, 2006. The conference was held at Ballygan Siksha Sadan?s Khemka auditorium in Kolkata. more >

Cartoons as cynical mischief
By Sandhya Jain
In an article in The Washington Post, Mr Flemming Rose, culture editor of Jyllands-Posten, has made the breathtaking claim that after the publication of the Prophet Mohammad cartoons in his newspaper on September 30, 2005, there has been a ?constructive debate in Denmark and Europe about freedom of expression, freedom of religion and respect for immigrants and people?s beliefs.? more >

Maharashtra economy stunted under Congress
From Anil Nair in Mumbai
Maharashtra a failed state?! Unbelieveable, for once newspaper readers thought it must be some typo. ?Maharashtra is an example of a failed state,? B N Yugandhar, Member of the Planning Commission, remarked after three hours of meticulous examination of all the growth parametres at a Planning Commission meeting. more >

Racism in times of globalisation
By Geeta
Serious differences have surfaced within the UPA Government over the handling of the row over L.N. Mittal?s 23 billion dollar takeover bid for Arcelor, the world?s second largest steel-maker. more >

The UPA?s divisive agenda
By Shyam Khosla
The Congress party that is never tired of shouting itself hoarse about its ?secular? credential is notorious for pursuing communal policies for petty electoral gains. Muslim appeasement has been one of its distinct features even in the pre-Independence era. more >

Europe for Christ: A new project launched
From Ashok Chowgule
Historian Martin Kugler, author of the thesis on Christians? Resistance to Nazism, and his wife, Gudrun Kugler-Lang, have launched a project called ?Europe for Christ!? more >

SSIs demand fair deal
The national conference of small-scale industries (SSIs) held in New Delhi, under the banner of All India Confederation of Small and Micro Industries Association (AICSMIA), has demanded the central government to raise the basic exemption limit for SSIs from existing Rs 1 crore to Rs 2 crore. more>

11th Dharma Sansad in Puri
Vote to protect Hindutva
From Sanjaya Jena in Puri
Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) will no more extend its exclusive support to any political party. Instead it would create at least 15 crore voters? base?Hindu vote-bank?which would later be transferred to those parties that accept its 13-point charter of agenda approved by saints and sadhus at the 11th Dharma Sansad held in Puri, Orissa. more >


Congress Madrasa politics

After communalising government jobs and educational institutions, the UPA government has turned it?s attention to Indian Armed Forces. The reservation for Muslims in the state government jobs in Andhra Pradesh and minority status for Aligarh Muslim University have been received well in a section of the Muslim community, who are working for Dar-ul-Islam. more >


French ?Carry On Film? demeans Hindu Divinities
From Ashok Chowgule

Hindus from Britain and across the world are in uproar over the latest examples of exploitation of Hindu gods. A record breaking French film and a drinks company?s advertising campaign in Greece mock Lord Shiva and the Goddess Durga. more >

Economic Notes

Organic Farming
Second Green Revolution
By Daya Krishna

According to the Planning Commission, a second Green Revolution is in wait for India. Organic farming is expected to be one of the focus areas to boost agricultural growth during the period of Eleventh Plan (2007-12). Government is considering establishing organic agricultural estates for small holders to promote organic farming. more >

The Moving Finger Writes

Slipping unipolarity
By M.V. Kamath

Are America?s days as the world sole superpower over at last? Yes, says the British newspaper The Guardian. The crises over Hamas and Iran, says the paper, underline the end of a one-superpower world. more >

Media Watch

Did Clinton approve Musharraf?s coup?
By M.D. Nalapat

The cover story about the military coup that illegally removed elected Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Nawaz Sharif from office on October 12, 1999 is that it was done in retaliation for Sharif?s attempted ?kidnapping? of Pervez Musharraf, who had hours earlier been legally removed by the PM from the post of Chief of Army Staff, Pakistan. more >

Covert talks with jehadis

When will we realise that there is nothing very smart in calling a female film star an ?actor?? Why should we keep referring to Shabana Azmi or Hema Malini or Waheeda Rehman as an ?actor?? The argument is that anyone who acts is an ?actor??irrespective of sex. That is stuff and nonsense. more >

Youth Folio

Agenda for internal security
The first tattva
By Varun Gandhi

Over the past millennium, India has been continuously invaded and her cultural representations devastated. Indians at the time did not look beyond their immediate neighbourhood and failed to augment their military strength. They had an insular domestic policy, and did not review military developments and social changes occurring beyond their horizon. more >


Salutations to Guruji Golwalkar?III
Guruji and the ban
By V. Sundaram, IAS (Retd.)

Shri Guruji, a man of indomitable courage and invincible faith, categorically told Pt. Nehru and Sardar Patel that he would not be cowed down by their intimidation or threats. Enraged by the firm stand of Shri Guruji, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel,.. more >

Kids Org.

A lesson in humility
By Manju Gupta

One day a magician appeared in King Krishna-deva Raya?s court seeking the king?s permission to perform magic in the court and enthral the courtiers. Initially the king was not favourably inclined towards it but at his courtier?s insistence, agreed to grant permission. The magician performed one trick after another and held the audience thrilled. The courtiers could be seen smiling, nodding their heads and looking with pride at the magician. Finally, the magician moved towards the king and said, ?Your Majesty, here is a pebble in my hand. Your Majesty may feel it.? more >

Think it Over

Another view of the British
By M.S.N. Menon

Was a ?Muslim? India possible? Not a chance? But it could have happened. Almost. The British saved us from that terrible tragedy. What is more, the Hindus could not have brought about their self-renewal without the stimuli provided by the British. Are we grateful? We are not. We are confused. more >

Interview of the Week

The BJP governments will not teach the distorted NCERT history ?Ghanshyam Tiwari

When Human Resource Minister, Shri Arjun Singh and his left friends initiated a move to alter the NCERT textbooks to make them, what they called, ?secular?, the BJP decided to oppose it. Its leadership was looking for a person, who could take up the issue with NCERT effectively. more >

Readers? Forum

Pragmatic, not unethical: In the editorial ?UPA:

End this farce? (Organiser, 12-2-2006), the editor has made a bold suggestion of a coalition between Samajwadi Party in UPA and BJP. He has clarified, ?a certain degree of unconventional adventurism is often considered good politics in times of national calamity and the UPA is nothing less than a national disaster.? more >

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