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November 26, 2006
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November 26, 2006

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Ignoring the big story for small pickings

By Balbir K. Punj

That was what happened in Sopore area of Kashmir when terrorists lobbed grenades into a procession taken out by Sufi followers, killing 14 children among many others.

The network of terror groups with their sleeper cells spread across the globe derives inspiration and support from the secessionist Islamic groups along this geography.

The Congress, SP, BSP, CPI(M) and several others are all competing in providing one sop or the other community-wise to Muslims as a whole?not just to the most disadvantaged among them. Not one of them, however, is alive to the grave danger of Islamic terrorism that has now entered the final stage of destroying the entire non-Muslim space.

Look at what has been happening in the last few weeks. From London comes the alert to India on Al Qaeda plans to destroy some planes going to the UK. From the FBI the alert comes to India about plans of the same group to hijack planes carrying US and Indians going to America via Europe. All our airports are therefore on very high alert.

An authority as high as Britain?s M-15 says specifically that the Islamic terror networks operating from the UK and Pakistan are becoming bigger and bigger. Dame Elizabeth Manningham-Buller, head of the M-15 come forward personally to explain the grim situation. ?Islamic militants linked to Al Qaeda with roots in Pakistan were recruiting teenagers to carry out suicide attacks?, the M-15 chief discloses.

As many as 30 such plots information about which could be obtained are under investigation now. ?The threat is serious, is growing and will, I believe be with us, for a generation?, warns the lady chief. Its nature is ?sustained campaign, not a series of isolated incidents. It aims to wear down our will to resist?, she points out. ?The nature and gravity of the situation is deepening?. The reason: the rapid radicalisation of young British Muslims?some still at school, yet prepared to join the ranks of the suicide bombers?.

These are not unreal fears or imaginary ones. Take this example: A Muslim convert-pre-conversion name Dire Bart, India born UK citizen, age only 34-has been sentenced in UK for 40 years for a huge conspiracy to kill off thousands by blowing up a series of important buildings in the UK and the USA- the Gas Limos Project. Fortunately, Pakistani and UK?s police could get on to the conspiracy before it matured.

Cut back to recent events in India. Islamic terrorists are not unwilling to kill even their own fellow-Muslims who they think are not following the Wahabi version of their faith. That was what happened in Sopore area of Kashmir when terrorists lobbed grenades into a procession taken out by Sufi followers, killing 14 children among many others. We did not hear of the Meerut Man Friday of Mulayam Singh Yadav, Hamid Qureshi, reenacting his angry morchas as he did against some cartoons in a distant Danish newspaper, at this terrible outrage against fellow Muslims by the Islamic terrorists in Kashmir, nor when fellow Muslims were attacked in Malegaon. Is Islamic terrorism pass? for Muslim leaders who are so eager to demonstrate against President Bush and all sorts of others?

The real target of Islamic terrorism here is India itself, not just America. This warning comes from a respected think-tank of US, Strategic Foresight. What it says is that number one- global terrorist network is aiming at destabilising non-Muslim civilisation and, number two?the Pakistan-based and Kashmir terrorists are getting drawn into this worldwide terrorist web to create communal holocaust in India as part of this whole global exercise. India could expect more spectacular terrorist attacks than so far, the think tank warns.

The report points out how one of the two terrorists who were recently caught in Mysore was trying to learn to pilot an aircraft. The idea was to plan such an action that could leave thousands dead so that communal riots would be provoked throughout the country. The report says that Pakistan still has a grip over larger, more mainstream Islamist groups operating within its borders and in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, such as Hizbul Mujahideen, and the United Jehad Council.? ?But groups like LeT, Al Badr, and Jaish-e-Muhammad are much more autonomus.?

The serial train Blasts in Mumbai last July this year did not provoke a communal backlash. Nor did attack at Malegaon mosque. The next step by these groups would be to plan ?larger and more outrageous attacks? that could up the ante for Pakistan. What the American think tank says is also supported by the recent string of events and the exposure of the Indian Muslims to the ideology of these terror groups. Till two years back, these groups did not find a local anchor as much as they would have liked. But the revelations after the recent spate of events and the evidence traced to local groups like SIMI, clearly reveal that now they have widening local support and even participation.

The jehad biradari is now targeting the young technologists. The case of Dhiren Barot, last year?s shoe bomber from London who traveled in a place carrying a bomb in his shoe, the Leeds student who was recruited to the London bombing squad and who was an expert in chemicals, almost all who have finally been nabbed across the world have come from highly educated backgrounds. They are all technology experts. The Islamic terror seeks strength through these technology people to ensure that new and effective technology solutions are devised to carry out the global plan to force Islamic ideology down our throats once the other civilizations are destroyed or rendered ineffective. Even in the recent Mumbai train blasts, one of the accused is a technology expert.

The network of terror groups with their sleeper cells spread across the globe derives inspiration and support from the secessionist Islamic groups along this geography. There is a strong Muslim secessionist movement in former Soviet Russia of which Chechenya is just one instance. Thailand and Philippines are two other countries that are facing such violent and terrorist linked secessionist Islamic movements from regional Muslim majority areas. In countries like the UK, France, Germany, where the Muslims are not having majority areas, in Muslim neighbourhoods, security agencies of those countries have detected strong movements to promote Islamic fundamentalism.

While this danger is growing there is not even an attempt here to understand the implications of a faith with a world-wide appeal throwing up such a global terrorist network. Though there may be many groups among them, the aim of the network is one and same. The political class that ignores the implications by a sweeping statement that Islam does not support terrorism and that the terrorists have no religion, is trying a huge exercise in obfuscation. More than the terrorists? global network it is this obfuscation that is endangering nation?s safety and security. That India is under Islamic jehad threat?passive as well as active?can only be wished away at grave national peril.

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