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January 09, 2011

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IPF exposes the lies of Jehadi writers

Two years have passed since the 26/11 macabre attack took place. During this period two Jehadi books were published and both made repeated attempts to give a clean chit to Pakistan and its jehadi associates.

THE 26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai had deeply exhorted not only the patriotic Indians but also the people across the world on growing menace of jehadi terrorism and its changing nature. Many innocent people and security personnel including police officers, commandos had sacrificed their lives in this attack. The involvement of Pakistan in it has been proved beyond any doubt by different investigative agencies including the global agencies. Despite that there are some elements in India which, on the instance of Pakistan, have repeatedly been trying to prove that the terrorist attack was a handiwork of Indian investigative agencies, radical Hindu outfits, US intelligence agency CIA and Israeli intelligence agency Mossad.

Two years have passed since this macabre attack took place. During this period two jehadi books were published in India on this incident and both made repeated attempts to give a clean chit to Pakistan and its jehadi associates and tried to hold the Hindu outfits responsible for it.

The first book (English) was written in 2009 by SM Mushrif, a retired senior police officer of Maharashtra, under the title, Who Killed Karkare? The second book (Urdu), RSS Ki Sajish-26/11, has been written just recently by Ajiz Burney, editor of Urdu daily Raznama Rashtriya Sahara. It is the same Ajiz Burney who, during the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh’s US visit, was denied entry in Manmohan-Obama press meet by the US administration on November 24, 2009.

Under its Contemporary Concern Series, the India Policy Foundation (IPF) has published a detailed report exposing the real intentions of both these writers and proved that it is part of a larger conspiracy to weaken the internal security of India and also to defame the nationalist forces, Indian intelligence and investigative agencies.

The first book (Who Killed Karkare?) repeatedly denigrates the Indian Intelligence Bureau and police. It terms the IB as "Brahmin-dominated Indian Intelligence Agency (page 199)". It says, "The IB had thus, taken over by the RSS, it set out to implement the RSS agenda very meticulously as if it was an organ of RSS" (page 20). Intention of IB and RAW in engineering such "attacks" or "encounters" is only to create ill feeling among common Hindus against the Muslim community (page 40)." All these points are a big lie. The allegation of Mushrif that IB was under the grip of RSS, damages the reputation of both the RSS and the IB. Fact is that there is no truth in this allegation. Mushrif had basically made this sensational statement in New Delhi at a three-day workshop held in March 2007. He substantiated the allegation that RSS penetrated the IB to the extent that it is working as an RSS wing, by stating that "BG Vaidya, brother of RSS leader MG Vaidya, an IPS, spent his entire career in the IB." He further stated that "it was the reason that the IB always shielded the RSS." Fact is that BG Vaidya, a retired IPS who lives in Pune, has no relation with the RSS leader MG Vaidya whose younger brother, the late BG Vaidya, was a bank employee in Amravati (Maharashtra) and died in 2003. Mushrif’’s statement was then widely repeated by Muslim journals and intellectuals without probing the facts.

Similarly, the 788 pages book by Ajiz Burney is also full of lies. It says nothing new and is a collection of fabricated lies. The writer did it without any fear of the judiciary or the civil society. His fearlessness has a reason-open support of the ruling Congress’ think tank. That is why Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh and Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman K Rahman attended its release functions in New Delhi and Mumbai.

Some of the key points in the book are: "The BJP and RSS are responsible for 26/11 attack in Mumbai. The BJP did not raise its voice against the delay in probe (page 11). MOSSAD and CIA had assisted the Sangh Parivar in the attack carried out in Mumbai (page 41). The RSS and Israel are trying to make India unstable (page 190). In order to make India a Hindu nation, such blasts are being carried out (page 219). About 100 Hindutva organisations associated with the RSS are involved in the violent activities. Mentality of the police and the army in the country is anti-Muslim (page 606)." These points basically provide sufficient ground to initiate legal action against Burney. His book also terms the Batla House encounter as fake and questions the martyrdom of Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma. No matter the President of India conferred him "Ashok Chakra" posthumously; this type of mud-sleighing on his martyrdom defiantly encourages the jihadists.

This is a fact that unchecked and uninterrupted propaganda damages institutions, misguides media and public and also encourages such anti-national elements to continue with similar constructed stories. These books are classical example of it. Writers of both these books repeated the lies in more assertive manner. The question is why is the Union Home Ministry silent on this lie? Should it be left unnoticed just in the name of freedom of speech or it be dealt sternly for denigrating the image of the country on international fora? Since the books put serious allegations against the judiciary, investigative agencies, security forces and police, the judiciary, the civil society and the intellectuals must take its contingence and stand up against it.

By Pramod Kumar

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Published on: 2011-01-03 (26193 reads)

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