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October 29, 2006
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India That is Bharat
Media Watch

October 29, 2006

Page: 1/35

Vol. LVIII, No. 16, New Delhi, October 29, 2006

Banerjee boomerangs on Lalu's face
From Saroj Sharma in Ahmedabad

Modi vindicated again
Yet another judicial slap for UPA

THE Gujarat High Court dismissed UC Banerjee Committee as illegal. The UPA had appointed it amidst much fanfare within months of their government coming to power at the Centre. A leading English daily headlined the story as ?Lalu proposed, Gujarat HC disposes.?

In a nutshell, the headline sums up all that has transpired since the fateful day when on February 27, 2002, coach S-6 was set ablaze at a small non-descript town of Gujarat called Godhra by an unruly mob, scorching to death 57 innocent passengers which was probably the worst ever communal crime in the history of independent India.    more >

UPA bats for dead Trishul
By Sandhya Jain

Congress has no qualms about misusing CBI
BARELY twenty-four hours after Defence Ministry sources said the defunct Trishul surface-to-air missile project would be wound up in December this year, Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee was forced to state that the project was being extended by a year. This is despite the fact that the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)?s 15-year-old attempt has cost the exchequer nearly Rs 300 crore, and failed despite over 80 tests.    more >

A poverty of scores, profits in slogans
Balbir K. Punj

TILL May this year, the UPA Government, and more so the UPA leader, the Congress was trumpeting its achievements of two-year of rule. But suddenly the lead party of the ruling coalition is digging up the past for slogans. Handy comes the big bluff of the 70s, Garibi Hatao and Twenty-Point Programme. We are told that these slogans are to be revived.    more >

Politics of clemency
UNLIKE Mehbooba Mufti?s PDP, which is largely a platform of the extremists in the Kashmir Valley, the National Conference and the National Congress are considered more nationalist. To that extent, they used to better reflect the national political conscience in Jammu and Kashmir. Both former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah and Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad have deeply hurt the nation with their uncalled for comments on Mohammad Afzal?s hanging.    more >

Gujarat HC slams Lalu?s political Godhra probe
By Easwaran Nambudiri

IN a severe indictment, the Gujarat High Court last Friday declared the Centre?s setting-up of the U.C. Banerjee Committee to probe the Godhra train carnage ?illegal, unconstitutional? and ?null and void.? The court also said the committee?s report shall not be tabled in Parliament.    more >

Muslim girl tops in Sanskrit language exam
NAVAIKULAM: At a time when inspiring lyrics like Vande Mataram are branded communal, a Muslim girl who opted for Sanskrit has topped the Kerala University MA (Sanskrit) exam in 2006.    more >

Grand Hindu Sammelan in Delhi

A grand Hindu Sammelan was organised at Rohini in Delhi on October 2 to celebrate birth centenary of Shri Guruji. Besides the distinguished guests, prominent people from the local society were also present on the occasion. Shri Amarnath Dogra, national secretary of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, presided over the Sammelan.    more >

Unity in diversity is the identity of Hindutva ?Dr Bajrang Lal Gupt

"THE internal conflicts going on in various countries of the world have shown that unity in diversity is a curse for them. But in case of India, the diversity is an evidence of national unity. The reason in the roots of it is Hindutva. Fundamentalism has no place in Hindu society and no Indian way of worship regard itself as above all,? said noted economist and national secretary of Shri Guruji Birth Centenary Celebration Committee, Dr Bajrang Lal Gupt.    more >

Big victory for BMS in Andhra Pradesh
Vishwakarma Sanket

IN the month of September the BMS affiliated unions defeated the INTUC affiliated labour unions headed by Shri G. Sanjeeva Reddy in the elections of two prestigious establishments in Andhra Pradesh.    more >

Training camp of Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad

A three-day workers training camp of Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad was held in Udaipur from September 23 to 25. A total of 357 workers from 11 districts of Rajasthan participated in the camp. Addressing the trainees, Shri Kripa Prasad Singh, joint general secretary of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, pointed out that the Kalyan Ashram work has reached in 47,000 revenue villages of the country.    more >

Trained manpower is the asset in the age of globalisation?Shekhawat

"ROLE of technically trained manpower is crucial to face the challenge posed by intense global competition in the field of commerce and development,? said Dr. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat, the Vice President of India. He was speaking to the graduating students of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Deemed University at the university?s second convocation ceremony.    more >

Vedic way to tackle the menace of terrorism, says L.K. Advani

"THE teachings of Vedas have great relevance in human civilisation and they teach us about the values of unity in diversity,? said leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Shri L.K. Advani at the book release function of Pearls of Vedas, authored by Kanayalal Talreja in New Delhi.    more >

?We are unpatriotic, we are Communists?
By Shyam Khosla

THE CPM is unabashedly unpatriotic. Its actions, responses and mindset on almost all issues that have a bearing on supreme national interests and India?s security prove this to the hilt. The party?s interpretation of the Marxist ideology prevents it from taking a nationalist line on any major issue, though in order to confuse the masses, it names its publications with fancy names like Deshabhmani and Deshsevak.    more >

Anand Math and Vande Mataram are not anti-Muslim
By H.S. Mehtani

A write up on the front page of Indian Express, September 7, 2006, captioned ?BJP wants the Vande Mataram test today?, why others are opposed? is shocking. The objectionable para in the write up is reproduced below:-    more >

Democracy of the rich
By Uma Narayanan

THE western mode of democracy that we are ardently following is defective in nature abilities. The defects were deliberately and definitely made for the benefit of the politicians to become more and more unaccountable.    more >

RSS demands all-out war on terror, building of Ram temple
From Our Correspondent

THE Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal (ABKM) meet at Varanasi from October 13 to 15 asked the central government to launch an all-out war on terror. It said there was no room for pussy-footing on terror or prevaricating on awarding stringent punishments to the culprits.    more >

Know the RSS with the feeling of heart?Mohan Bhagwat

"WE need to understand the RSS with the feeling of our heart. The Sangh cannot be understood only on the basis of logic. I also need to understand it regularly, as weakness may strike a human being any time,? said RSS Sarkaryavah Shri Mohan Bhagwat.    more >


The Moving Finger Writes

Christianity, Islam and Hinduism

WHATEVER one might say about Pope Benedict?s unusual remarks about Islam, the truth is that he was only repeating what has been obvious down the centuries, except that for the Pope to associate Islam with violence is for the pot to call the kettle black.    more >

News with a view

Bankrupt Britons
By Vaidehi Nathan

THE collective personal debt in Britain has crossed one trillion pounds and over one million of the debtors are going to declare themselves bankrupt, in other words, would be unable to return the loans. Another eight million people have an unsecured debt of 10,000 pounds (each), making them potential candidates for declaring bankruptcy, according to a survey done by a research group called YouGov.    more >


CPM ministers? elitism creates a storm
By S. Chandrasekhar

Mammoth Vanvasi youth convention on indigenous faith
By Jyoti Lal Chowdhury

Kerala becoming a breeding ground for terror under LDF
By S. Chandrasekhar

Jammu has a different take on terrorist
From Prakriiti Gupta in Srinagar

Hindu-minded Swamiji?s victory marks a new trend in SNDP politics

Consumer Interest

Look before you jump for discounts
By Nitin Saxena

THE festive season is also known as the season of discounts. The middle class is waiting for it to buy household goods, jewellery and other items. The shopkeepers offer various discounts to consumers. Our cities will get the festive look with attractive hoardings, colourful banners offering various discounts to consumers. National as well as local dailies come out with special editions containing advertisements of various companies/shops offering discounts and freebies to the consumers.    more >

Kids' Org

The Pandavas? puzzle
By M.V. Kolhatkar

THE great war of Mahabharata was over. Pandavas had a mixed feeling in their mind. They were happy because they had emerged victorious. They were unhappy because they had to kill their kith and kin. Yudhishthira, the eldest Pandava, was to be crowned soon on an auspicious day.    more >

Bookmark - Book Reviews
By Manju Gupta

Marx, a friend of capitalists
Dr M.G. Bokare: Reassessment of Marxism, Dr M.G. Bokare Memorial Foundation, 148 pp, Rs 150

Myself before I was born
Rama Gupta: Margaret Atwood: A Psychoanalytical Study, New Dawn Press, 166 pp, Rs 500

A matter of heart and soul
Acharya Vijay Ratnasundersuri: Carve It on Your Heart, Ratnatrayee Trust, 94 pp, Rs 40


Guruji and Industry
By Dr S.S. Aggarwal

Shri M.S. Golwalkar had a multifaceted personality. Since he was a highly spiritual person, he could express himself correctly even in those fields in which he had no experience. So wide was his knowledge that once the specialists were debating and wondering as to which branch of science had he done his masters?    more >


Why Vande Mataram?
By Justice Kamleshwar Nath

Vande Mataram is a beautiful heroic song, which successfully infused patriotism among the youth of India. Its music was composed and sung by Gurudev Rabindra Nath Tagore.    more >

India That is Bharat

Of reading the book and about the book

SATIRICUS has not read Musharraf?s book. Satiricus has read about Musharraf?s book. What he has read about the book would fill a book. So much wastage of paper by the papers, says Satiricus. He simply cannot understand all this din and noise being made by every columnist... more >

Media Watch

No two dailies are alike

ANYONE who says that the English media has no individuality and it is not necessary to read more than one newspaper considering all newspapers publish the same stories ad nauseum obviously has not been reading our English dailies. Over the years, especially in the last quinquennium, the English language papers have...    more >

Readers? Forum

Ban on RSS, balm for Afzal (Organiser, 15-10-2006);
?A.K. SHARMA, Chandigarh

All the Nehruvian secularists, who are shouting themselves hoarse in demanding mercy for the Pakistan-sponsored Islamic terrorist, Afzal, are enemies of the nation crawling amongst us. These supporters of the Islamic terrorists are even more dangerous than the terrorists themselves.    more >

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