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January 14, 2007
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January 14, 2007

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Readers? Forum

Swami Ramdev and his detractors (Organiser, 31-12-2006); A lot of fuss has been made by certain self-proclaimed followers of Mahatma Gandhi over Swami Ramdev?s comment that independence was not solely achieved by Gandhian non-violence. The degree of parasitic behaviour and some even getting berserk with demonstrations is incredible. Perhaps these disciples of the Mahatma were paying a fitting tribute to their icon, who advocated tolerance, freedom of expression and non-violence. These self-proclaimed followers have already thrown away Gandhi?s maxims like simple living and high thinking. What a vaishnava jana these people are!

28, Palmyra Road, Bromsgrove, B 60 2RH, UK

*   *   *

The notice issued to Swami Ramdev by Central Ministry of Health to show basis of his claims should also be issued to all hospitals and doctors. Actually no scientific comparison of various medical systems has been conducted anywhere so far. In lack of such a comparison, no ?pathy? can claim to be harmless and effective. Therefore, Central Ministry of Health must take up the job of conducting a thorough comparison of all recognised medical systems. For such a study, we can take patients of different diseases in sufficient number and then distribute them randomly to various medical systems. Senior doctors and specialists will provide the treatment to the patients of there lot. Details of all the treatments, medicines, tests, etc, should be properly recorded. All patients should be checked before the experiment and during the experiment regularly by a panel of doctors and specialists. The result of this comparative study will make it clear which medical system is more or less effective in which disease. The central government must provide encouragement and help to various medical systems on the basis of their effectiveness only.

144, Sector 12-A, Panchkula

UPA?s ungallant fall and desperate Afzal defence (Organiser, 24-12-2006); It is pity that even the saner voices of the Indian political gamut have joined the clamour for clemency to Mohammad Afzal Guru, who has been found guilty of having masterminded the December 13, 2001 attack on Indian Parliament and sent to the gallows by the Supreme Court. How can UPA overlook the perilous implications of pardoning Afzal for serving their narrow political interests? Kashmir has been the breeding ground for terrorists who have carried out daring attacks not only in Jammu and Kashmir, but other parts of the country as well. Letting off Afzal will embolden those across the border who have been misguiding and supporting the Islamic terrorists to wage a relentless war against India.

Chatarpur Mandir Marg, Andheri More, Mahroli, New Delhi

*   *   *

The Congress must have to answer why it has been supporting Afzal Guru responsible for the attack. Why Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh keep silent? Why did they not oppose and stop the leaders of their party and their allies who publicly demanded mercy for Afzal? Smt Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh have to answer why the Congress has taken such a soft stand to dishonour the martyr who sacrifices their lives to save them.


Islam and modernity (Organiser, 10-12-2006); Shri Asghar Ali Engineer?s mind is pre-occupied with Quranic ayats of tolerance and co-existence (2/256, 109/6 and like some other), which have long been abrogated by the jehadi verses. This fact has been ascertained by a great classical commentator in Arabia Qadi, Abu-Bakr Ibn-Al-Arabi (1076AD). Shri Ali?s exposition does not confirm the basic teaching of Islam. The Quran sternly warns: ?And whosoever seeketh as religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted from Him and he will be looser.? (Q.60:4). Our forefathers failed to know the reality of Islam, but today Islamic scriptures are available and people all over world are conscious to know the spirit of Islam. Shri Asghar Ali has not done justice to compare Buddhism with Islam. Buddhism?s love and compassion is universal, whereas Islamic love and compassion is for Muslims only. Editor Sir, such books should not be selected for review, as it confuses the readers, who have not gone through the Islamic scriptures.

Ujjain Kutir, Addi Bungalow, Jhumri Telaiya, Koderma, Jharkhand

Not reservation, freedom from mullahs (Organiser, 3-12-2006); The article by Arif Mohammed Khan calls for reforms within society. One hopes this will work as an eye opener for Muslim intelligentsia. The amazing revelation of Sachar report is that as on date the condition of weaker sections and backward classes is better than Muslims, whereas in 1949 when our Constitution was being drafted, only the weak and poor condition of weaker sections and backward classes was a cause of concern. The point to think is whether the improvement is due to reservations? No! Not at all. It may be to some extent, but it is mainly due to education, family planning, and individual?s hard work, and this intelligent approach will still help them to improve further. Sachar report further reveals that only four per cent of the Muslim students are studying in madrasa. This looks small, but in actual number it may be four to five lakh. They will further increase in the long run and add to their poverty and backwardness. Sachar report has not come out with the reasons of Muslims? backwardness. Since 1947, Muslim population in India has registered four-time increase, whereas Hindus only two and a half times. Had Muslims grown at the same rate as Hindus, their economic condition would have been equally better today. There are other minorities too, smaller in size, but they are flourishing. The problem lies only with Muslims, which cannot be overcome unless there are reforms within. The intelligentsia in AMU and JMI universities looks indifferent.

89/7, East Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

*   *   *

The Sachar Committee report is a wake-up call for the Muslim community and its religious leaders. Reservation is not a panacea for social deprivation. The importance of education and the need to join the mainstream should be stressed. The community should keep pace with the changing times. The report has also noted that the size of the Muslim community is only 13.4 per cent of the population. However, the 1951 Census recorded the figure as being 9.91 per cent. An increase of 3.49 percentage points in 50 years is not negligible. It is the government?s responsibility to reverse the social and economic backwardness of the community and to keep a check on the rate of growth of its population.


*   *   *

The Sachar report makes interesting observations that more Muslims in India are urban, and have the same infant mortality rate as that of urban India. This would mean, that Muslims would have the same access to medical care, in fact at a closer distance due to their urban character.

However, it also shows that Muslim women have lesser literacy rate and educational credits to their backing. Despite being more urban and having access to facilities as proved earlier, Muslim women, under the influence of a male chauvinistic version of Islam, suffer due to discrimination by their own men. It is a case of Shah Bano all over again! Only now, we contend with cases such as Imrana?s. Both, however, still prove that the Muslim ulemas and orthodoxy actively are blocking reform, for their own good.

Malleswaram, Bangalore

*   *   *

It is fairly obvious that Muslims in India are being left out of the mainstream of development. As usual, our politicians have an easy solution: reservation and quotas. This is aimed only at winning votes. However, there has to be a real examination of the roots of the problem. Muslim marginalisation can be addressed only if the community decides it wants to pull itself out of the rut. Politicians and sections of Muslim leadership have in the past found it convenient to maintain control over the majority of the community by keeping it backward and out of the mainstream. Progressive sections in the community need to provide leadership for positive change to happen.

New Abadi, Street No. 8, Hanumangarh Town, Rajasthan

*   *   *

Only time will tell whether reservations will help the Muslims. But it will certainly divide the society and lead to communal disharmony. Reservation policy is mere vote-bank politics under the pretext of minority upliftment. Politicians must stop caste-based politics. The Muslims community is under developed only because they aren?t ready to move with time. They do not adapt to changes. They must leave their rigidity and realise that time has changed and they can?t hold their old and orthodox ideas anymore. They have to change their mindset and look forward for their own sake.

Navmangal Complex, Surat

*   *   *

Until about 150 years ago, Muslims were considered a princely class. How is it that a community, which ruled vast tracts of this country for about 400 years before the British, has become so backward in 60 years? Now a final twist is the apparent coincidence of Pakistan?s new theory of origins and the Sachar Committee?s report that Muslims are the most deprived lot in India. Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf is accusing the majority Hindus of India of depriving Muslims socially and economically. Is this a part of a bigger and more sinister scheme to divide the country once more?


Manmohan Singh is only acting on Sonia Gandhi?s orders. It seems all our politicians can do anything to retain their chair. Why does not the Congress set up committees to look into the problem of other communities as well? Every community has a weaker section which needs upliftment. Why single out Muslims for these benefits?

?BALA S. M.,

*   *   *

In some parts of India, Muslims themselves are responsible for their community?s backwardness. For instance, in one village in Rajasthan Muslim residents refused to let their children receive polio drops, fearing that the programme was part of a government conspiracy to reduce fertility. Similar cases have been heard of from remote parts of Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh. I live in Hyderabad, where it is common for Muslim couples to have seven or eight children. Those I spoke to still believe that children are the gift of God, and so, the more the better. Muslims are not the only minority community in India. If Sikhs can flourish, so can Muslims. What is needed is a rational engagement with issues.


A tribute to Anwar Shaikh (Organiser, 17-12-2006); We are extremely sad to read the news of the death of Anwar Shaikh in Organiser. His book The Vedic Civilisation, published in 2003, gave me a great insight into our ancient civilization and our country, which were never taught in our education system. We knew of our Vedas by name only. His book gave us real insight into the Vedas with excellent translation of shlokas, in ancient Sanskrit language, not understood by us these days. This book should be read by every educated Bharatiyas to know more about our ancient land and civilization and feel proud of it.

73/1, Polson Building, Vima Dalal Road, Parsi Colony, Dadar (E), Mumbai

Like Nepal, India is backing out in Sri Lanka too (Organiser, 10-12-2006); Dr Subramanian Swamy?s analysis and solution of Sri Lanka and LTTE problem is based on wrong presumptions and twisted facts. It has become a fashion to blame Britishers for all the problems, which in fact have been created by Gandhian secularism, which India has been following. The basic features of Gandhina secularism is that when Hindus are being harmed, killed, slaughtered, discriminated, etc, keep your eyes shut. But when there is a reaction and non-Hindus are slightly harmed, create a hue and cry and blame Hindus as communal. This is exactly what Mahatma Gandhi had been practicing. When Muslims killed Hindus in 1946-47, Gandhiji kept mum. But when there was a mild reaction in India, he raised hue and cry and went on fast unto death. Exactly the same thing happened in Sri Lanka. When Sinhalese government was doing terrible discrimination against Tamils in Sri Lanka, India kept mum. But when LTTE retaliated, IPKF was sent by Indian government.

72/Sector-8, Panchkula

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