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January 06, 2008
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January 06, 2008

Page: 1/42

Vol. LIX, No. 26, New Delhi, January 06, 2008

In Modi's victory nation has won
Big rebuff for UPA appeasement politics

By R. Balashankar

THE BJP victory in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh has sharply polarized the political buzz in the capital. It has charged the BJP cadre as nothing else before. For the people who believed the new century to be India?s, the Gujarat victory has come as a whiff of hope and assurance.    more >

The winsome Mr. Clean
From Saroj Sharma in Gandhinagar

FOR those who have been following the phenomenon called Narendra Modi in Gujarat, the results of Polls 2007 declared on December 23 came as no surprise. Possibly one of the tallest leaders of the state cast in the mould of his idol, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the Gujarat Chief Minister has proved that he is the undisputed lok hriday samrat (king of hearts) in India?s most developed state.    more >

A concern for common man ?Dhumal

PROF. Prem Kumar Dhumal has said that the first priority of his government would be to extend relief and justice to those who were victimised during the Congress regime.    more >

Terror comes home to roost

FOR months now, the air in Pakistan was hanging thick with expectations of a near certain political assassination. The speculation was only on the victim. For, Pakistan?s political history is drawn by these.    more >

Dhumal takes BJP to big win in Himachal
By Ajai Srivastava in Shimla

THE Bharatiya Janata Party has proved that now it could easily climb the Himalayas. Himachal Pradesh is the example after Gujarat where the nationalist party has come to power with a thumping majority. It has got 41 seats out of total 68. The ruling Congress could manage to win only 23 seats.    more >

Mumbai welcomes Modi win

WHEN the leads in Gujarat elections on December 23 morning revealed a picture of BJP making near-absolute majority, the dismay in the secular club was more pronounced than the celebrations in the ruling party in the state.    more >

Book reviews by Manju Gupta

Justice K.T. Thomas: Honeybees of Solomon, - Gyan Publishing House, pp 327, Rs 540.00

A novel: Romancing with terrorism - Shahid Nasim Hyder: Love, Jehad and Terrorism, Classical Publishing Company, pp 264, Rs 600.00

A study of Euro-history - B.V. Rao: History of Europe (1450-1815), Sterling Publishers Private Limited, pp 306, Rs 140.00

India?s Glorious Scientific Tradition-XXXVIII
Farming and seed protection in ancient literature
- By Suresh Soni

Consumerism overwhelming
Indian markets
- We are like that only : Understanding the Logic of Consumer India, Rama Bijapurkar; Penguin Portfolio, pp. 226; Rs. 495
By M.V. Kamath

Hindi translation of Dharmpal Samagra released
Dharmpal was a great historian of Indian civilisation ?K.S. Sudarshan

By Pramod Kumar

"WE have two countries within our country. One is ?India? created by the Britishers and represented by the so-called English-educated people.    more >

Cattle research centre in Uttarakhand
By Ravindra Saini

INTERESTED in a purely natural therapy to get rid of those extra pounds around your belly or a remedy for irregular bowel movements, skin aliments and even cancer? Why not try gaumutra (cow urine) for a change.    more >

Conference on national security in Dehradun
Religion not greater than nation ?K.S. Surdarshan


RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri K.S. Sudarshan has described the cultural attack as an internal security concern that has to be combated through greater awareness.    more >

Bali Road Map: A plot to spare the rich
By Jagmohan

THE ?road map at Bali? has been drawn up. 190 nations have agreed to work out by 2009, within the UN Frame-work Convention on Climate Change, a new protocol which would be put in place after the Kyoto Protocol (1997) expires in 2012.    more >

Angry Hindus condemn overzealous RSPCA
From Radha Mohan Das

ANGRY Hindu leaders from across Britain massed for an emergency meeting on Sunday following the putting to death of a cow at a temple outside London.    more >

EC soft on Sonia
By Sandhya Jain

IF one were asked to identify the two biggest losers of the Gujarat Assembly elections, the answer would be the Election Commission and the ?dynasty? that leads the Congress party.    more >

Sex education in the schools of West Bengal
By Anirban Neogi

THE West Bengal Board of Secondary Education has decided to introduce sex education in the schools affiliated to the Board. The subject has been introduced from Class VI.    more >

A wake-up call to Hindus
Oppression in Malaysia

By Prakash Singh, IPS (Retd)

MORE than two years back, in an article entitled ?Is Hinduism in Retreat??, I had defined a Hindu as ?basically non-aggressive, not deeply concerned about his places of worship being defiled or even demolished,...    more >

Mandate for Modi's leadership
By Shyam Khosla

AN intelligent weaving together of assertive nationalism, ensuring benefits of a robust economic growth percolating to the common man and Narendra Modi?s persona ?...    more >

Tributes to Jagruti Editor late V. Rama Mohana Rao

A condolence meeting was held at Keshav Memorial School on December 13 on the sad demise of Rama Mohana Rao, Editor, Jagruti which was attended by Sarsanghachalak of RSS Shri K.S. Sudarshan.    more >

From Gujarat battlefield
Narendra Modi leads BJP to a spectacular victory

By Deepak Kumar Rath

Khamosh! The lion of Gujarat is here with a magic number of 117 defying all the predictions of the exit polls. Shri Narendra Modi has defused the bomb of the pseudo-secular forces and the so-called secular media who had ganged up to tame the image of an upcoming BJP leader of future India, ...    more >

Modi: Man of the Match

Born on September 17, 1950, at Mehsana Damodardas, Shri Modi joined the BJP in 1987. In 1988, he was made a general secretary of the party. In 1995, he moved to Delhi after split in the BJP, effected by Shankersinh Vaghela.    more >

Thus spoke Modi after winning the battle?.

BEFORE taking the oath of the office for the third time, Shri Modi has set his future target for his ?Jitega Gujarat? and announced it before his beloved Gujarati families.    more >

Fantastic display of bands
Awaken national pride ?Sarsanghachalak

By Deepak Kamath

BANGALORE: It was swabhiman (pride) personified at the Kittur Rani Chenamma Stadium in Jayanagar reverberated to the mesmerizing tunes of musical bands on December 25.    more >

Many many happy returns of the day
Atalji celebrates 84th B'day

THE people of Gujarat have given a priceless gift to former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee on his birthday.    more >

Cover Page


Gujarat votes against ?Sonia secularism?
By M.D. Nalapat

THE UPA has with zest implemented policies that divide the majority Hindus from the other faiths, and penalizes them for having been born in the majority community in India. Such religion-based policies have created in India the system of ?Partial Secularism? which is in fact a negation of the very term.    more >


Will Pakistan survive Benazir?s killing?
By Aditya Pradhan

WHEN news trickled in at 6:50 pm on December 27 that Pakistani Opposition leader Benazir Bhutto is dead, there was disbelief and a sense of incredulity. Though GEO TV of Pakistan was the first in the media to declare her dead, everyone waited for the rumour to be squashed.    more >

Fight terror together?A.B.Vajpayee

A personal loss?L.K. Advani

A Special Report

Christmas Day Terror
Hindus protest attack on Swami Laxmanananda

By Debasis Tripathy in Bhubaneswar

DAY before the birthday of Jesus Christ, Christian goons attacked Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati in Kondhamal district where Swamiji sustained injury, of course his precious life was spared by luck.    more >

A Review

The Golden Compass
An atheist narration

By Nayan Mistry

IT?S the time of year that the film industry rolls out its selection of Christmas blockbusters. Having been a fan of previous Christmas releases, such as The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series, I was pleasantly surprised to see another of my favourite books adapted to the big screen ? The Golden Compass, based on Philip Pullmans book Northern Lights, part one of His Dark Materials trilogy.    more >

Pravasi Bharatiya

Indians confident of super power status

INCREASING numbers of Indian people are seeing their own country as a future leading global power. In many other parts of the world, people also expect India to be a global player amongst the big powers in a few years. In an international comparison India has not been attributed a prominent position.    more >

Kids? Org

Avoid the company of a fool
By Manju Gupta

AN old and blind vulture lived in the hollow of a tree near the bank of a river. While the other vultures went out to hunt for food, the old vulture would look after their little ones. On return the parents would give some morsels to the old vulture to eat out of gratitude. One day, a cat happened to pass by when she heard the chirping of the young vultures.    more >

Play & Learn
Crazy Carnations

Health Watch

Obesity and Hypertension: A killer combination
How to combat it?

By Dr. Sharda Jain

OBESITY is one of the most visible, yet the most neglected, risk factors contributing to the overall burden of diseases worldwide. It is estimated that at least one billion adults and ten per cent of children are now overweight or obese. Obesity leads to various diseases such as cardio-vascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, or even some type of cancer.    more >

The Moving Finger Writes

India: Straining to keep friends
By M.V. Kamath

IN the last few months India has been engaged in frenetic activity on the international front. In February 2007 Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing led a 110-member Chinese delegation to India at the inauguration of a freshly renovated Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall in Nalanda.    more >

Open Forum

An insight into appeasement policy
By Prof. S.G. Kashikar

AT present, there have been successive spates of unprecedented show of concern for the perceived plight of the Muslims of India. Recently, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh most magnanimously announced that henceforth Muslims would have the first claim on the resources of the country.    more >

Think it Over

Islam needs a settled view
By M.S.N. Menon

THE men who want to close the historical process and pronounce the ?last words? of history are most dangerous men. Beware of them! The Muslims were the first to do so. They foreclosed the future of man. Then came the Americans. The Communists were the latest.    more >

Media Watch

Indian media sans foreign bureaus

AN interesting feature of current media operations is the winding up by newspapers of their foreign bureaus. Time was when, especially in the fifties and sixties, newspapers prided themselves on the number of reporters sent abroad as foreign correspondents.    more >

Readers? Forum

Narendra Modi?s victory Bharat?s victory (Organiser, 16-12-2007);

The hard-hitting article by Shri J.G. Arora is timely. Is it not a pity and pauperization of our political honesty that the brutal burning of karsevaks in Sabarmati Express near Godhara by a frenzied mob was one of the most cruel and pulverizing events of Indian history?    more >

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