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May 22, 2011

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Reader's Forum

Pakistan stands exposed! (Organiser, 15.5.2011);
Dr Pravin Togadia has rightly said in his article that “ US is a sovereign state and so is Bharat. If US has every right to go after the country it believes attacked it, then so does Bharat. But why the same logic is not applied to jehadis who have been attacking various other countries? ...If the US President Obama can lead his intelligence agencies and militancy forces to locate and kill Osama, so can we.” In my opinion we are a soft nation with weak leadership and we are several light years away from doing anything like what the US has done in Pakistan. In fact the US has not only killed Osama inside Pakistan without informing the Pakistani authorities about it, but they have also posted their army in Pakistan to monitor the situation after the killing.Is it justified for a nation to post its army in another sovereign country? On the other hand our weak government has failed to do anything about Dawood Ibrahim, Ajmal Kasab, Abu Salem, Afzal Guru and several other terrorists who have carried out anti-India operations. They have all been trained by the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and their operations are sponsored by Pakistan. I can understand the UPA government’s policy of appeasing the Muslims, for votes, but why they are pampering the terrorists. Hope a day will come when we would follow the footsteps of the US and challenge the terrorists and the countries who are creating problems in Bharat.

MAYA MISHRA, C-403, Anandlok Society, Mayur Vihar —1, Delhi- 91

Hindu land , holy land
Hindu temples , demolished
And images , humiliated,
Hindu land , pillaged
And women , dishonoured,
Hindu culture , trampled
And pride , wounded ,
That’s how Islam
Invaded our land .
Pulverized and crushed
Became Hindu society ,
Oppressed and enslaved
Became Hindu society ,
Debased and subjugated
Became Hindu society ,
That’s how Islam
Ruled our land .
Holy land of Vedas
Desecrated by alien creed,
Fire in my eyes ,not tears
Nerves at strain , indeed ,
Anguish and anger , in my heart
So deep, so deep, so deep.

ROSHAN SRIDHAR, Shelton, Connecticut, USA

Godhra carnage and pseudo-secularists: An analysis (Organiser, 24.4.2011);

The writer has given details of the events, and rightly concluded that “Let us all work together and expose the pseudo’s on Godhra”. But this is not sufficient. Muslims have to be told, that in 1945-46 elections, they all voted for Jinnah and the Muslim League on the clear cut issue of creation of Pakistan as the homeland for the Muslims of the entire undivided India. The truncated India was meant to be homeland for the Hindus and non-Muslim minorities. Jinnah had declared in no uncertain terms that “ all parties concerned in India should accept Pakistan’s scheme and take steps to resettle the Hindus and the Muslims in their respective homelands” and further stated “—and sooner or later exchange of population will have to take place and the Constituent Assemblies of Pakistan and Hindustan can take up the matter and subsequently the respective governments can effectively carry out the exchange of population.” (see pages 332 and 457, Genesis of Pakistan, by VV Nagarkar). Thus according to Jinnah, for whom Muslims of India voted in 1945-46 elections, they have no claim over India, and are living here due to treachery by Gandhi and Nehru, and due to traditional liberal attitude of the Hindus. It is said that coming events cast their shadow before. Muslims are multiplying very very fast. It they can perform Godhra carnage in Gujarat, where they are only ten per cent, what they would do, when they grow in percentage. Certainly there would be another Partition of already truncated India, if the things are allowed to go, as they are.

ANAND PRAKASH, 72 Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

Media and Narendra Modi (Organiser, 24.4.2011);

The writer seems to unwittingly concede that what happened in Gujarat after Godhra were ‘anti-Muslim riots’ (one-sided). I disagree with the line. Senior administrative and police officials should be equally blamed for mishandling the riots.The fact is, even after Godhra Muslims were equally on the offensive and hundreds of Hindus were killed and 40,000 Hindus thrown out of their homes into refugee camps by Muslims. Narendra Modi handled the riots extremely efficiently and managed to control them in just three days while it took previous Congress Governments six months to stop riots when they broke out in 1985.


All national leaders apposed conversions (Organiser, 6.3.2011);

It is most unfortunate that the Hindu intellectuals have never paid enough attention to the issue of conversion. It has not been made a subject of critical study by them although it is their community which is always forced to conversion by the Muslims and the Christians. Conversion is the permanent theme of Semitic religions and will continue till Islam and Christianity last. Islam and Christianity have made desertion, conversion a sin and crime to their flock but openly propogate others to convert into their religion. It is not the eternal hell fire which forced Hindus to convert but by fraud, deceit and material inducement.

K DAMODAR REDDY, H. No-9-6-365, Champapet, Hyderabad-79

Don’t make Delhi a crime capital (Organiser, 27.3.2011);

It is a matter of regret that despite women are sitting on top positions viz. the President of Bharat, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Chairperson of the UPA; leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha and Chief Minister of Delhi, women are not getting due protection. A committee of these five must be constituted to find out ways and means of protecting women. All types of vulgar advertisements on women in media must be banned immediately. The yoga and moral education must be introduced in schools and colleges so that preventive system as advocated by Baba Ramdevji may be applied. The sale of liquor in Delhi is also one of the cause of higher rate of crime. The frequent movement of foreigners especially Bangladeshies, Pakistanies, etc, after crossing borders are creating problems not only in Delhi but also throughout the country. All the persons living in such places especially rickshaw pullers, taxi drivers, street wanders, etc, must be registered with nearby police stations and identity cards must be issued to them for all purposes. People living in the area must be educated to check the identity of serving person before taking their services. Prevention is better then cure policy must be followed in letter and spirit. The protection of life and property of its citizens is the first and primary duty and responsibility of the government. The modern means of transportations and communications are also required to be stream lined vigilantly with modern technology to detect the criminals. May God give good sense to authorities .

LAKSHMI CHAND, Village Bandh, Dist Solan, 173 233

Investigate conspiracy to kill RSS leaders (Organiser, 20.2.2011);

With reference to the front page news item ‘Investigate conspiracy to kill RSS leaders: RSS Sarkaryavah Bhaiyaji Joshi’s letter to PM’, I would like to say that our PM is a puppet in the hands of Sonia Gandhi who is in turn a puppet of Pan Christian and Pan Islamic forces. These two forces have a common goal of annihilating Hindus and Hinduism. They want to create Islamic and Christian theocracies by ruining Hinduism. RSS is their arch enemy. Disturbing, ruining, spoiling, splitting and killing leaders of the RSS leaders is their religion. We cannot expect any positive response from the PM for the welfare or support of the RSS. What will happen in the due course of time is that PM would sent a sweet and convincing reply to Sarkaryavahji and would continue his pious religious duty of spreading venom against the RSS. What is required is a sound mechanism to deal directly with conspirators and promoters of conspirators and deal with them suitably. I don’t expect any positive move from the so-called secularists and the anti Hindu PM and his remote controlled Sonia.

PRAMOD PRABHAKAR VALSANGKAR, Dilsukh Nagar, Hyderabad-500 060

The political conspiracy against Young India (Organiser, 30.1.2011);

Sachar Committee and Ranganath Mishra Commission’s recommendations are designed to deprive the Hindus of the opportunities in education and employment. Shri OP Gupta, IPS (Retd) has listed out in his article ‘The political conspiracy against Young India’ (the Organiser Youth Special, 30.01.2011) several anti-Hindu measures of Sonia Gandhi’s government like shrinkage in promotional avenues for Hindu employees, reduction in seats in educational institutions for all Hindus, educational loans to Hindu students at higher rates, higher fees for Hindu students at IIMs and IITs, etc., commercial loans to Hindus at higher rates etc. The sad fact is that Hindus in general are not aware of the above actions of the Central Government and continue to support Sonia Gandhi. If BJP can ensure that Shri Gupta’s article reaches every Hindu home, these is a possibility that the Hindus may awaken from their slumber .

PR NAIR, D-8, Ratan Apartments, TD West Road, Cochin-682 035

Why this double standard? We are told that our President is a Hindu, our Vice-President a Muslim, our Prime Minister a Sikh, our Defense Minister a Christian and this is flaunted as secularism by our pseudo-secular powers. On the other hand we were taught by the Founding Fathers of our Republic that “secularism” means that the state is not concerned with the religion of an individuals in the affairs of state. While this is so, a reference to the religion of the head of the largest political party and head of the coalition of ruling parties, namely Christianity, is ticked off and an Indian Ambassador gets into trouble over it.

CBD RAO, 39, 15th Cross Road, Bengaluru-560 003

Never ending match Let us not forget in the euphoria of winning the world cup our eminent economist Manmohan Singh invited his counterpart the Pakistan prime minister to witness the semi finals between Pakistan and Bharat. This was on a different pitch, an another kind of hide and seek, a never ending match going on for sixty years. Our PM’s vision and dream went beyond the mundane cricket field as he hoped that he could win his own match, on his own terms, through reconciliations and negotiations with consummate ease and cleverness. What was the outcome of these talks, we the public are curious to known or should we wait for WikiLeaks? We the people of Bharat are not stupid or foolish to believe that we can live amicably with a religion that has stemmed out of the tip of a sword while ours flows from our heart. Whenever talks take place between our two countries there is firing at the LoC or as it happened this time. An officer of the Indian embassy was kidnapped and later on released. Teasing, humiliating and provocative acts which when bring a public outcry, feeble apologies are handedover with impunity. Why this pusillanimity on the part of our government? The disconcerting whims and caprices of Pakistan saying one thing and then retracting or demanding dossier after dossier about 26/11 doesn’t seem to trouble our weak government. Aren’t we being humiliated, by our neighbour? More bite is needed in dealing with Pakistan.

SHANTA DYUTHIKAR, 39 15th cross , Malleshwaram, Bengaluru-3

WikiLeaks exposure on mercy petition in India Latest WikiLeaks exposures on deliberate delay in decision to hang Afzal Guru seems to be correct by the way Union Home Ministry is acting now a days. It seems that Indian government has virtually taken an indirect decision to suspend death-sentence by going too slow in taking decision on pending 29 petitions. Recent enbloc turning of eight death-sentences into life-imprisonment by President of India was done in an unprecedented manner when Union Home Ministry recalled all these files for ‘review’. Earlier two successive Union Home Ministers had recommended rejection of all these mercy-petitions after even their decision to reject mercy-petitions got endorsed by Attorney General. After Supreme Court’s verdict, mercy-petitions must be only rarely accepted. Union government should take immediate steps to decide all pending mercy-petitions within a time-bound period of say three months. Delay in deciding mercy-petitions creates unnecessary emotions and provocation, apart from diluting fear against committing the crime. Also terrorists can repeat incidents like infamous hijack of IC-814 at Kandhar to get death-convicts like Afzal Guru and Kasab freed before being hanged in case of delayed decisions on mercy-petitions.

SUBHASH CHANDRA AGRAWAL, 1775 Kucha Lattushah, Dariba, Chandni Chowk, Delhi 110 006

Why egoism on part of Maharashtra government? It is very disheartening that the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited and the Maharashtra government have refused permission to the farmers to pluck mangoes from the orchards along the Ratnagiri belt. If the mangoes are not plucked in time, there will be a huge revenue loss, export as well as indigenous. One fails to understand why the State government is exhibiting such arrogance and egoism on the issue of the Nuclear Project. It is sad that massive orchards will be destroyed for the sake of the nuclear plant. We will have concrete jungles, industries and electric power but no food to eat.

HARISCHANDRA PARSHURAM 34, Queen’s View, Near SNDT College, Mumbai 400 049

Corrupts feel pride in being corrupt Corruption has assumed such a large proportion that people feel pride in being corrupt. Corrupts are ruling the nation and belong to ruler-influential class. We take pride in moving in a tinted-glass-car if that is banned, we feel proud in moving without helmet, we proudly cross a red-signal or boast of our connection in manipulating a decision in our favor that was otherwise not allowed within rules – be it admission of your ward; be it a place in an IPL team; be it winning a tender; be it selection for a post or promotion in your rank. On the other hand a law-abiding or a rule-observer is generally looked down upon by our society. We measure the status of an influential person and respect him as much as he shows courage to violate/manipulate rules and norms. The power-brokers in India have helped in creating this state by enacting laws that are simply un-observable. Bill Gates can rise from ashes using regular means but it is simply unimaginable to even dream for any such rise in India by any law-abiding individual. You necessarily need to be a Harshad/a Ketan/a power broker politician/a shrewd bureaucrat/a corrupt administrator/a manipulating Judge/a tax evading businessman or a professional who is not honestly true to his/her profession. Believe me they can prove anyone corrupt not only because we require little to get convinced about this but also as they have ensured that nobody can remain a law-abiding citizen in India. I am afraid, unless you are an ostrich it is impossible to find a way to get out of this mess.

— Dr RAKESH KUMAR PANDEY, Associate Professor , Physics Department, Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi, Delhi -110 007

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