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July 06, 2008
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July 06, 2008

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Readers? Forum

CPM-NDF-Police nexus kills RSS men (Organiser, 4-5-2008); I have just returned from a one-month holiday at my village in Kannur. The recent murder of BJP workers by Marxist party goons was the talk of everyone in my village, which is a CPM village where no other party can function. The CPM cadres in my village have told me that party leaders in Kannur have told them during the local committee party meetings that immediately after the state committee meeting of the CPM in Kottayam, the party cadres are to kill as many BJP workers as possible. After giving their supporters the call to begin the killing, they left for Delhi to take part in the politburo meeting. The CPM trained killers began to murder BJP workers immediately after the state committee meeting. Many RSS supporters were also maimed. It was only after the BJP protested in Delhi against CPM?s murderous attacks on BJP workers in Kannur that CPM leaders told their cadres to slow down. To teach a lesson to the CPM, the only way it seems is to pay back them in the same coin in other parts of India. A warning that the relatives of CPM leaders and their murderous supporters living outside Kerala would be dealt with in a proper manner if they continue to kill BJP men in Kannur is the only lesson Kannur killers will understand. Hats off to patriotic BJP workers in Surat, Aurngabad, Bangalore and Pune, who succeeded in warning Kerala CPM leaders that the BJP can retaliate if it wishes against Kannur killers.


Growth without inflation (Organiser, 22-6-2008); Rise in price is occurring day-by-day, which affects the life of poor very badly. But the UPA government appears to be hoodwinking on this issue as the prices of essential commodities are hitting the roof. The poor and middle class people are facing many problems and can?t afford to live with the spiralling inflation. Although China has high number of growth rate, it has less per cent of inflation than our country. Although inflation occurs, the country?s growth should be without inflation?as has been rightly suggested in your editorial. The UPA government should take necessary steps, otherwise life of the poor will become worse.

by e-mail

A unique environment movement (Organiser, 22-6-2008); The effort of Dr Harsh Vardhan is one that should be appreciated, as the state of our environment is growing worse day-by-day due to the ignorance of the people about the Greenhouse Effect, which is caused because of the increasing use of non-biodegradable substances. It is horrifying to think of handing down our future generations a world without trees and a clean and green environment where one can breathe freely. Since it is the duty of every citizen to play a crucial role in saving our environment, this effort by Dr Harsh Vardhan should be recognised and more people should participate in the campaign, as it is a question of the future and health of our future generation.

C-450, C.R. Park, New Delhi

Each religion is struggling with its own discrepancies (Organiser, 22-6-2008); It has been rightly mentioned that despite the fact that while none can deny that caste discrimination did exist in the last few centuries, it is also a fact of history that Hinduism has produced a number of reformers who dedicated their lives for eradication of certain ills afflicting the society. All the religion should know that the God is one not different, so they should not fight against others.

6/286, Geeta Colony, Delhi

Tibet?s quest for freedom (Organiser, 15-6-2008); With recent unrest in Lhasa, there has been massive coverage on international and domestic media, but none of them tried to give a truthful and clear picture of the causes that contribute to these events. Most of the business opportunities are taken by Han Chinese?70 per cent of business are owned and operated by the Han. No true autonomous policy exists in Tibet. Whereas other autonomous counties, prefectures, and provinces in China have adopted policies that ensure benefits to local people, no such policies seem to exist in TAR. What Tibetans are seeking is a genuine degree of autonomy, where Tibetans have the right to govern themselves within the Chinese system and preserve their own cultural and religious identity.

Mahalakshmipura, Bangalore

*   *   *

Official Chinese media is always childish with its false accusations of the Dalai Lama. It tries to claim he is responsible for a situation, which has been entirely created by the government. The government should look to the Dalai Lama for a peaceful solution to the problem. The only reason why there is even a semblance of control in Tibet is because the Dalai Lama has requested that people remain calm and not commit violence. If the Dalai Lama instigated these riots, the situation would be much, much worse.

Type II Flats, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi

Bio-diesel: A need-cum-opportunity in agro-employment (Organiser, 15-6-2008); Modern diesel engine technology has advanced to the point where the advantages of bio-fuel usage are becoming much greater than the disadvantages. Modern diesel engines produce less noise, smoke or vibrations and they are more fuel-efficient than older model engines. Diesel engines have the added advantage of greater acceleration when compared to gasoline engines on the same model of vehicle. The use of bio-diesel fuel may be the solution to the increasing transportation energy crisis, particularly in the farming and shipping transportation sectors.

Tampa Bay Area, Florida, USA

Historic BJP win in Karnataka (Organiser, 8-6-2008); The electorate of Karnataka needs to be complimented for giving a clear mandate to rule in favour of the BJP. The outcome clearly indicates that people would not tolerate the political betrayal by JD (S). It?s curtain down for the political capitalism in the garb of one family rule calling the shots in the political arena and thus treating as family fiefdom, be it Mr. Deve Gowda or Mr. Bangarappa.

12-11-1394, Raghavendranagar, Secunderabad

*   *   *

The Bharatiya Janata Party?s coming to power in Karnataka on its own has strengthened its hopes regarding the next Lok Sabha elections. This is a development, which gives cause for worry not only to the Congress but also to others who view the BJP?s comeback with anxiety. Keen observers knew that the BJP would improve its position in Karnataka. But no one expected it to be in a position to form the government without relying on other political parties. The BJP formed the single-party government by making a performance that exceeded everyone?s expectations. The credit for this triumph goes to the state leadership of BJP. It also belongs to the voters of the state, who, it seems, had decided in advance that a hung legislature must be avoided.

Kanan Nagar, Coimbatore

*   *   *

By getting a foothold in a southern state, the BJP has truly earned the right to be called a national party. But it may not be easy for the party to replicate the Karnataka victory in the neighbouring states. This is because conditions in the other states are quite different from those of Karnataka. If any state offers scope for the BJP to grow fast, it is Kerala. The moves made by the state?s pseudo-secular parties, including the CPI (M), hoping to make temporary gains, may well help in increasing the BJP?s vote share.

Station Road, Old City, Bhavnagar

*   *   *

The Karnataka electorate would not have imagined that its decision, perhaps for the first time in the state?s history, could have a national impact. Political circles at both the state and national levels have already begun assessing the possible influence the outcome will have on the timing of the parliamentary polls, due early next year. The Karnataka outcome is crucial for both the BJP and the Congress to help them draw strategies for the assembly elections in Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh later this year and the parliamentary polls early next year.

Markandaya Group Housing Society, Civil Lines, Jabalpur

*   *   *

A two-party system has been in place in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu for some time. The latest election results indicate that Karnataka, too, is ready to move in that direction. It needs to be noted that, like the BJP, the Congress too bettered its position in the state. While the BJP?s strength in the legislature rose from 79 to 110, the Congress?s rose from 65 to 80. Both grew at the expense of the other parties. The worst sufferer was H.D. Deve Gowda?s Janata Dal (Secular). Its strength fell from 58 to 28. No other party has representation in the new house.

Tilak Nagar, Narghat, Mirzapur

*   *   *

For Congress, it has become almost ritualistic to blame the divide of the so-called secular vote after every election for its loss?be it Gujarat or Karnataka. Does it imply that the staggering vote percentage of 29.7 per cent that the BJP got were from communally inclined electorate and the rest are secularly divine? On the lighter side, it has also proved that the Congress so-called lucky mascot Rahul Gandhi failed once again proving Arun Jaitley right who portended that Congress did perish wherever Rahul Gandhi set foot on his campaign. Let us hope BJP too learns a lot from unpleasant past and succeeds in offering an able and a stable government.

Ottapalam, Palakkad, Kerala

Miracle of RTI: What next? (Organiser, 1-6-2008); Today, civil servants, ministers, jurists etc are cornered by RTI. After liberalisation, government is withdrawing from many economic activities, which led to enormous growth of private corporates. With the petty tyrants such as tahsildar, revenue inspector, health inspector to top tyrants like bureaucrats and politicians are made accountable by RTI. Still the common man struggles. However, the super class of billionaire is not accountable to people. They can make or unmake millions of lives. How are we going to control these Frankensteins?

Salt Lake, Kolkata

Nepal?s tryst with destiny (Organiser, 1-6-2008); Nepal was the only Hindu kingdom in the world and we were very much proud of it. The British statesman Burke said at the time of the French Revolution: ?The old institutions have permanent value and they should not be done away with in a jiffy.? They should not have abolished the monarchy in Nepal but should have converted it into a constitutional monarchy. With Tibet under the Chinese occupation and Nepal under the clutches of the Maoists, India?s northern frontier is not secure.

51, Willandra Avenue, Griffith, NSW, Australia

Jaipur the new target (Organiser, 25-5-2008); It has become routine that after every blast the UPA praises the people for maintaining communal harmony, while the BJP comes out with lack of POTA as the cause. The UPA with one of the worst home ministers in Independent India is groping in the dark. But BJP should show some maturity. POTA is not going to solve terrorism especially when the killers of Jaipur have very clearly shown their resolve to kill innocents in numbers. Instead of politicising the issue, BJP should say that good intelligence and policing is the need of the hour and the hands of an ordinary policeman should be strengthened.

by e-mail

*   *   *

It is obvious that the home minister cannot be expected to provide security for the country?s common citizens. If, according to him, the CM of Rajasthan is playing politics, then he is playing with the lives of innocent people when he demanded to know of her, ?what had the ?poor? Bangladeshi migrants to do with the Jaipur blasts? How are they connected?? Has Shivraj Patil completed the investigation in the Jaipur blasts and zeroed on the killers? If so then the nation has a right to know of his discovery. If not how can he simply sweep away the illegal Bangladeshi migrants out of the suspicion net? How does he certify the illegal migrants as legal and tries to create sympathy for them?

Srushti Bungalows, Vadodara

Husain has hurt Hindu sentiments (Organiser, 25-5-2008); The writer claimed liberty of expression by challenging the so-called Muslim artist to paint Muslims? holy personalities in the same way as he painted Hindus? gods and goddesses. I beg to state that since Muslims have no traditions of making idols or paintings of their god and saints the caricatures of their revered ones are highly objectionable and hurting.

20-6-370, Bazar Rooplal, Shaali Banda, Hyderabad

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