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January 01, 2006
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January 01, 2006

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Open Forum
Media bias and apartheid in Kerala

By Rama Rajendrababu

In the recent Tamil hit, Ayya, the story revolves around a village, and the life of its local MLA, Ayyadorai. Villagers irrespective of their castes and creed love the kind-hearted Ayyadorai. Unity among the communities unnerves the local politicians (criminals banking on caste politics), who hate to see the village prosper with communal harmony under an efficient and clean administration. As happens in real life, the movie depicts the politicians trying their best to disrupt the caste unity. They succeed to an extent. Since this is a movie, everything ends well with stronger unity among the different communities.

Now let us see what happened when two prominent communities in Kerala decided to unite and fight to ensure social justice and equality. It was a landmark decision indeed. Caste differences have truly been a curse for our nation. So shouldn?t everyone in the literate state be proud when communities try to shed their age-old differences and unite?

We are all from the same race though the British and the Marxists successfully propagated the Aryan Invasion myth to spread hatred among communities. But can we expect anything good from our politicians? The politicians, religious heads, terrorist groups and even some prominent writers went on abusing the community leaders daily and the media had field days. All of them branded the leaders as communal fanatics trying to make the ?minority communities? insecure! How can the unity between two diverse communities cause apprehension in the so-called ?minority? communities? Is Kerala, a battlefield of numerous warring communities, insecure for one community of others?

Anyone following the Sanatan Dharma is doomed and has to face the state-sponsored apartheid. As long as no one is there to question or correct this, communal governments with the help of corrupt media will go to any extent to tarnish our native culture, traditions and heritage.

But what is more baffling is?who is this ?minority?? Our Constitution provides special rights and privileges to the numerically less ?minority? communities (the architects would have thought of Parsis, Jews etc). But of late, this right is used to discriminate and harass non-minority institutions, especially in the education sector. Even the Central government constitutes numerous commissions on minority education, minority welfare, and minority reservations as if all other unorganised communities do not belong to this country. (Rightly the Supreme Court is continuously rejecting these communal proposals.) Recently, the government was thinking of communalising the reputed institutions like IITs and IIMs by a discriminatory admission policy on religious lines! This will only demoralise the minorities, making them feel inferior to others.

But criminals in our political parties cannot accept it since it is not appeasing or appealing to the so-called organised minorities. Dividing communities as ?majority? and ?minority?, an age-old British game, could bleed the nation further, says the court. It also suggested that once a community gains respect socially and economically, its ?minority? status should be removed irrespective of its numbers. What a landmark judgment. But did anyone hear our media honchos or human rights activists or writers like Zakarias and Azhikodes supporting this nationalist judgment? But they find extra energy and enthusiasm to bark and froth at leaders who want to ensure social justice and equality in our state! One really wonders whether these ?activists? are well paid by some ?invisible hands? to bark according to some evil plans.

In fact, the organised minorities have fully exploited the rights in a state like Kerala. Today they own more than 90 per cent of educational institutions and still demand all kinds of state benefits and bounties. Is it fair on the part of the state to favour only the richer and organised sections? We all believe in social justice and equality for all, but how come only a section enjoys everything at the cost of others? Anyone who questions this social inequality will be backstabbed and harassed as we had seen in the case of an honest CM.

This reminds one of the social apartheid of Africa, where the white ?minority? enjoyed all state privileges and discriminated against the majority blacks, who had equal or more rights! In colonized India, the white minority had enslaved our ancestors for years. (We still think like slaves while the organised minorities are looting the state shamelessly.) Any ?slave?, who opposed the fascist white minority, was branded as a terrorist. Nation bled with the oppressive policies of the British and the rest is history.

This may be a cruel analogy, but just think of how the community leaders, who decided to form a unity agenda to ensure equality, were abused and described as fundamentalists, fascists and communalists. Just because they had the audacity to ask for their well-deserved rights as national citizens. They never asked to remove the special rights enjoyed by the minorities, though none deserve them at all. Still it is very fashionable for our media and political class to brand anyone supporting the majority cause as a ?fundamentalist?. Of course, it is another matter that they did not bother to give importance to the landmark Supreme Court judgment on minorities. But many of them have time to petition for the release of a dreaded terrorist, who had ruthlessly killed thousands of our citizens. Today as a matter of fact, the Kerala MLAs and MPs respect this terrorist more than our visionary saints like Sree Narayana Guru or Chattamby Swami. Political pimps, media personnel and human rights pseudo-activists barking on Gujarat riots have no time to assess the rise of communist-NDF terror in Kerala, which is killing many people and destroying properties at will. What else can we expect from these morons who described the ethnic genocide of 1921 as freedom struggle!

Let us also see, how the so-called ?minority? communities treat the so-called ?majority? communities, especially where they are in a numerical majority. Kashmir and the north-eastern states are the best examples of states following intolerance, conversions, ethnic cleansing and severe discrimination against any non-believers of their religion or ideology. Kannur district in Kerala is witness to the terror of majority??minority? Marxists?against the non-believers. NDF is another terrorist outfit based in Malappuram, targeting anyone with a nationalist mind. No doubt, they are well funded by foreign elements, which would prefer a weaker India. Marxist media, which barks a lot on human rights violations, surprisingly maintains a studied silence on the apartheid and ethnic cleansing in Kashmir or the north-eastern states.

Caste differences have truly been a curse for our nation. So shouldn?t everyone in the literate state be proud when communities try to shed their age-old differences and unite?

So in reality, anyone following the Sanatan Dharma is doomed and has to face the state-sponsored apartheid today. As long as no one is there to question or correct this, communal governments with the help of corrupt media will go to any extent to tarnish our native culture, traditions and heritage.

Today, the predatory Kerala government thoroughly discriminates against our temples and strictly follows the oppressive policies initiated by Colonel Munro on our cultural heritage! In the name of Sabarimala development, we see the enthusiasm of our communal government to commercialise and destroy the holy shrine after looting its revenue. Instead of exposing the evil communal agenda of the government, the media is competing to bash the leaders, who exposed the government corruption.

Let the Kerala media continue its bias but how long can it sustain the fabrications and hoaxes. It cannot continuously ignore the sentiments of the majority subscribers, who face extreme social apartheid. What if the discriminated customers boycott their subscriptions with the media, propagating lies and hatred? Just a thought, but it is a useful pill for its dishonesty and bias.

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