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September 04, 2011

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Reader’s Forum

Is ‘Hindu Rashtra’ blasphemous? : This is with reference to various press reports regarding pro-Congress hoodlums attacking Subramanian Swamy’s house. The cause of attack on Swamy’s New Delhi residence on Sunday, August 7, was his article, “How to wipe out Islamic terror”, published in the Daily News and Analysis on July 16. In it, Shri Swamy had suggested that India should be declared a ‘Hindu Rashtra’. Noting that Indian Muslims were becoming more and more radical anti-Hindus, he also suggested that the Muslims, who refuse their Hindu ancestry and refuse to sing Vande Mataram should be de-franchised. This article has generated anger among Islamic fanatics and Congressmen. The latter have taken to rowdyism, burning Swamy’s effigy at various places and attacking his residence. The National Commission for Minorities, euphemism for Muslims, has decided to prosecute Swamy under Section 153-A (Inciting communal hatred) and Section 295-A (Acts intended to outrage religious feelings) of the IPC. Hindus comprise 82 per cent of the India’s population. By all standards, India is already a Hindu nation. Shri Swamy’s intention seems to make India a Hindu State, which is quite logical. It implies that Hinduism shall be a State religion, (like Christianity is UK’s State religion, despite it being a secular State), and the governing policy of India should be guided by principles of Hindu polity as enumerated in the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, Kautilaya’s Arthashastra, etc. It is noteworthy that the great freedom fighter and President of the Hindu Mahasabha from 1937 to 1942, VD Savarkar too advocated this very sort of Hindu Rashtra. If the demand for a Hindu Rashtra was not a crime during the British Raj, how is it a crime now in Independent India? Does it mean that the Congress Raj is more despotic than the British imperialism?

—RAM GOPAL, A-2B/94-A, Ekta Apartments, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi 63

Asian Intelligence Report on Asian Business and Politics Every Indian should welcome the Asian Intelligence Report on Asian Business and Politics for thoroughly exposing the rot that is eating away the institutions of governance. It comes as a stinging rebuke which will hopefully silence PM Manmohan Singh who continues to deny any wrongdoings by his government. The report has taken the sheen off the governments’ claims of a growing economy and India’s increasing international clout. The rampant corruption in India can be attributed to politicians and bureaucrats who are driven by greed. Those involved with executing programmes or projects are more concerned about how to fill their pockets.For politicians, winning an election is like getting a ticket to loot the nation. It appears that nothing is regulated in India. And all this is happening under the stewardship of a man who many believe is the epitome of honesty, reflects poorly on our collective intelligence. The world, given the government’s “sins of omission and commission”, will now suspect our claims of transparency and believe that nothing happens in India without paying bribes. However we should not be concerned about how other’s see us but actually worry about how to remove this tag of ‘ a corrupt nation’. It is for the citizens of India to fight this menace.

—MAHESH CHANDRA SHARMA, E-198, Panki, Kanpur

God’s own land in the grip of Bacchus (Organiser,10.7.2011); Dr Babu Suseelan has show great concern and discussed in detail, the problem of drinking driving, suicide, homicides, divorce, family breakdown and crimes relating to alcohol and drug abuse in Kerala, in his “Special Report” in Organiser dated 10.7.2011. He has also stated that such issues are not considered as a serious social problem by the pseudo-secular UPA government. Infact such evils are on increase not only in Kerala, but throughout the country. The problem is, that these pseudo-secular Black Englishmen have penetrated deep into every sphere of national life, like administration, judiciary, educational institutions and print and electronic media. The root cause is, that after August 15, 1947, India in reality didn’t got freedom. There was transfer of power, from White Englishmen to Black Englishmen, headed by Gandhi, Nehru and associates. To befool people, they posed as Indians from outside, but injected westernisation in all spheres and activities of national life. The USA and the West was ideal for them and they forced step by step all the bad habits and unethical ways of Europeans and Americans in our day to day life. Swami Ramdev has been working on Indianisation of entire national life and exposed loot of Indian’s wealth by the Congress. It is good that he got the support of the BJP, the RSS and the VHP on this national issue. But Black Englishmen headed by Congress got horrified and after giving savage treatment to the peaceful people who was protesting against the corrupt practices of UPA government at the Ramlila Ground at Delhi, are now indulging in filthy and abusive language against a selfless, dedicated, and learned yogi, Swami Ramdev. Unless we get rid of the Black Englishmen from the position of power in a big way, things would go from bad to worse.

—ANAND PRAKASH, 72/Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

Who is running the country? India continues to be the target of terrorists and with each terrorist attack, the incompetence and inefficiency of the Government at the Centre is more than exposed. Of course, it is a different matter when it comes to deal with innocent and unarmed Hindus who assemble to voice their protest against corruption and black money. The way Baba Ramdev and his thousands of followers were subjected to police brutalities at Ramlila Ground in New Delhi showed how this UPA government just for gaining political mileage in its all out efforts to stay in power could easily ride rough shod over Hindu sentiments and feelings and win laurels from pseudo secularists and baiters of Hinduism.

—JYOTI LAL CHOWDHURY, Ukilpatty, Silchar, Assam – 7 88 004

Why not put PM under Lokpal? The government’s refusal to bring the PM and the acts of MP’s under the scanner of the Lokpal speaks volumes about its intentions. Ultimately a toothless Lokpal Bill will not be able to check corruption in high places. The argument that the PM’s office will suffer erosion of prestige and authority if it is brought under the ambit of the Lokpal is untenable. Already the office of the CM and other members of the higher bureaucracy have been placed under the Lokpal. Has it damaged their prestige? If not then why should PM alone be provided immunity form Lokpal.


Reviving rich heritage of India I felt very happy to learn that from the last about two decades, Bharatiya Prakratik Chikitsa and Yoga Sansthan is actively engaged in the wider fields of yoga and naturopathy in India and abroad focusing their development, demonstration, promotion, propagation, research, training and publication to revive the rich heritage coming down to us from our great seers, the beacons of great human learning and practical fruitful experience. The dire need of the day is to effectively and successfully fetch the desired relief to the suffering of humanity which is undergoing various troublesome complications and resultant disorders having crept into our bodies by stages. It is basically due to dreadful result of widespread fast food, vicious thinking, polluted environment, unchecked adulteration in edibles and haphazard haste in every day living. Remaining healthy is the greatest bliss of Mother Nature manifesting a pious canvass of Almighty God’s love in its purest form. The track leading to it needs concentrated attention with utmost priority. Simple and steady natural daily life routine with sincere attitude keeps human life energetic, preserve strength thereby increasing flow of smooth human life-spam. This many enable one to acquire bright divine light giving a clear message of ray of hope for the people caught in the pitch darkness of ignorance and despair. On the other side, staggering and unbridled way of life may lead one to a painful suffering ending up having led a purposeless life.

—MM PRABHAKAR, N-85, Dwarkapuri, Navin Shahdara, Delhi-32

UPA’s Lokpal Bill is toothless The Lokpal Bill cleared by the Cabinet does not come as a surprise. It is exactly what the government had always indented to create and exactly what Anna Hazare protested against—a toothless Lokpal. It is now clear that the government’s early negotiations with Anna Hazare, the setting up of a Joint Drafting Committee and all the subsequent meeting was all drama to hoodwink the country and water down the tremendous public support for Anna Hazare’s war against corruption. The UPA government has finally proved that it is of the corrupt, by the corrupt and for the corrupt and all its rhetoric actions against corruption is simply to foul the people.

—RAMINDER SINGH, B-224, Naraina Industrial Area, Phase:1

Justice delayed is justice denied As per the news published on 3.5.2011, Justice JH Bhatia of Bombay High Court has expressed that session cases are also adjourned frequently without valid reasons. Similarly district government pleader also stated that lawyers tend to prolong cases. Thus there is delay in giving judgements or decisions by the courts. Here it is my humble request that let the action of the judges speaks by avoiding the rise of their discretionary power and reject condonation of the cases which violate the Limitation Act in filing the cases. The objectivity and the strictness can be then followed by others. The concept of discretionary power is not having mandatory sense, but having voluntary sense, or it means freedom to decide. The basic concept of justice depends upon the justice in time and not at any time in course of time. Thus the kindness to forgive delay in filing the case must not add or increase delay in giving judgement in law suits filed within time or promptly. According to John Chipman Gray (1839-1915) the real creators of law are the judges, who draw their opinions especially from the moral convictions.

—Dr VW DESHPANDE, A5 Shee Audumbar Society, Dr Moose Road thone (W) 400 602

Spineless diplomacy It has been rightly said that New Delhi lacks the spine. What is new in it? It is the hallmark of Indian diplomacy. It has been the characteristic of Indian diplomacy since its inception even. Now, India struggles for just membership of UNSC despite meeting all required qualifications to be a Veto-wielding permanent member. Here, one can wonder why India refused the same when it was offered in a platter by all powerful USA in 1955. For long, India was second fiddle to USSR, and now, on many issues - from global warming to Nepal - playing the same role to China despite latter’s known uncompromising devious relationship with India’s sworn enemy Pakistan and anti-India internal forces. In the diplomacy, it is believed that ‘Strong gets respect; not the weak’. It is needless to say that “nation’s strength means defence and economic processes”. But, why after long years of self-rule India depends for imported hardware for maintenance of its war gears; forget about being self-sufficient in indigenous war gears. If we compare Israel with India we will find that Israel, only Jewish nation and under the sky just a dot in the world map has built its own defence capability and its per capita income is 20 times better than India. Further, on economic front, it is not understood why India followed the non-growth oriented socialist economic policy for so long (till 1991) when the sworn socialist China abandon the same in late 1970s.

—BIMAL PRASAD MOHAPATRA, Plot. 646K, Radha Khrushna Nagar, Bhubaneswar-751 002

CAG’s report proves Sheila guilty Sheila Dikshit should have resigned on moral grounds after details of the CAG report made their way into the public domain. The CAG is not the agency of any political party so its report cannot be ignored on the pretext of malicious intent. It is the highest statutory body which investigates public accounts. Even if Sheila Dikshit was not directly involved in corruption she must bear in mind that her resignation will ensure a thorough and unbiased investigation into the matter. Moreover Sheila Dikshit has also been indicted by the Shunglu Committee for her government’s shoddy execution of the Commonwealth Games project.

—RAMINDER SINGH, B-224, Naraina Industria Area, Phase:1

Minorities Syed Shahabuddin time and again writes about India being a multi-religions, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual etc., country. Excepting fundamentalist and intolerant countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, there is no civilised country in the world which is not multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and multi- lingual yet all of them have an intense sense of single-nationhood. Tolerance does not deteriorate into encouragement of a sense of being separate and different and permanent stratification of various groups into sub-nations. Some minorities in India have no sense of territorial nationalism but ascertain their belonging to a trans-national community. Shri Shahabuddin sometimes talks about composite culture that India has and should cherish. What are now Pakistan and Bangladesh were also part of that large India which is said to have developed a composite culture. Why it denigrated, derogated and extinguished in Pakistan and Bangladesh and why should it flourish only in India? Is it a cover word for the continuance of disintegrationist faiths and mind sets? It is strange that 98.5 per cent of those who as voters rejected Indian nation hood and voted for the division of India and creation of a separate homeland for Muslims in the subcontinent are, instead of migrating to the land of their creation, not only are staying here but proliferating furiously and are claiming special rights and privileges as before 1947. If the rest of India will not realise the divisiveness and resurgence of the separatist mentality, this country would be heading for multiple partitions.

—Dr TH CHOWDARY, 8, P&T Colony, Karkhana, Secunderabad- 500 009

India’s Defence is in shambles! Our Air Defence Chief asserted that India is capable of carrying out operation like USA in Attobabad in Pakistan. But when an ocean-going merchant vessel pierces through the three corridors of barriers in Mumbai, making a mockery of our Navy, Coastguards and the Police, it appears that such claims are worthless. We have neither got political will nor administrative competence and expertise. Ironically, Shri Chidambaram, who has boasted remedial measures a number of times is now observing Maunvrata!

—BK CHAUDHARI, Royal W, Crescent, The Oakalls, B60, 2TJ, UK

Campaign against corruption in Civil Aviation Ministry Many of us who have been following avation for some time have been seeing appalling levels of corruption over the past few years: the boom in the sector was accompanied by a corresponding increase in the scale and volume of corruption as well. During the tenure of Shri Praful Patel, the civil aviation ministry has seen scams that can easily rival the 2G scam in magnitude. The story as I see it is the same as in the 2G scam: corporate and their lobbyists and friends in the media combine with corrupt ministers and babus to influence policy and pick up national assets for cheap. Fortunately, public outcry forced the government to act to clean-up Telecom by ordering a SC supervised CBI investigation into the scams that eventually led to the arrest of the minister and his corporate cronies. This is exactly what we want to see happening in Civil Aviation as well: this sector which has seen multi-crore scams as well is in the need of an immediate clean-up. If Raja can be arrested for the 2G scam, should other ministers be spared? This article is not just about saving Air India, but about saving Civil Aviation which is being held hostage to the interests of a few Frank Lorenzo type sleaze balls.


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