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November 19, 2006
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November 19, 2006

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Pak-printed currency, land-buying spree
Terror thriving in Left Kerala

By S. Chandrasekhar

Owing to the massive support the CPM and its allies received from separatist groups like PDP, INL, Jamaat-e-Islami, NDF, regrouped elements of banned SIMI etc., the terrorist are having a free run, with the administration and police turning a blind eye to their anti-national activities.

Earlier Abdul Nazzer Madhani?s PDP was the recipient of the largesse of Pakistan?s ISI, with consignments ranging from grenades to AK-47s to Indian currency printed in Pakistan. The RDX for the Coimbatore blast, aimed at L.K. Advani, was handed over to the PDP and it was shifted to there from Kerala. With Madhani in jail, the ISI shifted its support to the emerging NDF. NDF?s strategy was not to limit itself to one party, with the result that one can see NDF men in all major parties of Kerala like CPM, Congress, Muslim League etc. Now NDF is the largest module of ISI in Kerala with an efficient network. It has several acts of terrorism like Tamil Nadu bus burning, Beypore boat blasts, Kozhikode blasts etc. to its credit. There are also IB and media reports that NDF has infiltrated Kerala Police and that these NDF policemen are giving training to NDF cadres in huge estates purchased by them with ISI money. Use of grenades, RDX-mixed explosions, training with AK-47 rifles etc. are imparted there.

The NDF is on a major land-buying spree concentrating on the coastline and tiny islands spread over Kerala. Entire isles like Valiapanickan Thuruthu, Pazhampally, Kurumba, Gothuruthy and Satar in the Kochi-Thrissur belt have been purchased, paying 10-20 times of the market value. These isles are close to the Arabian sea and Kochi International airport. They are situated in the Periyar and Chalakudy rivers and it is just 10 minute ride to the sea and 10 km to the airport. These deserted isles are safe hideouts for weapon smuggling and anti-national acts. The IB has taken strong note of the land-buying spree but the CPM is yet to get its act going.

In the context of RAW/IB reports that two containers of Indian currency printed in Pakistan have arrived in Kochi, Mumbai Police have arrested one Abdul Majeed of Kerala at Hyderabad. Interrogations revealed that he is involved in the Mumbai train blasts and that he did hawala transactions worth Rs. 770 crore. The Rs. 336 crore hawala money which came to Kerala during 2001-2006 regime of Congress-Muslim League must have certainly gone into the hands of terrorists.

There is a Kerala connection in every terrorist explosion taking place, from Ghatkopar to the recent Mumbai blasts. Basha of Coimbatore blasts infame and Imam Ali who was killed in Bangalore had their training in Kerala. Mohammed Fahd who was recently arrested in Bangalore for attempt to bomb the Vidhan Souda has a Kozhikode connection. His father Abdulla Koya migrated to Pakistan in 1971 and most of his relatives are in Kozhikode. Fahd was in Kozhikode a few months back and had left back a file. Two persons came there a week back and took the file. Police suspect that it contained details of ISI modules, hawala transactions and Fahd?s Pakistan passport. Police have arrested Rahmatullah and Mohammed Afzal of Kozhikode for arranging fake Indian passport for Fahd. Raids on houses of Fahd?s relatives have unearthed incriminating CDs and Urdu letters. Fahd?s family owns a steel factory in Kuttikkattoor where an explosion took place in 1997. Police investigations, then, revealed that parts of missiles were there in the debris.

Despite Chief Minister V.S. Atchudanandan disclosing that Pak-sponsored terrorist activity is on the rise in Kerala, the police is not able to take strong action as the CPM is all out wooing the Muslims. In several cases of terrorist activity, police investigations are going on at snail?s pace allegedly due to CPM instructions. The CPM is planning to launch an alternative to the Muslim League with KTA Jaleel (who defeated Kunjalikutty) as its hero. In a bid to woo the Muslim electorate of Thiruvambadi, which is going to polls due to death of LDF MLA, the CPM is planning to give Rs. 65 lakh compensation to the families of Muslims who are accused in the Marad carnage of eight Hindus! Moreover, LDF has failed to lift a little finger against Hilal Mohammed whom the judicial commission indicted for financing the Marad massacre.

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