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December 12, 2010

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Bilderberg Group exposed
A sinister pursuit of hegemony

By Dr R Balashankar

Shadow Masters, Daniel Estulin, Trine Day, Pp 357 (PB), $24.95

FOR a group that is considered the most powerful instrument in the world for economic and political manipulation, the origin of the name Bilderberg Group is somewhat tepid and innocuous. The secret group, of top political leaders from the West and some of the richest folks, meets once a year behind curtains. The first meeting was hosted by the Dutch Royal Crown and the Rockefeller family at the luxurious Hotel Bilderberg in a small Dutch town called Oosterbeek, in 1954. The group has hence been known as Bilderberg Group. The people invited into it conspire, scheme, manipulate, arm-twist, blackmail and more to work their agendas in all parts of the globe.

What seem like open and shut cases of murder turn out to be small links in a chain of international conspiracies that are being orchestrated to remove a man from office, to replace him/her with the group’s puppet, to corner wealth and steal resources.

This is the sense one gathers from Daniel Estulin’s book Shadow Masters. This is Estulin’s second book on the subject in English. His first book The True Story of the Bilderberg Group (2007) has gone into second edition which is also under review here. This second edition includes an entirely new chapter and updated information on topics such as an earlier attempt to break up Canada and the portents of a North American union.

Estulin, a Russian expatriate from Lithuania says that he has been helped with information from some of the top intelligence agencies in the world in tracking down the activities of the group. Shadow Masters is a story on "How governments and their intelligence agencies are working with international drug dealers and terrorists for mutual benefit and profit."

In a spine chilling narration, Estulin writes how the death of a former KGB agent A Litvinenko was blamed on Putin. The agent was given radioactive poisoning and his slow death made huge TRPs. In reality, the death was an attempt to destabilise Putin, before he went unbridled on nationalisation of the natural resources in Russia, especially oil. The Bilderberg Group also brought the Soviet economy to doldrums by using the mafia to bring down the value of roubles. This is described in detail in the chapter ‘the Economic Rape of Russia.’

The author chases the story of Victor Bout, whom he calls Merchant of Death. He is an illegal arms dealer, with multiple passports, and identities, zipping across the globe, supplying arms in areas where there is an UN embargo on sale of arms. Bout had links with an "Israeli-American and Afghanistan-born diamond merchant Yehuda Abraham, who had business ties with Saudi government and the Saudi Royal family." He had worked along with Hemant Lakhani, an Indian cloth merchant, who in fact was an arms dealer with links to Al-Qaeda and the ruling elites of the UAE, says the author. Lakhani had met one Sanjivan Ruprah an ethnic Indian in Kenya, also an arms dealer who had been associated in the press with Bout. But Bout has always cleared his tracks so well that it has been an uphill task for Estulin to fix him.

"The Shadow Masters, with deep pockets and aggressive agendas, have reshaped the debate on the fundamental issues that affect all of us, and in the process they have made the mainstream media compliant partners in their mission."

"The rise of powerful organisations such as the Heritage Foundation, Hudson Institute, Alfred P Sloan Foundation, Sage Foundation, Cato Institute and Manhattan Institute into the role of savvy idea peddlers with millions to spend on marketing has profound implications for the future of the world. In key policy debates, these organisations have discredited their opponents, dominated the media and, engineered sweeping changes in public opinion and public policy. But none of this is being mentioned in the mainstream media, which is under the tight control of political operatives and policy launderers."

Giving various instances when the Western countries have unleashed propaganda war before the actual war, as in Iraq and Afghanistan, the author quotes the Head of British Intelligence MI6, how ‘the intelligence and facts are being fixed around the policy.’ And the propaganda war has been developed into an art. "How is it done? The same way we sell soap or beer: through repetition, ad nauseum. Multiple sources inject the same falsehood into the media cycle, each phrasing it in its own manner. But the message itself, the gist never changes."

Estulin’s books examine how behind-the-scenes collaboration between governments, intelligence services and drug traffickers has lined the pockets of big business and Western banks.

In his first book, The True Story of Bilderberg Group, the author accuses it of fixing Nixon in the scandal, to pave the way for the installation of ‘their’ President Gerald Ford. Henry Kissinger had a hand in the entire operation, he says.

In the chapter ‘Journalistic Courtesans’ Estulin says "One of the best kept secrets is the degree to which a handful of giant conglomerates, all belonging to the secret Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, NATO, the Club of Rome, and the trilateral Commission, control the world’s flow of information. They determine what we see on television, hear on the radio and read in newspapers, magazines, books, or on the Internet." Scary. The editors and CEOs of the top publications -- Washington Post, Newsweek, Time, Wall Street Journal and The Economist have been part of the Bilderberg Group. They have been sworn to secrecy and have maintained silence, at the cost of their journalistic ethics.

According to the author, when Bilderberg Group first met, its ideas were noble. "The efforts of the original members to better our world were based on a "father-knows-best" autocracy similar to the Roman Catholic Church’s paternalistic form of Christianity."

"Unfortunately, it seems that the Bilderberg Group has grown beyond its idealistic beginnings to become a shadow world-government, which decides in total secrecy at annual meetings how their plans are to be carried out. They threaten to take away our right to direct our own destinies."

Written in severe prose, in keeping with the severity of the issue, the book reads like a fiction plot, reminding one of the good old saying ‘truth is stranger than fiction.’ The notes and supporting documents are extensive. The world is in the grip of a few, handpicked men and fewer women. After reading the book, one can’t help suspecting everything and everyone around. It definitely is an opener and prods the reader sit up and think.

(TrineDay LLC, PO Box 577, Walterville, OR 97489, 1-800-556-2012)

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