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July 01, 2007
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July 01, 2007

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Special OTC of 12 Prants concludes in Delhi
Join RSS, contribute in nation building ?Mohan Bhagwat


"IF the Hindu society stands united with full strength, everybody including the political leaders and the governments will accept its demands. The Sangh has been awakening the society in this regard for decades. We know that the Sangh alone cannot bring this change; we need the help of all countrymen. We also do not want any credit for this work. The credit should go to the society. I appeal to all the countrymen to come and join the Sangh and observe its activities closely. If you do not like it you may go back any time. Mothers and sisters may join the Rashtra Sevika Samiti and can take up any work for the society,? said Shri Mohan Bhagwat, Sarkaryavah of RSS.

He was addressing the concluding ceremony of a special Sangh Shiksha Varga in New Delhi on June 16. A total of 413 shiksharthis from 226 places of 12 Prants and three Kshetras participated in the 20 days Pratham and Dvitiya Varsha special Sangh Shiksha Vargas, which began on May 27 and concluded on June 17. According to Shri Uday Pratap Singh, Sarvadhikari of Dvitiya Varsha Varga and Prant Sanghachalak of Goraksh Prant, four such Vargas have been held across the country and swayamsevaks between the age group of 41 and 65 years have participated in the Vargas. Shri Anil Gupta, Sarvadhikari of the Pratham Varsha Varga said that the swayamsevaks underwent various kinds of training at the Varga. Shri O.P. Gupta, retired IFS, presided over the concluding ceremony. Kshetra Pracharak Shri Dinesh Chandra, Delhi Prant Sanghachalak Shri Ramesh Prakash Sharma, former Prant Sanghachalak Shri Satyanarayan Bansal along with scores of leaders and over 5,000 people of Delhi were present on the occasion.

In his speech, Shri Mohan Bhagwat highlighted the miserable condition of the countrymen even after 60 years of Independence. ?Farmers are committing suicide. Even having been defeated in three wars, Pakistan still threatens us. China is eying at Arunachal Pradesh and whenever it wishes it makes its claim public. The country (Bangladesh), which our army liberated, kills our soldiers very brutally and allows training to anti-India elements on its soil. The gap between poor and rich is widening. The culprit whom the apex court of the country pronounced death sentence for attacking the Parliament is not being hanged,? he said.

He further said, ?The revered places of Hindus are being demolished. Ram Sethu is the latest example. Various meaningless arguments are being made to prove that there is no Ram Sethu. Can anybody dare demand evidences for the holy relic of Prophet Muhammad and the dead body of St. Xavier that has been kept in a church of Goa? The questions of security are being ignored with the destruction of the Sethu, which is equally holy for all Hindus, Muslim and Christians. Its destruction will render lakhs of fishermen jobless. The bio-diversity will be ruined. By making the statement that the movement for Ram Sethu is an attack of north Indians over south Indians proves that the political leaders like Karunanidhi, can go to any extent to create conflicts among countrymen,? he added.

Shri Bhagwat further asked the gathering what would they answer when their younger generation would ask them why did they not protect the country and why did they remain silent when the country was facing various onslaughts?

Earlier, in his speech, Shri O.P. Gupta said today Hindus are betraying the Hindus. He said as Consulate General in Britain in 1986 he had invited some British officers who had been deployed in India before 1947 over a dinner. ?When I asked them how did they rule over India for over 200 years, they said there are a large number of people among Hindus who justify slavery. As long as such people are there in India, it can be made salve anytime. The RSS and the nationalist forces should pay attention to these words of British officers,? he said further asking whether the Hindus are equal citizen in this country or they have become second-class citizen. ?If Hindus feel that they are not equal citizen in the country, they themselves are responsible for it. Muslims and Christians cannot be blamed for it, as after Independence they have never been in power in this country. Only Hindus have ruled it,? he said. He also appealed to the nationalist people of the country not only to think about these questions but also raise them from all platforms and help people come out from self-imposed slavery.

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