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February 05, 2006
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The Moving Finger Writes
India That is Bharat
Think it Over
Sangh Samachar

February 05, 2006

Page: 1/33

Vol. LVII, No. 30, New Delhi, February 05, 2006

Shame on CBI
By M.D. Nalapat

After the CBI?s successful effort to divert the blame for defreezing the Quattrocchi accounts to itself from Sonia Gandhi, the agency needs to be renamed the Criminal Bureau of Investigation. Indeed, this it has been for some time. Since the days when Mahatma Gandhi handed over the jagir of India to the Nehru family, investigative agencies working for the central government have spent most of their man-hours going after petty officials who fall foul of the powerful, usually because they refuse to do their bidding. more >

Buta is the latest
The UPA fall guy game has gone too far
By Sunita Govind

Bihar Governor Buta Singh is the latest fall guy as the Supreme Court for the first time in independent India?s history held an executive decision taken by the Union Council of Ministers to be tainted with the vice of malafide. more >

Mumbai dying: No water, no power and crumbling transport system
From Anil Nair in Mumbai

The makeover plans of the Maharashtra government for Mumbai city are getting nowhere. The power and water shortage in the city has made life even more miserable and there seems to be no way out. In the latest directive from the municipality, newly-constructed multi-plexes, buildings, malls, etc... more >

Game as usual, but a spark in the strand

The Hyderabad AICC was significant in many ways. It had the usual pomp and glitter of such shows attached to any ruling party jamboree, but, there was a remarkable confidence, direction and brazenness that was missing in the party for almost two decades, since that Mumbai centenary plenary in the Congress honeymoon days with Rajiv Gandhi. more >

Mumbai's Haj House imam planned terrorist strikes in Mumbai
By Anil Nair in Mumbai

?Sev pak gaya kya?? (Are the apples ripe?) ?Badam bhejoon kya?? (Should I send the almonds?)

The Mumbai police have deduced that these are the statements which are loaded with meaning. The conversation is between the imam of the Haj House at Masjid in Mumbai ? Maulana Ghulam Yayha Ilahi Baksh and the Lashkar-e-tayyaba terrorist Salauddin in Kashmir. more >

Export deception
By Geeta

A 14-member exporters delegation met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on January 24 seeking his intervention for making the Indian exports competititive by giving them incentives like refund of the various local taxes. more >

Sangh Samachar

Talibanisation: Kerala Style
Muslim girl ostracised for learning Bharatanatyam!
By S. Chandrasekhar
Kerala has always been a model to the world. While in earlier days it was social reformers like Adi Sankara, Sree Narayana Guru, etc. in modern times it is its predominance in education, health care, land reforms etc. more >

Clamour for Rahul exposes the waning Sonia spell
By Sandhya Jain
Rahul Gandhi?s de facto anointment at the Hyderabad plenary session of the Congress, under the watchful eyes of his mother and Congress President Sonia Gandhi, sent political and media acolytes into the throes of a self-induced hysteria and hyperbole. more >

Rubber stamp Prime Minister!
By Shyam Khosla
The Supreme Court?s indictment of the Union Council of Ministers for treating Governor Buta Singh?s recommendation to dissolve Bihar Assembly in May last year as gospel truth is yet another stunning blow to the Prime Minister?s image of a gentleman politician committed to constitutional proprieties and probity in public life. more >

Gelatine sticks, pipe bombs, fatwas
Jehadi terror in Kerala
By S. Chandrasekhar
Popular legend says that Lord Parasuram threw his axe into the sea and out of its emerged the holy land of Kerala. While lakhs of domestic and foreign tourists pour into Kerala describing it as ?God?s Own Country?, Islamic extremists and jehadi terrorists are bent upon converting this place into terrorists' paradise. more >

Pre-budget consultations
BMS demands legislation for social security
Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) has demanded a clear scheme in the forthcoming budget seeking comprehensive legislation for agriculture labour, an umbrella legislation for un-organised workers and a comprehensive legislation for social security. more >

Narendra Modi is Man of the Year?2005
In a readers? survey conducted by Chitralekha, a leading Gujarati magazine from Mumbai, the Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi has been selected Man of the Year-2005. more >

Arjun?s education policy is to divide India ?Dr Murli Manohar Joshi
Terming the attempts by the Union HRD Ministry to create divisions in the society in the name of minorities as blatantly against the national interests and communal harmony, former HRD Minister Dr Murli Manohar Joshi has warned the UPA government that such divisions in education would not be tolerated at all by the country. more >

Reang crisis: Accord implementation under cloud
By Jyoti Lal Chaudhary
Silchar: Even after nearly eight months of the signing of the peace accord between the Government of Mizoram and Bru National Liberation Front (BNLF) on April 26, 2005 at Aizawal, the repatriation of 35,000 Bru or Reang refugees languishing in six camps of North Tripura since 1997, looks uncertain. more >

Impact of globalisation on education
By Dr Pradip Narayan Maske
Globalisation entails faster movement of ideas. It is not merely movement of goods, services and capital across border. Education had never been a commodity of trade in India. more >

Authority to rehabilitate displaced Vanvasis in Orissa
By Sanjaya Jena
The gory incident, in which 12 Vanvasis died in police firing at Kalinga Nagar in Jajpur district of Orissa on January 2, has brought to focus the age-old conflict between development and Vanvasis. more >


Existential demographic threat facing Indian civilisation
By R.K. Ohri, IPS (Red)

During the last several decades, a lot of disinformation has been propagated across the world, especially in developing countries, that any increase in population per se is an impediment to economic development. more >

London Post

You are in a Christian country: Scotland cardinal reminds Asian migrants!
By Prasun Sonwalkar

Hindus, Muslims and others living in Scotland adhering to non-Christian religions need to realise that they live in a Christian country, according to the head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland. more >

Down Memory Lane

A martyr of Goa freedom struggle
By Prem Vaidya

"The blood of the martyrs is said to be the seed of liberty.? But as time passes we tend to forget them while enjoying the fruits of liberty that they gave us. Dr Tristao de Braganza Cunha (T.B. Cunha), an Indian patriot, rightly called the Father of Goan Nationalism, was the first Goan to think, ?Goa could not be isolated from the Indian freedom struggle.? more >

The Moving Finger Writes

US takes a fresh look at India
By M.V. Kamath

How perceptions of India change in the western, especially American, world! In the mid-1950s, an American journalist, Harold Isaacs wrote a very perceptive book analysing what Americans thought of India. more >

Public Interest

Fixing the encroacher
State culpability in unauthorised constructions
By Nitin Saxena

By 2015, half of Delhi?s population is likely to be in slums. Water unfit for human consumption, congested roads and unplanned expansion of colonies are degrading the nation?s capital. more >

India That is Bharat

Sell a soul if the price is right!

This andh shraddha nirmulan business is getting curiouser and curiouser. Hindu Satiricus has belief/shraddha in Hinduism, but he is too much of a simpleton to know if that shraddha is andh or otherwise. more >


WTO Hong Kong Ministerial Conference
A discourse of the North to South
By N.C. De

Sixth Ministerial Conference of WTO concluded on December 18, 2005, at Hong Kong with a compromise text. Our Commerce Minister returned to New Delhi. His sycophants received him with huge garlands as if he has won the world. more >


The Bengal nightmare
By Manju Gupta

Bengal?s Night Without End by Udayan Namboodiri, India First Foundation; 515 pp; Price Rs 500.00

Written by a journalist who grew up in Bengal and worked for 13 years with leading Indian media houses before moving to Delhi in 1998, this book is the outcome of his return to his home state six years later. more >

The secret behind the shining sun
By Pramod Saini

Drashtavya jagat ka yathartha; Two volumes; by Om Prakash Pandey; pp 288 (vol. I); 280 (vol. II); Price Rs 300 each vol.

What is the significance of the Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads and other ancient Indian scriptures in today?s context? Are they relevant today? When, how and from where this universe came into existence? more >

Kids' Org

Beware of a friend who is not true
By Manju Gupta

A majestic swan lived in a huge lake in the midst of a forest. Being of a very kind disposition and wise too, the other inhabitants of the forest invariably sought the swan?s advice whenever the need arose. more >

Think it Over

Fatwa: The parallel Islam
By M.S.N. Menon

Do Hindus know anything about fatwas? They do not. But it is a parallel Islam in the making, that can threaten the peace of this country one day. Maulana Maududi, author of Jamaat-e-Islami, proclaims with pride that Islam affects every aspect of a man?s life. In other words, Islam leaves (or intends to leave) no area of freedom for the Muslim to act on his own. more >


Is Ramayana a mere epic or part of India?s ancient history?
By Arabinda Ghose

Most of the Hindus of India and Nepal as also of countries where emigrant Hindus live in sizeable numbers celebrate Ram Navami, which falls on the ninth day of the bright half of the lunar month of Chaitra, corresponding to March-April of the Georgian calendar. more >

Readers? Forum

Congress? dexterity:

Defreezing of London-based two accounts of Ottavio Quattrocchi, despite a red-corner alert by the Interpol, has raised a storm leading to most obnoxious defence by the Law Minister, who argued that nothing came out of the investigations all these years and hence it makes sense to defreeze and let the Italian go. more >

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