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April 23, 2006
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April 23, 2006

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Readers' Forum

A ?foreigner? cannot be Prime Minister (Organiser, 2-4-2006); Regarding the article Sonia ?The Unknown? by Justice Sachar, may I add that he is the son of an illustrious freedom fighter of the country, a legend and doyen of Punjab, who helped build the shattered state to the top level after partition. But I am afraid that Justice Sachar had missed the most important problem of the time concerning the entire security of the country in view of the fast-changing international equations on ethnic-demographic calculations and possibly the survival of the ?fittest specie??to quote Darwin in a way. Justice Sachar was not able to grasp the consequential inferences/reactions from the Indian polity. Does Justice Sachar recall that his own father, a dedicated soldier of the Congress Party since 1930s, was imprisoned and kept in Tihar Jail during the historical emergency by the regime which loaded him with a questionable task of head count? But who would take it seriously to believe that any department/ministry (including Defence, for that matter) would not have the figures, otherwise available by just a click on computer of the personnel department? But as a former para-military officer, I do feel that we should not forget that ever since we became independent and an acknowledged republic, if India can feel proud of impartiality and keeping up of the national interest, it is not the politicians, irrespective of party affiliations. Credit goes by all accounts of history, traditions and harmony to Indian armed/para-military forces and, of course, to the higher judiciary. Only these two institutions have stood the time of test during periods of severe crisis and are perhaps the matter of greatest pride and a saving grace for the country. Such an action like census of a particular community was misconceived and appears to have been undertaken with mischievous intentions?the vote-bank strategy of the politicians.

?T.V. Kumar,
Noida, UP

Revenge that boomeranged (Organiser, 2-4-2006); Sonia Gandhi?s resignation drama, followed by her shameless decision to re-contest from Rae Bareli seat, is probably the biggest fraud of the recent times. In reality, she simply chickened out under the pressure from the Opposition and resigned to avoid her inevitable disqualification. Her cronies tried to rape the Constitution by enforcing an ordinance to save her, but the alert media as well as the Opposition foiled their diabolic scheme. Now, in the larger national interests, the Election Commission should not hold by-poll in the Rae Bareli constituency and keep the seat vacant till the next general elections. If, at all a by-poll is inevitable, then Sonia Gandhi should be disqualified to contest it. To make her realise that a lot of hard-earned money of the honest taxpayers is spent on holding the elections, Sonia should be made to pay the entire election?s expenses to be incurred on holding the Rae Bareli by-poll. Nobody should be allowed to befool the entire nation and get away with it.

?A.K. Sharma,

*   *   *

If Sonia Gandhi had resigned when the President disqualified Jaya Bachchan, claims of morality and high values by the Congressmen would have passed muster. But with the resignation coming after the government painted itself into a corner, such claims sound hollow. In fact, why on earth is the resignation being called ?sacrifice? when Sonia Gandhi herself has declared that she will contest the election from Rae Bareli?

?N. Parthasarathy,

*   *   *

Sonia Gandhi resigned both from the Lok Sabha and chairpersonship of NAC. While both the post being of less profit, she chose to retain her life presidentship of Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, which was made up of entirely public sector funding by the late P.V. Narasimha Rao, and other such institutions which could be more lucrative. By taking the moral high ground, she has managed to escape the inevitability of subsequent exposure. She is confident that the Congress and the UPA have to depend on her directions at every step?whether her being NAC chairperson or not.

?Dr (Maj) U.C. Panigrahi,
Station Road, Rayagada

*   *   *

Anguished Sonia sprang a surprise, quit as MP and NAC chairperson and will contest again from Rae Bareli?all at the expense of the poor taxpayers and the starving millions of India. The earlier politicians understand that the country is not their fiefdom, the better for us.

?K.R. Nath,
Kozhikode, Kerala

*   *   *

The decision of the EC to hold the Rae Bareli by-election immediately on May 11 is shocking. Records of by-elections held so far show that rarely a by-election was held so fast after the vacancy was created. The EC has not taken cognizance of the complaint against Sonia Gandhi lodged by the TDP so far. The complaint was forwarded to the CEC by the President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam before the day of her resignation. The exit of the upright Election Commissioner?K.J. Rao?from the Election Commission, when election process for assembly elections in five states has already started, creates doubts about the credibility and integrity of the Election Commission.

?K.G. Acharya,
21/33 Sagar Apartments, Link Road, Lokhandwala Cx., Andheri, Mumbai

*   *   *

Sonia Gandhi has exploited the adverse situation and sought to project her image at the cost of people?s hard-earned money. There is absolutely no justification for an MP to resign and seek re-election from the same constituency. A law should be made saying there can be a re-election to a constituency only if the vacancy is caused by death or incapacitation of a member. It should also be stipulated that in the event of the incumbent resigning for personal reasons, he or she shall not contest from the same constituency during the pendency of term.

?S.K. Uppal,
Sector IX, Rohini, Delhi

*   *   *

It is a mockery of democracy that a person for whom the Constitution was sought to be subverted is being projected as a martyr. The Congressmen, who have egg on their face, are eulogising their leader as an exceptional person who does not care for position. But in the process, they are cleverly hiding the bitter truth that her resignation is directly connected to the government?s abortive attempt to go for an ordinance.

?Ravi Shankar Vyas,
7, Press Complex, A.B. Road, Indore

*   *   *

The Congress would have never expected Jaya Bachchan?s disqualification issue to boomerang like this. The party has been forced to swallow the bitter pill it administered to the former Rajya Sabha MP. Moreover, one is surprised that Sonia?s inner voice remained silent when crisis after crisis unfolded in Jharkhand, Goa and Bihar. It looks like the voice becomes active only when her image is at stake, not when the nation?s interests are.

?Abhishek Bhaskaran,
Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu

*   *   *

The common people do not expect any sacrifice from the present-day politicians. What they do expect from them is the spending of the taxpayers? money responsibly. They also expect them to be free from extravagance and corruption. These will be the greatest sacrifices on their part.

?Nandin Uppal,
Mahadev Road, Ujjain

*   *   *

A mini sketch (Organiser, 9-4-2006); M.S.N. Menon?s ?Judeo-Christian history? is objectionable. The God of the Jews is the parent seed of the universe, which genotype of the phenotype universe needs no human blood to quench his thirst. Probably in Menon?s scrambled mind the parent seed of an apple tree is drinking apple juice, but over the years gives up that bad habit. You only have to open the Bhagavadgita and read what Krishna teaches: ?O Arjuna, I am the divine seed of all lives. In this world nothing animate or inanimate exists without me.? Did Krishna, the parent seed of the universe, drink human blood? In line with Krishna?s teaching, Genesis tells us that the universe was created for the production of man, just as an apple tree is created for the production of apples. From this creation account, it is inferable that a man akin to us created the universe for the production of man in his own image, similarly as a tiny seed creates a mighty tree for the purpose of self-reproduction.

?Kazmer Ujvarosy,
Frontline Science,
San Francisco, CA, USA

Futility of fatwas: In his letter, A.T.M. Anwar is pained to read the writer?s remarks (Organiser, 9-4-2006). The times have changed. The world has suffered much because of these fatwas. The Australian Finance Minister (and the Prime Minister-in-waiting) Peter Costello asked the Australian Muslims recently: ?No Shariat. Either obey the Australian law or go away from Australia.? What would have been the reply of Anwar, had he been in Australia?

?Amar Jit Singh Goraya,
51Willandra Avenue, Griffith, NSW, Australia

Yeoman?s service: I have been a regular reader of Organiser for past several years. I take this opportunity to congratulate you for your continuous efforts to ignite the flame of patriotism in the minds of thousands of Indians through the Organiser weekly for the past few years.

?Pankaj Ravindranath Pai Kakode,
Antao Building, Khareband Road, Margao, Goa

The universality of Sanskrit (Organiser, 19-3-2006); I have every appreciation and praise for the elite and learned writer Sudhakar Raje for his article, wherein he has scholarly and successfully taken pains to establish Sanskrit as the language of the world. According to him, the one-fourth of the total English vocabulary is Sanskritic. He says that as many as 40,000 words are akin to Sanskrit and a number of prefixes and suffixes are Sanskrit based. The writer has identified numerous words having Sanskrit base in languages world over. In spite of all the above claims, I observe the content of the article lacks clarity and precision. The writer has not illustrated even a few words that are Sanskrit based. Had he done so, his efforts would have been much fruitful.

?Bajrang Singh Nama,
2, New Colony,
College Road, Bundi, Rajasthan

The cap is crippling (Organiser, 19-3-2006); ?Indo-US deal will kill NPT,? says Pakistan?s Foreign Minister. Pakistan has no moral right to speak on NPT, as it has violated it by obtaining nuclear technology from China with its components and from other sources by buy-borrow-steal methods clandestinely and similarly transferred it to North Korea in lieu of its missile technology. Also its future technology transfer to some Muslim countries cannot be ruled out, as it has done to some extent to Iran.

?Vishnu Vishwanath Phatak,
Mujumdar?s Wada, Raopura, Vadodara

A poetic tribute to Shri Guruji (Organiser, 26-3-2006); Naman Madhav is the first collection of poems on the life and vision of Shri Guruji. But L.K. Vidyarathi has not considered the poetic vision, poetic feeling, imagination and style of poems in his review of Naman Madhav. He has totally overlooked them. He has written only on the articles placed in preface. It cannot be termed a review of literary criticism.

?Shatrughan Pal,
Rajendra Nagar, Patna

Body donation: The late Anil Biswas, a veteran CPM leader, has done a sacrifice by donating his body for medical education. A judge of Karnataka and a few common people have also done this. In this scientific age and amidst growing scarcity of healthy corpses for medical education, donating bodies may be useful also, instead of burning or burying in the ground. In Kerala, since there are more persons who bury the dead, scarcity of ground has been reported. As a result, black market has also cropped up. Hence, it may be advisable for our political leaders to donate their dead bodies for medical education. Once this idea is made compulsory for leaders, people will follow, thus making human bodies available in plenty for good medical research and education and avoiding black marketing and scarcity of burial space.

?B.S. Ganesh,
70 /9, Hanumanthnagar, 12th Cross Bangalore

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