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April 20, 2008
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April 20, 2008

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Readers? Forum

M.S.N. Menon replies: Shri Sudhir Pai?s letter (Organiser, 6-4-2008) calls for a response. The purpose of my column, by its very size, is to stimulate thinking, not to provide detailed analysis or rush into conclusions. That is why its logo proclaims ?Think It Over?. And as anyone, who has been following my writing, will vouch my writings are designed to bring in new insights. Why we failed to resist the invaders is now a thousand-year-old history. But this is an area no one wants to deal with because of its sensitive nature. Which is why there is hardly any literature on the subject to work on. Shri Pai says that I ?lack foundational research?, that I ?lack patience?, that I am ?deficient in self-worth?. Well, these are personal. They speak more on Shri Pai?s character. I have lived with this question ?Why Hindus failed?? for over sixty years and I have notes with me to write two books. But I have resisted the temptation to write a book on the subject because I will have no thanks. But the subject calls for some thinking. My intention was to stimulate this thinking, certainly not to enter into a dispute with men like Shri Pai, who has still to learn that the tradition of the Hindu civilisation is to ?enquire? and not to rush into ?final statements?. I belong to that tradition. I do not expect my readers to agree with what I write.

?50 B, Pocket I,
Mayur Vihar, Delhi

A Matter of Economics (Organiser, 13-4-2008); It is unfortunate that despite the government?s concern for rising prices of foodgrains, there is no serious attempt at increasing their production. M.S. Swaminathan has expressed the hope that there is a scope of at least 50 per cent increase in the yield of foodgrains only by using the technology currently available in the country. The bureaucrats in the government must seriously ponder over the established fact that the average rabi rice crop yield in India was 3.12 tonne per hectare in 2006, whereas the same was 6.2 tonne per hectare in China in the same year. Thus, it is clear that poor foodgrain output is policy failure of the government, which must be reversed.

S-228, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi

*   *   *

First of all I congratulate you on introducing a new column??A Matter of Economics? and I am pleased to notice that you are a considerable economist as well. I studied economics in India up to master?s degree level, but was not too good at it. Anyway thanks.

I also draw your attention to something else in your journal wherein I cannot congratulate you. In your journal, dated 2-3-2008 Sandhya Jain writes in her column ?Can Nawaz-Zardari tie-up bring peace in Pakistan?? What worries me is Sandhya Jain?s simplicity and ignorance about Muslim fundamentalists. Perhaps she has not read our own sad and tragic history and more recently, what happened when our country was partitioned and millions had to suffer, thousands of young Hindu women were abducted, raped and sold to Pathans and Arabs. Sandhya Jain knows nothing about Muslim fanatics and should never touch any matter that relates to them.

84, Grove Road, Londaon-N12, 9EA

In Tibet China is wrong (Organiser, 30-3-2008); Whenever any Chinese government delegation visits India, ?our? representatives shower them with praise and hospitality?conveniently ignoring the faith of Tibet and the otherwise peaceful Tibetans who have endured over half of a century of Chinese oppression. Shame on the Chinese government, and the spineless UPA government.

Sector IV, R.K. Puram, New Delhi

*   *   *

If the mayhem in Tibet was started by a few monks, why did the Chinese government prevent the foreign media from entering Tibet? Whatever happens in China is always shrouded in mystery. Unless a free press is allowed to function effectively there, Beijing will continue to be accused even if it is right.


*   *   *

No solution that results in the break-up of the various provinces of China can ever be acceptable on the Tibet question. But one is unable to understand China?s continued outbursts against the Dalai Lama even after he has repeatedly supported the integrity of China and asked for more dialogue on the Tibetan question. Every mature country must learn to respect diversity and instil in the ethnic minorities a sense of belonging by walking the extra mile.


*   *   *

Regarding your recent editorial on Tibet?s independence protest, I greatly sympathise with the Tibetan people?s plight as they are struggling against the cruelty of an oppressive, authoritarian state. China?s repressive actions in Tibet illustrate that Beijing cares only for its power and image. Their leaders readily resort to force to quell any opposition to their iron will. Beijing also lacks respect for fundamental human rights, especially the right of self-determination and freedom of expression. This point is further illustrated in their belligerent treatment of Taiwan. China currently has 1,300 missiles targeting Taiwan in an attempt to bully the people of Taiwan into submission. China even passed an anti-secession law to give it legal grounds to use force should Taiwan dare to choose her own path rather than agree with Beijing?s mandates.

Railway Road, Rishikesh

*   *   *

I congratulate the Dalai Lama for his peaceful condemnation of China?s communist government and its efforts to suppress religious autonomy. China?s government falsely presents itself as the authentic spokesman for the hopes and aspirations of the people, and claims to be able, although by recourse to violent means, to bring about the radical changes that will put an end to the oppression and misery of the people. In truth, atheism and the denial of the human person, his liberty, and his rights, are at the core of Marxist belief, which requires a total subordination of the person to the collectivity.

Queen?s View, Juhu, Mumbai

*   *   *

Tibet remained a buffer state between expansionist China and democratic India, which had with Tibet the historical, emotional and spiritual ties since time immemorial. As per the international law India has the right to do the needful for the Tibetans independence because China has disobeyed the international law and showed its colonial and expansionist policy by capturing Tibet. But there has been total lack of strong political will in India that endorsed the Chinese authority over Tibet and accepted it as China?s autonomy region.

Innao, Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh

*   *   *

The nationalist forces, groups, organisations in Indian and abroad must advocate unitedly to support the Tibetans fighting for an independent Tibet. So once the movement for Tibet liberation intensifies, it would be better for India?s unity and security. However, it is unfortunate and disastrous for India that, we till date, could not get back our own territories captured by China in 1962.

Jai Nagar, Jabalpur

Border security in danger (Organiser, 30-3-2008); The ABPS resolution rightly drew the attention of the entire nation towards border security. Under Article 35 of the Charter of the United Nations, any Member may bring any situation whose continuance is likely to endanger the maintenance of international peace and security to the attention of the Security Council. Such a situation now exists between India and Pakistan owing to the aid which terrorists, consisting of nationals of Pakistan and of tribesmen from the territory immediately adjoining Pakistan on the north-west, are drawing from Pakistan for terrorist activities in India. The Government of India exert pressure on Pakistan to put an end immediately to the giving of such assistance, which is an act of aggression against India.

Arya Nagar, Firozabad

Women suffer in silence (Organiser, 23-3-2008); It boils my blood to see again and again insidious, westernised and anti-Hindu misconceptions printed in the guise of constructive social commentary. The position of women in Indian society has been contorted by colonialists and their lies have been eaten up by the so-called ?educated? and unfortunately leading Anglophile class of the country. Our ancestors had a deep understanding of society, psychology, and all of the laws of nature. It is with great deliberation and the best intentions that they showed us our roles. Today we take them for a bunch of fools and go running after the West, which we can clearly see is about to self-destruct.

Markham, Ontario, Canada

*   *   *

The status of women in India has still not been able to escape the ruthless clutches of power and establishment. In the most unfair play, it is the woman who has to pay the price. Nature has not been that much partial as the people in this country are for the women. Women?s capabilities are measured against the power that never flowed and accumulated in the hands of the other gender. Life is not a bed of roses for women in this country. Every woman has but to pay the price of dedication, passion, her attitude and the way she wants to live. Her dedication, which nobody can deny, has received little appreciation.

Kothawala Flats, Paladi, Ahmedabad

*   *   *

Rudyard Kipling, the much misunderstood India-born English writer, said that India is the only country in the world where a poor man with his last roti will share it with a hungry man who comes to him. Our present-day administrators have tarnished this image of India by booting Taslima Nasrin out of India. Taslima is a fearless fighter for secularism and gender justice. She has asked for shelter and protection from our administrators. A handful of fundamentalist bullies intimidated our administrators. Our administrators at once tucked their tail between their legs and showed the exit door to Taslima, a fearless lonely woman fighting against totalitarian states. The people of India must rise to fight constitutionally against this violation of human rights on Indian soil.

15/A, Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan Road, Worli Seaface, Mumbai

*   *   *

When women are contributing in all spheres of life then why does society keep them low? Despite taking bold measures they are forced to keep mum, their contributions are never recognised and they have to bear all kinds of abuses and violations. Even today the rate of atrocities and torture, sexual harassments at workplace, sexual abuse and day-to-day eve teasing that women facing all over the country and beyond the borders of this country, is tremendous and to the magnitude we can hardly believe.

Nehru Colony, Bareilly

Deoband and terrorism (Organiser, 13-3-2008); Muslim clerics declared that terrorism is anti-Islamic. When did this sudden illumination dawn on those venerable leaders of Islam? Have they once expressed sympathy for the victims of Islamic terrorism? To cut my contentions short, I would plead that this so-called declaration is only a matter of deliberate tactics incidentally showing the confidence they have in the Hindus? gullibility. We should not miss the note of threat and defiance in their declaration against our police, who, if they do anything at all, confine themselves to foisting weak cases, enabling the real culprits get away. They are protesting too much and are too fussy in doing it.

255, Agraharam Street, Erode

*   *   *

Your editorial explains the real intentions of mullahs, who assembled in thousands in Deoband. It is pity that Hindus in general still do not understand the Islamic fundamentalists? philosophy, in spite of continuously facing Islamic terrorism for more than one thousand years, whereas West has understood it with just one happening of September 11, 2001. This things have become more serious due to the policy of appeasement, invented and preached by Congress.

72/Sector-8, Panchkula

Man in Chinese life and thought (Organiser, 16-3-2008); The letter by Shri S.D. Laghate is thought provoking. I compliment him. All the existing beliefs and religions world over are far behind of Hinduism, where it is said man is a spiritual entity first, rather than materialistic entity. Other religions consider God is only benevolent forgetting other three roles as a creator, sustainer and destroyer. Whatever may be the greatness of an individual and whoever he may be, at the end his own karma determines his fate, regardless of his spiritual or materialistic status. A point to be noted by the faithful like Tanvir Fatima.

85, Arihant Co-Op. Housing Society, Bora Bazar Street, Mumbai

Dear Readers

Since we receive hundreds of letters every week, we request you to send your letters preferably typed or by e-mail. The hand-written letters should be short and legible. As far as possible try to confine your letters to subjects covered in Organiser. We are not in a position to return the unsolicited material, though every possible effort will be made to accommodate our well-wishers? views in the Open Forum.


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