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November 7, 2010

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Karsevaks' sacrifices have brought success

A victory of faith and facts

By Didi Maa Sadhvi Ritambhara

OUR ancestors, while fighting for Sri Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya shed their blood many times and sacrificed their whole and sole for the worship of Ram Lalla. After so many years the verdict in the case has been delivered. The place being adorned by Ram Lalla at present would continue to be adorned by Him; it is the birth place of Sri Ram; it is our holy place and up on it is the right of Hindus only. We, crores of Hindus, heartily welcome this judgement of the court.

So far as the faith is concerned, entire world knows that birth place of Sri Ram is Ayodhya. Sri Ramjanmabhoomi has been undisputedly a sacred and divine place of the Hindus. This is the reason why the Muslim community remained mostly indifferent while opposing our movement for freeing Sri Ramjanmabhoomi since Muslims in general knew that the very place in Ayodhya is the birth place of Sri Ram. Soon after the demolition of the disputed structure in 1992, the evidences of being it the birth place of Sri Ram started appearing one by one. From the thick walls of the falling structure had come out a huge royal seat of Bhagwan (Sinhasana), bells, clocks, etc. which were taken into the government custody by the administrative officers who were present there. This event proved that all these articles of the temple were buried amidst the walls of this structure after demolishing the Sri Ramjanmabhoomi temple by Mir Baki- the army general of Babur and were recovered from the falling structure. Thereafter, orders were issued by the court for excavation on the same place during which corroborations were made with regard to the presence of constructs of Ramayana age on the same place by a Japanese surveyor company on the basis of carbon test it had conducted. Even during excavation carried out by Archaeological Department of India, were found direct evidences of presence of icons of Hindu gods and goddesses and of a Hindu temple beneath that structure (disputed edifice) which were taken as the major basis by the court and it was considered as Ramjanmabhoomi in its verdict. Our all ancient scriptures are unanimous on the point that Ayodhya is only one in India and it is the birth place of Sri Ram.

I think there are hardly few moments when our body and mind feel thrilled and today while expressing pleasure on this verdict, perhaps it is such a moment. History has been the witness that we never made any unauthorised attempt to capture anyone’s religious place. Nowhere in our idiosyncrasy lies any trait of harbouring bad intention for others’ property. As we have been honouring one and all and respecting various faiths of all; in case we are told this particular sacred place is not ours, our body and mind as Hindu they are, go fidgety. We feel pestered; for, luxury is for all others whereas only a tarpaulin sheet as a shelter for our Ram Lalla?!

Worthy have become the sacrifices of all those who flooded the flow of Sarayu by their blood; salutations to those great sacrifices. I bow down to that untold renunciation; my obeisance to that one mother who laid down the lives of her two sons for Sri Ramjanmabhoomi. They took bullets on their chest while chanting Jai Sri Ram, Jai Sri Ram. Their sacrifice and devotion has emerged in the form of pleasure and frolic by this verdict today. I believe truth always triumphs.

Penance goes never in vain,
Only by walking we attained the path;
Then what a shift and what a sojourn,
Ours is the job to walk.

People ask, why? Why so much impatience for Sri Ramjanmabhoomi? I replied, we wish our progeny-generations after generations, bow down their heads from where is derived an inspiration to live a life of bonds of values. It is not that our Ram Lalla was incomplete without temple. But it is the feeling of crores of Hindus that their worshipped, who is an incarnation, a great soul should be enthroned in a splendid temple. Our children should go there, bow down and draw inspiration from. On a moment of life when preparations were being made for his crowing, he was asked for forest-dwelling. Sri Ram, giving up everything, became a forest dweller; for fourteen years, he gathered small and scattered forces; the feet that used to walk over flowers accepted to pass through thorns; conquered the indomitable powers of the world.

It is misfortune of our nation that evidence of existence of Sri Ram was sought for and I told, Sri Ram is in our soul, in every minuscule part of our body; when we meet, we say Ram Ram or Jai Sri Ram; when are tired, we say Hay Ram and when we pass away, our mates follow the dead body (forming funeral procession) saying-Ram Nam Satya Hai (Name of Sri Ram is Truth). Sri Ram is the basis of our life; Sri Ram is our identity; Sri Ram is the symbol of our glory; Sri Ram is the concept of invincible manliness-invincible a man who cannot be defeated, the one who is fearless, the one who stands unflinching even in the face of death-Sri Ram is the symbol of that invincible man. Sri Ram is the glory of our nation. With best wishes that a splendid temple of such Sri Ram may be constructed on his birth place, I congratulate crores of Indians who do not connect Sri Ram to a specific religion but believe him as a national ideal.

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