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April 08, 2007

Page: 1/26

Vol. LVII, No. 39, New Delhi, April 8, 2007

A national campaign to save Ram Sethu is launched
Stop Sethusamudram, address security concerns

By Dr S. Kalyanaraman

A Public Interest Litigation requesting suspension of work on Sethu-samudram Channel Project (SSCP) was filed in the Supreme Court. The serious situation created by the choice of a channel alignment for SSCP without taking into account the impact of tsunami of the type which struck the coastline of India on December 26, 2004 has worried experts. Ram Sethu in fact saved the coastline of India reducing the impact of the last tsunami. If the present alignment is continued, an enormous impact of a possible next tsunami will be absorbed through this channel and result in the destruction of Kerala, the PIL said.    more >

UPA destroys the great CBI reputation
By Easwaran Nambudiri

MORE than any other institution, it is the CBI that the UPA has sought to turn into its handmaiden and a tool for harassing and demolishing political opponents and facilitating benefits for friends and allies. more >

Kerala Newsletter
RSS man killed in Tirur, CPM-NDF clashes
NDF attacks police station

By S. Chandrasekhar

UNPRECEDENTED in the post-emergency history of Kerala, terrorist NDF men, numbering 500, attacked the Kottakkal Police Station in Malappuram district trying to forcibly release NDF leaders T. Abdurahiman Baqavi and A. Sayeed kept in preventive custody. In the early seventies, during the height of Naxalism, there had been a police station attack in Kayanna which was led by Ajitha, Varghese, Philip M. Prasad etc.    more >

Don?t destroy our heritage

SETHUSAMUDRAM Channel Project in Tamil Nadu has become a rallying point for Hindus, once again highlighting the total disregard of the UPA government to Hindu sensitivities. For the last three years Hindu organisations led by Hindu Munnani under the respected leader Shri Ramgopalan have been campaigning for the protection of Ram Sethu, which is the most ancient underwater bridge, believed to have been built by Shri Ram.    more >

Nine-day world meet on Indian cow from April 21

Shri Ramchandrapura Math of Karnataka is organising a nine-day Vishwa Go Sammelan (World Cow Conference) at Hosanagar in Shimoga district.    more >

Cross on the coin shocks Indians

IT is shocking that a two-rupee coin has been issued (2006) with a ?sectarian? or ?religious? motif. This is a pseudo-secular assault on the state which vows ?pantha nirapekshata??neutrality to ?religion?. This is a departure from the practice of issuing commemorative coins to celebrate Mahatma Gandhi.    more >

So the caste is a convert?s nightmare still!
Let the prodigals return home

By Sandhya Jain

IT is now certain that UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi is going to use the National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities (NCRLM) to procure Scheduled Caste status for Christian and Muslim converts once elections to the Uttar Pradesh Assembly are over.    more >

Patna is Patliputra, not Azimabad
Lalu has no sense of history

By Shachi Rairikar

THE UPA coalition competing hard with each other to lure the minority Muslims is trying all possible gimmicks to make them believe that it is their most trust-worthy saviour.    more >

Obituary Satyavati Devi passes away
Author Name Comes here

SATYAVATI Devi, wife of the former RSS Sanghachalak of Delhi, Shri Satyanarain Bansal, passed away at her residence in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi, on March 26, 2007. She was 78. She had been ailing for quite some time.    more >

Realign Sethusamudram Channel Project for national security

Author Name Comes here

This is the full text of BJP leader Dr Murli Manohar Joshi?s letter last week to the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh.    more >

India's scientific heritage
INDIA's Glorious Scientific Tradition by Shri Suresh Soni, is a valuable work that gives a concise insight into India's contribution to the field of science. It demolishes many popular myths about ancient science and clearly establishes the superior scientific knowledge that our forefathers possessed, which in many ways formed the foundations of present day technological advances.    more >

?Humans did not evolve, but developed from pure consciousness?
By R. Brahmachari

ACCORDING to a report (Times of India, 27-02-2007) man appeared on earth nearly 4.1 million years ago. Scientists, who believe in Darwin?s Theory of Evolution, are convinced that man has ascended from apes, most probably form chimpanzees who they consider closest to human being.    more >

?Media syndicate worrying?, Pinarayi alleges CIA funding papers, journalists

"MAN who gets battered by a ruffian, comes home and attacks his mother?, goes a Malayalam saying. Similarly rattled at the news against himself and the CPM, emulating from the mainstream Malayalam newspapers, CPM state secretary has blamed a media syndicate funded by CIA, of planting anti-CPM news, for eventual toppling of the LDF regime.    more >



UPA is watching as China floods market with maps and globes annexing Indian states
UPA fails playing the Chinese checker
By Rahul Kashyap

THE Indian markets these days are flooded with Chinese products like dolls and globes. They come cheap and attract hordes of buyers. It is another matter that none of the shopkeepers give even a day?s guarantee on these items. But that?s another story.    more >

Kids? Org

The Crow and the Monkeys
U. Mahesh Prabhu

LONG time ago there lived a crow, who was greatly interested in the welfare of the living beings around it. Whether they liked it or not, it loved giving its ?free? advice to them.    more >



Kautilya for the 21st century
Relevance of Kautilya for Today: Dr K.S. Narayanacharya; preface by S. Gurumurthy; Kautilya Institute of National Studies, Mysore, pp 146, Rs 150.00

The war on population
By R. Narayanan
Population of India; In the New Millennium: Census 2001; Mahendra K. Premi; National Book Trust; pp. 303, Rs. 75

A guide to success
You too can Succeed, Joginder Singh; New Dawn Press Group; pp. 207, Rs. 195

The Moving Finger Writes

A dictator's endgame
By M.V. Kamath

GOODNESS begets goodness; evil begets evil. This is not a clich?, but grim reality. Indira Gandhi thought she was clever and sought to use Bhindranwale, a notorious terrorist, against her political opponents in Punjab and it is common knowledge with what tragic results. more >

India That is Bharat

?Hang a few from the lamp post?

THEY say it takes all sorts to make the world. Satiricus quite agrees. Take judges. Satiricus never suspected these serious eminences have a sense of humour. But they do.    more >


National security and rising tide of Naxal violence-I
The state cannot sleep over Maoist menace

By Jagmohan

IN the last few days, four major events have occurred which show how gravely is India?s internal security imperiled by the rising tide of Naxal violence. On March 15, about 56 policemen of Chhattisgarh were killed in an attack on a base-camp in the Bastar region.    more >

Media Watch

Media makes itself irrelevant by saturation coverage
Author Name Comes here

WRITING in the The Indian Express (March 11) its editorial adviser T.J.S. George in his front-paged column asked a relevant question. He said: ?Who, really, is Arun Nayar? More to the point, who really cares?? And, for good measure he added: ?Our media thinks that this man and his marriage are topics of the greatest importance to humanity, when, in fact, it is a matter of the utmost unimportance, the saturation coverage shows how the media has made itself irrelevant in many ways.    more >

Think It Over

Rise of the Wahhabis
By M.S.N. Menon

HAVE you heard of the Wahhabis? Perhaps not. And yet they are quietly taking over Islam all over the world. They have, believe me, an ugly past. Mohammed Ibn Abd-al-Wahhab was the author of Wahhabism. He was a theologian, son of a judge, and belonged to Najf, a nomadic region of Arabia, untouched by civilisation. What was his provocation? Simply this that the Caliphate and the two cities of Mecca and Medina were taken away from the Arabs by the Ottomans.    more >

Readers? Forum

The Manmohanomics algorithm! (Organiser, 18-2-2007)

Our Prime Minister?s recent suggestion, after receiving Sachar Committee?s report that Muslims have first claim over national resources is devoid of rationality. The above fact envisages that the government in its sponsoring of Sachar Committee is having a biased and pre-conceived notion of pursuing a policy of appeasement towards Muslim, at the cost of poor Hindus who would continue to suffer in their own native land, what to talk of the aliens.    more >

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