SP Government stands exposed in sting operation

SP Government stands exposed in sting operation

Dr Shakti Kumar Pandey from Lucknow

The allegation of the Organiser, that the Akhilesh government in Uttar Pradesh did not give a free hand to the officials to deal with the rioters in Muzaffarnagar, has been proved in the sting operation conducted by a national news channel reporters.

 The news channel showed two district police officers admitting to have been under pressure from the government in Lucknow and therefore they had to dither on taking decision and had to delay action for controlling violence. Reporters of the news channel managed the cops to admit in front of the hidden camera that they had to release at least seven miscreants on the orders of an important and powerful minister.

After lot of embarrassment and criticism the State administration has started taking action against the policemen. In the first round they have already transferred two cops. Moments after the sting operation was aired by the news channel, Inspectors of Budhana and Phuwana police station were shifted immediately. While Budhana inspector Rishipal was sent back to Crime Branch from where he was brought a day ago, the Inspector of Phuwana police station was sent to police lines.

The sting operation revealed that UP Minister Azam khan had instructed the cops to refrain from taking any action against Muslims to control the riots. As per the sting operation the cops were shown telling the reporters that the ruling Government restricted them from taking any action and ordered the release of suspects arrested by them just for political gains.

A cop was heard saying in the sting operation  that UP Minister Aazam Khan had called from Lucknow at Phugana Police Station and said, “Whatever is happening in the region, operation let it happen.” In another sting operation a cop was heard saying they were asked by the Minister from Lucknow to let go the suspected eight miscreants arrested for their alleged involvement in the riots, because there were no FIRs registered against them.

SHO Meerapur was seen speaking on the spy camera that Muzaffarnagar’s DM and SSP were doing their work honestly but they were unnecessarily transferred by the Samajwadi Party Government.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the members of the Hindu community are being harassed constantly in the name of violence, while the Muslims are being protected by the powerful minister Azam Khan. The authorities have arrested 975 people so far in the riot-hit Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh, in which more than 50 lives have been lost. About 1,720 arms licenses have been cancelled, and NSA (National Security Act) has been slapped on three people arrested from Bagpat, two in Saharanpur and process to invoke NSA on four others in Saharanpur is in process.

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