Is there a plan to silence the bells and stop aarati at Balaji Temple?

Is there a plan to silence the bells and stop aarati at Balaji Temple?

International Islamic University near Tirupati

undefinedAfter the news regarding Heera International Islamic University coming up near Tirupati with pictures of seven storied construction and the architect’s view of the University building, many people have started finding out the sinister plans of starting the Islamic College near popular Hindu religious place. Following are some vital facts about the Islamic project:

1)     The seven layer/storied building is being constructed in Chandragiri village which is about 13 kilometers from Tirupati

2)     HIIC is being built approximately in a seven-acre lot. It appears that this land is parceled into few pieces of lots.

3)     It is noted that this land was acquired in 2007. Research is ongoing for the authenticity as well as the circumstances under which this land was acquired.

4)     This land belonged to a VISHNU Temple, known as Timmappa Temple, with a very tall Rajagopuram according to the villagers. They were in dilapidated condition for many years.

5)     We have taken TEN new pictures to indicate that they are building the HIIC in the Vishnu Temple complex.

6)     It appears that HIIC never got permission to start the college. No permission was granted before they started the construction.

7)     Tirupati Urban Development Authority (TUDA) area includes 70 kilometers radius from Tirupati. Chandragiri is only 13 kilometers from Tirupati. Any construction in Chandragiri should have the prior approval from TUDA. No such permission was granted to start this construction.

8)     According to TUDA zonal rules no permission to construct any building can be granted, if it has more than five layer/stories plus stilt.

9)     It appears that a letter was sent to the Special officer in Collector’s Office to grant approval for permission for construction, which is totally against the Zonal rules.

10)   Villagers in the area feel that some local politicians are behind this idea of constructing an Islamic College at this location.

Why near Tirupati?

Is there a plan to silence the bells and stop the aarati at Lord Venkateswara Temple? Is there a plan to keep buying lands as close to Balaji Temple as possible to start Minarets with high volume loud speakers announcing that “Allah is great.” Do you think that it is a far-fetched imagination?  Please take a look at few examples of the recent times: a) The present Government has asked some Temples in old Hyderabad to stop aarati and also stop ringing the temple bells as the Muslims celebrate Eid. b) Swami Paripoornananda was asked not to visit the Bhagya Lakshmi Temple because Muslims may be upset. He was arrested and taken in a car to have darshan only from the police car; never allowed to get down and go to the Temple.  c) In Hyderabad, the Hanuman Temple was desecrated by throwing Beef into the Temple compound and splashing the green color water on the walls to create animosity in the community. d) Akbaruddi Owaisi made a statement to remove the Bhagya Lakshmi Temple from the premises of Charminar in the old city. He even made a blood thirsty pronouncement that “We are 25 crores, you are 100 crores. Remove the police for 15 minutes and we will show you who has more courage and strength.”

Now one can imagine what they might do at this holy place for Hindus!

1)   For many years the Christians and Muslims have been eyeing on Tirupati to make it their place of worship. For the last ten centuries Muslims have targeted the most auspicious places where Hindu Temples were located. They have a history of occupying, and destroying Hindu temples and rebuild Mosques either on Top of the demolished temples or next to these temples because their religion teaches them to dispel idol worshippers.

2)   The Muslims are headed by Ms Aalima Shaikh Nowhere. Once they start this College, they will start expanding to places as close to Lord Venkateswara Temple as possible and create terror and rampage in the villages, the techniques they have perfected over the centuries.

3)   Why not Hyderabad? Chandragiri village where this HIIC is being built has less than .05 percent Muslim population. Chittoor district, where Tirupati and Chandragiri are located, has about 9 percent Muslim population. Hyderabad city has about 40 percent Muslim population. It is only natural to think that an institution like HIIC should have been built near Hyderabad or some other major city in India.

Few examples of the possible evil plans at Tirupati

1)    Christians under the leadership of the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Mr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy had devised a plan to break up the seven hills, make five hills as the property of the State and eventually convert it into a Christian property to build Mega churches next to Balaji Temple. In 2004 it was announced that the five hills would be taken over by the government for converting them into a picnic spot with multiplexes, food courts, commercial lots, sports centers and entertainment infrastructures including a rope-way to reach the top of the hills. The whole objective was to destroy the Hindu culture and convert Hindus into the Christian faith with malice, incentives, deception, allurement and lying.

2)    Christian propaganda on Tirumala Hills has been continuing for years, with distributing the Christian pamphlets to the pilgrims on the hill and trying to convert them to Christianity. Even today no body knows how many Christians are employed. Even with a strict ordinance for TTD against the employment of other religious people, they get employment with false statements and deceptive arsenal they have in their hands.

3)    Now, Muslims have joined the bandwagon to continue their unfinished business of converting Bharat into an Islamic State.

Approached Political and Community Leaders

We tried to approach different community leaders and politicians of different parties – Congress, BJP and TDP. We could not reach any Congress leader so far. TTD representative asked us to approach the concerned minister.

We were able to talk to NVSS Prabhakar, BJP leader who also started investigating the matter. He had a news conference on September 12. He questioned the motive behind the construction of HIIC. He even traced the history of religious activities of Christians and Muslims in and around Tirupati for the past ten years and their attempt to take over the Temple property and their missionary activities. More details will be forthcoming.

Who in building the Islamic University?

Ms. Aalima Shaikh Nowhera, Heera Group is a Global Fortune Company with business in the commodity as well as educational chain. The first Muslim woman of India to lead a company, Ms Shaikh is a renowned entrepreneur. It is a business conglomerate in various economics fields. She even received an award from Indian Economic Development and Research Association for attending a seminar on “Outstanding Achievements and National Development” in July 2013.

(Report compiled by Global Hindu Heritage Foundation)


Andhra to challenge court order on compensation to Muslim youth

Andhra Pradesh Government is going to challenge the High Court order which set aside the compensation paid to Muslim youth wrongly arrested in 2007 Mecca Masjid bomb blasts case. The Government will file a review petition in the High Court and if necessary, will approach the Supreme Court said Senior Congress leader and former State Minister Mohammed Ali Shabbir.

Shabbir, a member of legislative council, spoke to Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy, Chief Secretary, Advocate General and other top officials after the High Court Monday set aside a Government order for compensation to the youth. On a public interest litigation, a division bench of the High Court headed by Chief Justice Kalyan Jyothi Sengupta struck down the Government order and directed it to recover the money already paid. It ruled that mere acquittal or discharge from a criminal case can’t be the basis for payment of such compensation.

The State Government in January last year had paid Rs 3 lakh each to 20 people and Rs.20,000 each to 50 people. This was the first time in the country that the government paid compensation to people wrongly arrested and tortured on charges of terrorism. All of them were picked up by police after May 18, 2007 blast at the historic Mecca Masjid, which claimed nine lives.

A fact-finding panel of the State Minority Commission found that police kept the youth in illegal confinement and tortured them. All the youth were later acquitted by the court and subsequent investigations by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) revealed that right-wing Hindu groups were involved in the blast.

Many of the youth were handed over the cheques by Minorities Welfare Minister Mohammad Ahamadullah at a function held Jan 6 last year. “The Government has not done anything illegal. It tried to heal the wounds of the youngsters. In fact, compensation should be paid in all such cases across the country irrespective of the religion the victims come from,” said Shabbir. He did not agree that the Government failed to strongly defend its move. “This is nothing new in a democracy. The court verdict doesn’t mean the Government has failed. It still has the options of moving a review petition or approaching the Supreme Court,” he said.

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