Is Modi fit to be PM?

Is Modi fit to be PM?

Anandshankar Pandya

undefinedAll questions over Narendra Modi’s candidature for the post of Prime Minister subsided after he was officially anointed for the top post. And as such the ruling party afraid of losing power is preparing a multipronged attack on fake and flimsy grounds to be delivered in the speeches by Congress leaders in the election. They have also roped in some people like Amartya Sen, the Noble Prize winner and a professor at Harvard University.

Today everybody wants to capture power through the game of fake secularism by appeasement of Muslims right or wrong. And then loot the poor masses. In fact they are communalists in the garb of secularism. Mayawati and Mulayam Singh, queen and king of secularism, are always ready to bail out corrupt congress so that the supposed communal but honest BJP specially Modiji remains out of power. They prefer corruption to communalism in the name of perverted secularism. Hence corruption and crime is thriving in the so-called secular parties.

Narendra Modi has been dropped from addressing the Wharton India economic forum through Video conference on the pretext of human rights violation, whose activists often indirectly support terrorists. But about 80 lakh Hindus in Pakistan and 1.50 crore Hindus in Bangladesh have been butchered yet no Human right activist, and socialist leader came forward to protest against this injustice on Hindus, the most peace, loving race on earth. Where were all the secularists when all these atrocities were being inflicted on Hindus?

Americans are pretending to be the upholders of human rights, it is a sham and they have no moral right to point a finger at Modi because Americans never protested when Hindus were being massacred in Kashmir. It is pure hypocrisy.

Politics in India today has simply become a very profitable business through which politicians collect large amounts of property and money at the expense of the masses illegally and immorally. Poor people in India often face a life and death struggle. Mahatma Gandhi once said that the deadliest form of Violence is poverty. It is poverty that kills more people than all the wars that takes place.

But secularism, not development has been an article of faith for the Gandhis. The poor Muslims have been entrapped into a fear psychosis that warns them. Vote for “the other” and you will not be safe. Amartya Sen on behalf of Congress is doing the same. During 50 years of secular Congress regime billions and billions of dollars have been stashed away in Swiss banks resulting in abject poverty, unemployment and dearness in the Country for Muslims and Hindus.

It is extremely difficult to find an honest person in Indian secular politics today. But Narendra Modi has been described as an incorruptible leader by Times of India and praised by world famous magazine Times of U.S.A. as one who can never be lured by the biggest amount of money. Such person alone can end the suffering of 120 crore people including Muslims by removing corruption at all levels.

Modi transformed Gujarat with his famous good governance  from a poor state to one of the most prosperous states of India in industry, infrastructure, roads, canals, solar energy production, rural development etc. In agriculture the average growth rate in India is 3 per cent while in Gujarat it is 13 per cent (India Today) Even china and Pakistan want to learn something from Modi’s amazing all round development in Gujarat. Modi’s opponents criticise his model of development but in the long run it is the only self-generating and self-sustaining model that suits the genius of Indian entrepreneurship and can remove poverty from its roots.   

It is the divide and rule policy of pseudo secular leaders that will never allow Hindus and Muslims to live together peacefully. For all this Modi is the only answer. All corrupt and anti-national forces are scared of Modiji who by now has become an international figure who not only can remove the poverty of India by removing corruption and bringing back money lying in Swiss bank but also show a role model for the progress of the world. Congress will never accomplish this difficult task.


Modi as PM will be good for nation—LK Advani

Veteran BJP leader Shri LK Advani on September 16 appreciated party’s Prime Ministerial candidate Shri Narendra Modi for his outstanding contribution in development of Gujarat.  Addressing a huge gathering of people at Korba in Chhattisgarh after dedicating to the nation a 500 MW power plant of the Hasdeo extension project of Chhattisgarh state power generation company limited, Shri Advaniji said, “Gujarat state has improved a lot on infrastructure and electricity. I give this example because Narendra Modi, whom my party has appointed as 2014 PM candidate, has done a lot for development in Gujarat.”

The veteran BJP leader said Narendra Modi is the first to work for providing round the clock power in rural areas. “It was Gujarat under Narendra Modi which ensured electricity reaches all small towns and villages. Dr Raman Singh is doing the same now,” Shri Advani said. He also mentioned that the Chhattisgarh government under BJP has always worked for the people.

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