BJP should be aware of Muslim entrants into the party

BJP should be aware of Muslim entrants into the party

undefinedThe General Secretary of the Peace Party, MJ Khan and his 200 supporters joined the BJP in the presence of BJP President Rajnath Singh.  Speaking on the occasion, Rajnath Singh said that the party will run a campaign to reach out to the youth, especially Muslim youth.  Past experience shows that the BJP is usually over-anxious to present its Muslim-friendly face.  But if the party does not understand the real intentions of Muslim entrants, it will be suicidal for the party and the country.  A day after joining the party, MJ Khan dashed off an e-mail to 20 acquaintances explaining why he joined the BJP.  His e-mail is so revealing that comment is superfluous. It is not surprising that Muslims, be in any party, solely have Muslim interests in mind.

Dr Shreeran g Godbole,

Pune: 411 007

Organiser dt:1.9. 2013  This  is with reference to the article of Shri MV Kamath (Modi haters are an unteachable lot) and of Dr Jay Dubashi (Time to anoint Modi for PM’s post) in Organiser dated 1.9.2013. I wonder why senior journalists like  MV Kamath and Jay Dubashi who are well known for their  well thought out and incisive articles should write about the western economist Amartya Sen. What has he contributed or helped to revive or give suggestions to bring out country our of this economic crisis. He nor our internationally known economists PM or Montek Singh Ahluwalia the planning expert have all  failed to lighten the misery of  our millions  who do not have two square meals a day though  the latter Ahluwalia—after long deliberation reached bluster heights to arrive at a grand sum of thirty  two rupees per person to have a sumptuous meal. This thirty two rupees was  a well planned budget for the aam adami. Ambanis, Birlas, Tatas, politicians and ministers, etc were  exempted from  this brainy scheme as they belong to the top one per cent who matter most and who don’t have the time  or inclination to give a thought to the ill-fed majority. Did the Nobel laureate know about this scheme? Economic situation in the country has worsened and no improvement is insight in the near future. Why not the present  government take a permanent sabbatical?


39, 15th Cross, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru

A split India Movement gaining  Momentum (Organiser, 25.8.2013);This  refers to the article ‘A split India Movement gaining Momentum’ in the Independence Day Supplement  of  Organiser dated 25-8-2013, by Justice M Rama Jois. Apparently, the write-up is quite impressive, and tells many truths, but it ignores a very big treachery by Congress leaders, including Gandhi, Nehru and Patel, etc. While  appreciating the ideal of “We the people of India constituted one Nation with one Constitution, one Flag etc.” no body speaks of the betrayal done by Constitution makers the Congress leaders due to various reasons, including lack of knowledge and lack of courage. Nehru posed as representative of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, while dealing with British authorities, only to get the reins of the Hindus share of truncated India, and  accepted  Muslims as a separate nation with Pakistan as their homeland. But immediately after transfer of power, behaved as if he and the Congress leaders had nothing to do with the Hindus and again started appeasement of Muslims and Pakistan. All this was done knowingly, and shamelessly. They committed so many crimes against the Hindus and India, because of which, we did not suffer only during Partition days, but are suffering for  all the times to come. Indians left in Pakistan were prevented from coming to India as per Article-6 of the Constitution of India. That is why Hindu and Sikh refugees now coming from Pakistan and Bangladesh are told to return to Pakistan, most shameful indeed. Pakistanis or Muslims living in India became more important to the Congress than the Hindus and were given special privileges as per Article 29 and 30 of the Constitution so much appreciated in the write-up. It would be worth while to bring a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Supreme Court of India against the treachery and betrayal done by Congress leaders in 1947. This would be a legal and Constitutional step, and Dr M Rama Jois should be able to do some thing in this regard.

Anand Prakash, 72/Sector-8, Panchkula-134 109

Talk logically The other day, a spokesman of JD(U) claimed that Shri Narendra Modi stood morally  indicted for the 2002 Gujarat riots when Dr. Maya Kodanani, then a BJP MLA, was found guilty for the same. I should remind this gentleman that Shri Dina Nath Pandey, an MLA of the ruling party in Bihar in the late 1970’s, was found guilty of fomenting communal violence in Jamshedpur in 1979. By the same logic, Shri Karpoori Thakur, the patriarch of present day JD(U) and then the Chief Minister of the State, must also be held morally indicted for Jamshedpur riots. Is this spokesman  ready to aver this?

Ajay Mittal,

97 Khandak,                                                           Meerut (UP) - 250 002

Dance of Indian democracy (Organiser, 15.9.2013) I feel it my duty to point out to intellectuals that India is suffering from fake secularism and fake democracy. One very illuminating article ‘Dance of Indian democracy’ by Anandshankar Pandya a writer of repute has been published by Organiser. I suggest that one should not miss this article.

Akshay, Email:

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