<b>Block the infiltrators, not the social media—Dr Togadia</b>

Block the infiltrators, not the social media—Dr Togadia

$img_titleVHP working president Dr Pravin Togadia termed the blocking of Twiter accounts of some Sangh associated leaders as undemocratic and unconstitutional. In a statement issued on August 24 he said it is like trying to give Metacin Tablet for Cancer instead of treating the actual Cancer! “Government is purposely neither blocking Bangladeshi infiltrators, nor properly punishing their local supporters who were seen attacking even the police in Mumbai. Three crore Muslim infiltrators are spread in various states of Bharat, killing Assam’s original Tribes/Hindus and other non-Muslims as well as terrorising Indian citizens. But for vote bank, Government has been protecting them and blocking expressions of other citizens,” Dr Togadia said in the statement.

He asked where was Twitter in 1990 when Kashmir ethnic cleansing of Hindus was going on? Where was Twitter and internet in 1947 when during Partition one million people were killed and ten million were displaced? Where was Twitter during Emergency in 1975? Inability of handling the real issue of Bangladeshi infiltration due to vote greed is a serious threat to Bharat’s safety and security, he said.                   (FOC)

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