<b>Strong protest against Govt's censorship on freedom of expression of media</b>

Strong protest against Govt's censorship on freedom of expression of media

$img_titleOn one hand, Central Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde declares Pakistan’s involvement in riots started by fanatic Muslims all over the country and on the other hand, the Central Government imposes ban, without giving any prior notice, on patriotic Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS)’s website ‘Hindujagruti.org’, ‘Panchjanya’ of RSS, websites of pro-Hindu journalists, organisations and leaders, their ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’ accounts etc. thus jeopardising the freedom of expression. If such autocracy of the Congress Government in Centre continues, it may directly impose ban even on newspapers and news channels. The Central Government has put a curb on the freedom of expression and thoughts of media by imposing indirect Censorship. HJS, Bhagatsingh Krantisena, Shri Ramsena, Hindu Mahasabha & Panch Nad, therefore, held demonstrations at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi to strongly oppose the Government’s stance.

Ban on ‘hindujagruti.org’ should be lifted immediately, was the demand made with the Central (India) Government through the medium of these demonstrations. Slogans were raised condemning ban on freedom of expression and freedom of media besides display boards on the subject were carried by the demonstrators. A signature drive was also undertaken on the occasion.

Anti-nationals let loose and punishment for patriots! Shri Suresh Munjal, the Delhi-coordinator of HJS said that ban should be imposed on Bangladeshi infiltrators to solve the problem of Assam riots and not on website. The Central Government that imposes ban on the websites of patriotic organisations, is letting loose the anti-national websites and ‘Twitter’, ‘U tube’ accounts of Raza Academy, the mastermind of Mumbai riots, organisations spreading jihadi terrorism like ‘Jamat-e-Islami Hind’, ‘Tehrik-e- Hurriyat Jammu-Kashmir’ and ‘Sharia for Hind’; whereas ban is imposed on ‘hindujagruti.org’, the website turning 1,80,000 people from 170 countries to the righteous path by imparting education on Hindu Dharma, culture, etc. Every day, scams of leaders in Congress Government are being exposed; now proof of their perverted minds is also coming forward. People will definitely punish such unpardonable crimes in the forthcoming elections. Agitations and legal battle will be carried on by pro-Hindu organisations till the ban on HJS website is not lifted.


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