<b>Save original inhabitants of Assam</b>

Save original inhabitants of Assam

Janajati Faith & Culture Protection Forum writes to President of India

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$img_titleJanajati Faith & Culture Protection Forum of Assam, in a memorandum to President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee detailed the issues for unrest in Assam. Demanding proper arrangements of water, food, sanitation, medicines and accommodation to victims of violence staying in relief camps, the Forum said the safety and security be ensured to all Bodo people in their villages. The memorandum also said that the illegal Muslim migrants should be evicted from BTAD and deported to Bangladesh.

The Forum also demanded a compensation of Rs 7,00,000 to the next of those Indian citizens who died and Rs 4,00,000 to those  citizens who injured in the attacks over the year or now are in relief camps. The houses of Bodo Hindus should be rebuilt at the same place where they lived. The other facilities too should be restricted to native people only and not to the Bangladeshi infiltrators. A tribunal should be constituted to detect and deport Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators. The Tribunal should have members from the Army who retired and served most part in Assam, the socio-cultural experts, and legal experts. This Tribunal should set the deadline for deportation of foreigners without getting into the ploy that they have voter ID so they are Bharatiya Citizen for vote bank. This tribunal should also investigate the anti-national role in fomenting communal clash and encouraging Muslim influx by Muslim MPs, Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries and MLAs and advise suitable punishment to them,” the Memorandum said.

The Forum also said that the All Assam Minority Students Union (AAMSU) and All Bodo Minority Students Union (ABMSU) are frontal organisations of Islamic terrorist outfits of Assam having international connections in Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is they who fueled the communal clash. They should be declared terrorist outfits and banned forthwith.

The Memorandum, signed by president BB Jamatia and general  secretary Jaleswar Brahma,  highlighted in detailed the recurrent and bloody clashes over the continuing Muslim influx from Bangladesh. AASU led a six year long agitation between 1979 and 1985, which witnessed our country’s bloodiest carnage at Nellie on February 18, 1983 in Nagaon where 3000 people lost their lives. The Tiwas (Lalungs) were targeted by Bangladeshi Muslims. In 1993 and 1994 Bodos clashed with the Muslims after Bodo Accord giving autonomy to Bodos was signed by the Centre. More than 100 people were killed and 60,000 were rendered homeless. The last time the Bodos clashed with Muslims was in 2008 in Udalgudi wherein 500 houses in 26 villages were burnt to ashes and 68 people were killed. And now, the current clash which started on 19th July. This has killed 77 at least but unofficial count goes beyond 100 and 4 lakh displaced victims took shelter in school, colleges, Panchayat Halls, empty private houses and other make-shift sheds crammed with people splitting out on the roads and every vacant space. They are housed in 300 relief camps which lack basic facilities.

Referring to the cause of the clashes the Memorandum said because of the invasion of vast horde of land hungry Bangladeshi Muslims and their higher birth rate, Assam’s Muslims population rose by 6 per cent between 1951 to 2001, while the population of Hindus declined by 7.2 per cent. Confirming the trend, Census 2011 shows higher population growth – 20 to 24 per cent across Muslim dominated districts. Out of 23 districts in 2011 census, 6 districts – Dhubri (74.3 per cent), Barpeta (59.3 per cent), Hailakandi (57.6 per cent), Goalpara (53.7 per cent), Karimganj (52.3 per cent) and Nagon (51 per cent) have Muslim majority population. In Marigaon, they constitute 47.6 per cent and in Cachar 36.1 per cent. In 8 of 23 districts, they constitute from 1.6 per cent to 8 per cent. In BTAD, the Muslims are used and pushed into dominate Bodos by foreign forces to turn Assam a Muslim country. The Bodos are already squeezed between Bhutan and Bangladesh and to add salt to injury, the State Government is encouraging Muslim influx from Bangladesh for Muslim vote Bank. The Assam has become a lab for communal experiment for ruling party. In fact, the current clash in BTAD is a Bharatiya Vs foreigner’s issue. This should be viewed as invasion of Bangladesh over India.

The Memorandum said the Muslim Ministers of Assam Government played a dubious role during the clashes. There are three powerful Muslim Ministers in Tarun Gogoi’s cabinet—Rockybul Hussain, Minister for Panchayat & Rural Development and forest & Environment; Nazrul Islam, Minister for Food and Civil Supplies and Siddique Ahmed, Minister for Border Area Development and Co-Operation. There are two MPs Smt. Rani Narah and Badruddin Azamal. In additions, 28 Muslims MLAs are in Assam Assembly. Further, there are many crypto-Muslim MLAs who support Muslim influx from Bangladesh for petty political gains. In addition to this, there are many Parliamentary Secretaries from Muslim community. Allegedly, All Bodoland Minority Student Union (ABMSU) has demanded the exclusion of Muslim majority villages from BTAD. The senior leaders of Bodo community complained that armed Muslim youths with skull caps came across railway line and attacked the Bodo villages while shouting Allah-O-Akbar. Earlier, they had assembled in a Masjid. Many eye witness inmates informed that Muslim United Liberation Tigers of Assam (MULTA)-a terrorist organisation hosted and supported by All Minority Students Union (AMSU) and All Bodoland Minority Students Union (ABMSU) were the mastermind behind the carnage. It is since continuing making the Bodos minority in their homeland.

Now as a pressure tactics, these Muslims are creating communal clashes in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune. They are targeting there the students from Northeast region. Allegedly, Huji and other Jehadi outfits are masterminding the attacks. It may spread in other parts of the country as well.


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