<b>Marad massacre of Hindu fishermen</b>

Marad massacre of Hindu fishermen

Kerala HC Awards  life term  for  24   culprits more  and  raps  state  for  tardy  probe

S Chandrasekhar

Hindus of Kerala can remember May 2, 2003, only with blood in their eyes, rather than tears. It was on that fateful night that eight Hindu fishermen were butchered in Marad beach in Kozhikode. It was part of an Islamic game-plan to rid Kerala’s coast of Hindu population. A conspiracy to bring entire Kerala coastline under jehadi control for anti-national activities.

Due to hitherto unprecedented unity shown by the Hindus and their refusal to allow Muslim families to return back to Marad, the then Congress Government, led by AK Antony had to agree to a Special Court for trying the Muslims accused and give government job and Rs10 lakh compensation for dependants.

Last year the Special Court in Kozhikode awarded life imprisonment to 62 persons and set free 72.

On 16th August, a Division Bench of Kerala High Court comprising of Judges M Sasidharan Nambiar and P Bhavadasan awarded life imprisonment to 24 out of the 72 set free earlier. The total number of Muslims to serve life imprisonment has gone to 86. The Kerala High Court also awarded five years imprisonment to the manager of the Marad Juma Masjid, Latheef Assainar, for allowing its premises to be used as a weapon store-house, before and after, the massacre.

The Kerala High Court also imposed a fine of Rs.25,000/- each on all the accused 82, which should be given to dependants of the eight butchered.

The court sarcastically observed that investigators have deliberately over looked the deep-rooted conspiracy, for obvious reasons.

The Thomas P Joseph Judicial Commission on the Marad massacre had requested for probe into the national and international conspiracy behind the carnage.

The Sangh Parivar had been demanding CBI probe right from 2003, but the Congress and CPM government which rule intermittently had refused to request for a CBI probe for fear of losing Muslim vote-bank.

Confirming the fear of the Sangh Parivar, investigations have proved that almost Rs.600 Crores were transferred to 40 Banks around Marad to fake addresses and account holders. It was for systematic clean up of Kerala’s coast of Hindus. If not by force, use money, was the motto.

Just like ‘Love Jehad’, where poor Hindu girls are lured by, ISI recruited Jehadis, with plush counterfeit cash and converted to ‘women Jehadis’ for Jehad in Kashmir and Afghanistan, ‘LAND JEHAD” is the new trend in Kerala. Land especially in coastal areas and prime areas are purchased by Muslims paying any amounts. Agencies say, Indian currency printed in PAK Security Presses come in containers. This is used for ‘Land Jehad’ ‘Love Jehad’ and other terrorist activities. Lakhs of Bangladeshis working in Kerala as Bengalis are the main carriers of this Counterfeit currency.

VS Atchudanandan, CPM opposition leader, who himself didn’t do anything for CBI probe, has accused Oommen Chandy of succumbing to Muslim League, by not asking for CBI Probe.

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