<b>Make Foreigners’ Act more effective to oust infiltrators— Dr Krishna Gopal, Sahsarkaryavah, RSS</b>

Make Foreigners’ Act more effective to oust infiltrators— Dr Krishna Gopal, Sahsarkaryavah, RSS

“Permanent peace in $img_titleAssam is not possible until the Bangladeshi infiltrators are deported. Therefore, by making the existed Foreigners’  Act sterner, the illegal migrants should first be detected, then the jobs and other benefits granted to them be snatched and they should finally be handed over to Bangladesh, ensuring that they do not return back at all,” said RSS Sahsarkaryavah Dr Krishna Gopal, while talking to mediapersons in New Delhi on August 24. RSS Uttar Kshetra Sanghachalak Dr Bajranglal Gupt was also present at the press conference.

Shri Krishna Gopal said the infiltrators have posed a major threat not only to  local economy and security, but also to the lives of original habitants of Assam. They have started forcefully occupying their land and houses and those who oppose it are threatened with dire consequences. Their number is growing unexpectedly. Officially, there are 2.34 lakh Muslims in Kokrajhar. But the number of Muslims who reached in relief camps is said four lakh. There are reports that the infiltrators living in some other areas have also reached in relief camps to settle permanently here, he said.

Terming the infiltration as aggression he said all indigenous communities of the region are united against the infiltrators and they all want that no illegal migrant should be allowed to stay in the region. He demanded stern action against those who threatened the people of north-east and panicked them to the extent that over 60,000 people of north-east fled from different regions of the country.

Later, speaking at a public function organised at Siri Fort Auditorium the same day, Dr Krishna Gopal stressed the need to know the north-east region by the entire country. “Ässam is the region, which is closely connected with the entire country since time immemorial. One more interesting fact about this region is that the Mughals, Turks and Arabs could not enter into this region despite repeated invasions. They invaded this region 17 times but always failed. The people of this region bravely fought against them. Today, if Islam could not reach in Myanmar, Kambodia, China, Tibbet and Thailand, it is only because of the bravery of the north-east people. These people also preserved their culture and traditions and kept a live contact with the people of rest of the country,” he said calling upon the people to visit the region with their children to strengthen the bond of oneness.

Referring to the plight of indigenous people and growing Muslim population in north-east region, he said nine districts of Assam are today Muslim dominated and about 3500 villages do not have even a single Hindu. The Bangladeshi infiltrators have set up about 4000 new villages and no government agency is bothered to this population attack. Dhubri district is full of infiltrators. The reason of this entire problem lays in the vote bank politics being pursued by Congress party since decades. It is the Congress which provided them with ration card, added their names in electoral rolls, etc. But getting all these documents does not make them Indian citizens. Majority of the infiltrators are involved in all types of anti-national activities whether it is smuggling, fake currency or anything else.

Former Inspector General of Assam Police Shri SP Kar while speaking as chief guest said whatever unrest is seen in Assam today has been built in years. Today, more than 9 districts of the state are Muslim dominated and it all happened in the knowledge of the government. Shri Krishna Gopal also answered the queries of the audience regarding the crisis. Many distinguished people of Delhi including Delhi Prant Sanghachalak Shri Kulbhushan Ahuja attended the function.


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